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Anthony Weiner

Vs. NY Cabbie

Who's The Bigger A-Hole?

9/16/2013 7:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here's something new ... video of Anthony Weiner in a standoff with someone in NYC this weekend, and for once, he's not the biggest jerk in the clip.

Anthony was walking his nearly 2-year-old son across the street (cute moment actually) when some cabbie in a bright yellow SUV made a hard turn RIGHT IN FRONT of Weiner and son.

Weiner was clearly pissed ... yelling what sounds like, "What the f**k?" ... while staring down the driver.

He even broke out the "f-you stroll" -- slowing his walk to a snail's pace and forcing the cabbie to sit there and wait until Weiner got out of the way.

BTW -- cabbie totally deserved it ... and for once, we're kinda glad Weiner acted like a dick.


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If Anthony Weiner and the cabbie had a baby, that baby would be the biggest dick in the world. It would be like a black man's dick

401 days ago


That's so funny. lol

401 days ago


Leave this man alone. He's a nobody now. Go follow Justin Bieber!

401 days ago


These freakin NYC cab drivers are out of control. One plowed into a tourist a few weeks ago causing her to lose her leg, another hit a scaffolding causing it to collapse. They're rude and a danger. I'd react the same way as Weiner in a case like that

401 days ago


Anthony Weiner
Vs. NY Cabbie
Who's The Bigger A-Hole? father likes his girls very girly and with a sexy prostate

401 days ago


He should have just cursed out the cabbie and be done with it. I don't give a crap how angry you are justified or not. You NEVER include your kid in it. Wee Weener is a azz jerk for putting his kid in danger by taunting the cabbie who could have been a whack job. TMZ you people obviously are not parents.

401 days ago


He crossed against the light, you can see the red hand indicating that he should not have been putting his child at risk. The taxi had the right of way, Weiner is an obnoxious dumb ass and irresponsible parent.

401 days ago


There are lots of places to let your toddler walk safely and thru the busy streets of NYC isn't one of them .

But, Carlos Danger, only thinks of himself, so I'm not surprised to see this.

401 days ago


Good for Weiner. He should have spat in the cabbies face.

401 days ago


2 year olds shouldn't be walking across a busy NYC street. They either belong in the stroller or the parent should scoop them up & carry them across the street.

401 days ago


Yeah, that cabbie was 100% wrong, but I HATE I when parents feels a busy crosswalk, intersections, parking lot, roadways or malls are a good place to teach junior how to walk or practice his new walking skills, ESPECIALLY when you stroller in he other hand and its clearly a dangerous area.

401 days ago


I had a yellow cab minivan crush me between two cars. If not for a great heart surgeon on call that night I would have had my leg amputated. The cab driver set in his minivan smoking cigarettes while I was having the vehicles pulled off of me and my father. The driver's name was Milan Svec. This cab driver should have been pulled out of his minivan and been beaten to a pulp.

401 days ago


Saying the F-word in front of your children isn't funny - it's unforgivable! ANY parent that says that in front of a child is in no way a good parent. But I guess that's the way NY rolls??

401 days ago


Weiner is the answer to that question every time...

401 days ago


Actually, you guys are the biggest a-holes for this one. No surprise there.

401 days ago
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