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Zac Efron

2 Rehab Stints This Year

9/19/2013 9:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Zac Efron
has done rehab for cocaine addiction not once this year, but twice, after a major relapse ... TMZ has learned.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... Zac has been doing cocaine for more than 2 years -- he was also into Molly.  He tried to clean himself up in March by getting professional help.  We're told he left California and stayed in a private residence where he received intensive outpatient care for several weeks.

In April he returned to L.A. and began shooting Seth Rogen's film "Neighbors."  During the shoot Zac relapsed in a big way.  TMZ broke the story ... Zac was not showing up on the set and it was common knowledge he was using again.

Our sources say after the film wrapped up he got a second dose of outpatient care.

As for how Zac plunged into the depths of coke, we're told there are 4 reasons:

-- Zac has significant issues with his parents, who are still trying to control his life and decision-making.

-- Zac is upset about his movie career, which was once white hot but after "High School Musical" he hasn't had real success.

-- Zac has "girl issues" ...  although we're told it has nothing to do with his break-up with Vanessa Hudgens.  That, our sources say, is ancient history for both.

-- Zac had been hanging around with "a bad group of friends" who introduced him to the world of cocaine.  We're told Zac has 86'd most of them from his life in the last few months.



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One sure way to cure Zac and all the other "celebrity" addicts is to not hire them for any projects.

No money, no drugs, simple solution.

377 days ago


oh cry me a fcking river... there are people who cannot feed their kids, but he's turning crackhead because of "girl issues"??

i don't need a play-by-play a la lamar's scrubbing pads either, so please leave him he's getting help... celebs really are damned if they do or don't with the media....

377 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

He should have stayed with Vanessa Hugnkiss. At least then he'd just be addicted to herpes instead of blow.

377 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

So his movie career, and his rehab career: both failures. Ha ha!

377 days ago


If you are trying to stay sober, the last thing you want is to be around Seth Rogen.

377 days ago

Louis Marie    

Actually the whole story is very believable, zac filmed 3 movies almost back to back, "are we officially dating, parkland (were somewhere around twitter there were various reports of him drinking as breakfast and asking where we could get a share, a later article also post the 3some thing, if someone doubte it then, now i think everyone knows the truth) and neighbors" after parkland he went straight to are we officially dating, but after are we officially dating, he was in the low for 2 weeks before the gumblot party, and the promotion of at any price and sxsw (where behavior was an issue), and going back to set for neighbors in April, about neighbors it has already been covered here, and then his second stint. By the way rumor around has it that he has a girlfriend too, she was kept out of the lights but still there at parties and set. And his bad friends, well I would say there's a reason for not seeing Ryan rotman, or Mo, or the other lot. And parent issues, well from time to time to trips david is there, but there was a time where his family would come periodically to LA, since 2010 that isn't happening as it did before, not even his younger brother, and girls issues well, we covered that with the 3some, but then again, didn't someone said about a ******* in a public place? Or he having a different girl on his arm every night for a long time last year? As for career, well he keeps going to the same roles, what does he expect?

377 days ago


I cant help but wonder if this info isnt being released to try to toughen up his image, or at least get him some "cool" publicity (sadly in a world of sex tapes and rehab trips, stars get a thousand times more coverage and popularity)

377 days ago


tmz loves this stuff. harvey you are such a sleazebag. people have drug issues, leave them alone. you dont have to kick them when they're down

377 days ago

New Orleans    

I'd get high too if I had to appear in Parkland!

377 days ago

Peter Popoff    

Another crackhead huh

377 days ago


i wonder if he ever got high with odom. he kinda looks like a crackhead junkbox now that i think about it. what a loser

377 days ago


I heard he has a really small penis. That can't help his situation either. Plus being a short guy doesn't do much for his self esteem either.

377 days ago


Lay off the booger sugar man...

377 days ago

who dat    

Zac has "girl issues", because he prefers to suck ==D

377 days ago


How about THESE reasons for the addiction: -a job that's not 9-5 that tolerates drug use because actors are "artists" lol. -a pile of money that can pay for the coke. And most importantly-he loved the HIGH and kept on chasing it.

377 days ago
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