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Khloe Kardashian

Cracked After Lamar OD Rumors Spread

9/15/2013 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Khloe Kardashian
still has deep feelings for the man she threw out of their house, because TMZ has learned she was terrified after hearing rumors Lamar Odom may have OD'd on crack.

Rumors were circulating late last week that Lamar had OD'd and was dying ... not all that unbelievable considering his drug addiction ... and when Khloe heard about it she freaked.

We're told Khloe "panicked" and began power dialing Lamar's cell phone, but it kept going to voicemail.  She then started calling his friends -- a bunch of them -- trying to figure out if the rumor was true.

She finally got Lamar on the phone.  He was at their downtown loft and said he was fine and the rumor was false. 

We're told at that point Khloe pulled back and reiterated -- Lamar could not come back home unless he got treatment for his drug addiction.  The call ended shortly thereafter.

So it seems she still loves the guy ... but had clearly drawn a line in the sand.


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Why hasn't HE filed for divorce?? If the relationship is over, cut the ties. He still has not issued any statement, nor have his reps.

302 days ago


One site reported that they have filmed her families "reaction" to all the Lamar drama, but that Khloe has refrained filming her "reaction.' Is she just waiting for the final outcome first?

302 days ago


She got him hooked on the pipe. How do you think she lost all that weight. Shame in her.

302 days ago


Who is writing this crap? "...considering his drug addiction." This is the first I have heard of any rumor. This rumored has been manufactured to make K seem more sympathetic. I don't think it is working.

302 days ago


The Kartrashians would probably film the funeral and hype it up as "Tragedy Strikes America's Royal Family," with Lamar being carried to the cemetary in carriage, drawn by six black horses wearing Vera Wang feather dresses, and lots of close ups of Khloe breaking down along the way.

302 days ago


LAMAR is doing exactly what Lamar wants to do~

302 days ago


Something tells me Dina Lohan isn't gonna be too happy with the Kartrashians stealing her limelight.

Can another Lohan crisis be far behind?

302 days ago


Thank you Kris Jenner for the update!

302 days ago


I just dont understand how theses high profile people can get drugs and the Law has to know about it. Doesnt any law enforcement agency have a clue?

302 days ago


where is Kris Jenner! She cares alot about her family right? she sure can pimp her talentless family out but she can't help Lamar out! Its digusting watching her go to some wine vineyard and tweet about her living it up on money they don't deserve like a fatt ratt! Where the fck is the kardashian family to Lamars rescue! His wife should be ashamed of herself living in a mansion eating steak and lobster while Lamar is sick and needs help! He had a rough childhood and earned his money and had a career til these kartrashians came into his life with there money radar!...I HOPE THE KARDASHIANS GET A REALITY CHECK INSTEAD OF FILMING THEIR FAKE ASS REALITY SHOWS! THEIR REALITY IS NOT REALITY!!! AND KIM YOU NEED TO STOP POSTING PICTURES OF YOURSELF AND POST SOME UP OF YOUR BABY WE DONT CAFE IF YOUR HAIR IS ORANGE BLOND! ARE YOU ASHAMED OF YOUR BABY! SO OVER THE KARDASHIANS

302 days ago


Gypsys,tramps and hear it from the people of the town they call them gypsys tramps and hos..and everynight all the moneyed black men come arounddddd,.and pull their trousers down..go another rounddddd....(repeat chorus)

302 days ago


Why do they keep making Odoms problem all about the Katdashians? Khloe is grown.. They should make it about Lamar's kids not having a sober father if any of this is even true.. Really starting to believe its all bs for the show and khloe trying to tarnish Lamar's reputation for cheating

302 days ago


I remember an episode on the show where khloe put something in Lamar's drink so he could "sleep better" without telling him. When he found out she put something in his drink he was pissed, so slipping pills to a person with substance issues makes her just as guilty as he is for using. She enables his addiction

302 days ago

BB not bb    

The problem with Lamar is bigger than just crack. It is his whole outlook on the marriage. He cheats on her, doesn't want to spend time with her, keeps her on the side of his interests, and isn't very involved with her life. He seems like he isn't that into her and doesn't see eye to eye with her.

She is in love with the idea of the marriage, as Kim was with Kris Humphries, so she is not seeing him for the selfish dirty lowlife that he is. I feel bad for her because she is blinded by her idealism.

In reality she married a guy who is a pampered athlete used to servicing his own desires and not feeling the need to look out for others around him. He is super attached to his father, but that is about it from what I can tell.

I don't know how she can save that marriage or make it any good. She might have to accept that she married a dud. I don't think nagging him and stalking him is going to help things much either. He doesn't seem to be into the whole being in love trip.

302 days ago


He's doing right, distancing himself from this... woman. If he gives in and rehabs for her, it will never take.

302 days ago
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