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Selma Blair

Threatens Lawsuit

You Screwed Me, Charlie!

9/13/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Selma Blair
has called in the legal hounds ... threatening Charlie Sheen and Lionsgate Entertainment with a retaliation lawsuit after getting the ax on "Anger Management."

Sources connected with the show tell TMZ ... Selma believes she had a big fat target on her forehead after daring to criticize Charlie for being a slacker.  She repeatedly complained to the crew that everyone had to sit around and wait while Charlie sat in his trailer and learned his lines.

Charlie got wind of Selma's beef and she believes that's when the die was cast.  Our sources say Selma's now demanding the $1.2 mil she would have made if she would have continued working ... and if she doesn't get it she's filing a lawsuit.

Sources tell TMZ ... of the 12 scenes per show, Selma was only in 3 or 4.  Charlie was in all 12 and required to memorize 44 to 48 pages of dialogue per show.  One source said candidly, "When you work 12 hours a day and have 3 girlfriends at home, it's hard to memorize all the lines for tomorrow."

As for the claim of wrongful termination based on retaliation ... our sources acknowledge, when Charlie heard Selma was trashing him he was pissed, but the decision had already been made to write her off the show, because "America didn't want to see Charlie with just one girlfriend."

But here's the thing ... One very well placed source tells TMZ ... the plan was to phase Selma out over 8 episodes.  After Charlie heard Selma was bitching about him, "That process was accelerated."

We're told lawyers for Lionsgate and Selma are currently talking ... trying to reach a settlement.



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She talks smack about a man that can fire her.....any job out there ..if you talk smack about your boss or work place....anyone of us would get fired...hell people have been fired for their opinions on face book, what makes this d actress any better ten the got fired and rightfully so!

371 days ago


Sorry,Charlie is the show and she's a nobody!

371 days ago


Sometimes you should just keep your mouth shut and realize your surroundings. Dumb move by her to run her mouth.

371 days ago


Could it be because she didn't want to bang him anymore that she got fired?

371 days ago


What planet do these people saying she is owed something live on? They must not work! My boss does what he wants. HE IS THE BOSS! Without him I would not have a job. I am sure she was making really good money. So sit down and shut up or loose your cushy job! She deserves nothing.

371 days ago


Next time keep your mouth closed!

371 days ago


Maybe she does not deserve it, but it would not break the bank to settle with her. I am glad she is gone though...the chemistry was not there between them.

371 days ago


I thought Selma was too ugly to be on the show and was happy she got the axe.

371 days ago


SHEEN at times, can act like Hitler on coke. He lashes out at who made him mad. This woman is a solid, professional actress and Charlie was being is business and Selma deserves the salary plus a few dollars extra, for her time lost due to unlawful firing. Sure the legal dept of network will be sure she is paid properly.
If she was a bitch, she would of sued for 10 million, but she is doing things the legal and proper way.

371 days ago

Wow ...    

I get why Selma was upset. You expect an actor who gets paid like Charlie to be professional and on time. But, well it is Charlie afterall and we ALL know his lifestyle.

371 days ago


Blair was a bad choice for Anger Management. This show needs a makeover. The best thing that could happen to this show would be to hire Chuck Lorre to write the scripts.

371 days ago


Maybe 2 and half men will hire her now... she can play asston kulcheck's new hooker. .. Team charlie on this one.. I don't like this chick!

371 days ago


Selma's now demanding the $1.2 MILLION......................YEAH GOOD LUCK WITH THAT

371 days ago


She's right - if they want to fire her, go ahead but you have to pay her the rest of the contract. They humiliated her and Charlie goes on Jay Leno saying it was creative differences (who was he lying to?). I can't even believe she has to sue. I thought they already must have paid her when they went their separate ways.

371 days ago


Must suck to work where snitches reside...shes to good for that lame show that encourages using women (like all shows created for the silver spoon boy)

371 days ago
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