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Camille Grammer

Desecrates BF's Baby Mama

In Illegal Recording Lawsuit

9/25/2013 10:13 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If Camille Grammer promises to desecrate you, she will desecrate you ... at least that's the lesson her boyfriend's bitter ex just learned in court.

You'll recall, Camille filed a lawsuit against Lisa Chynoweth last year, claiming her boyfriend's ex and baby mama illegally recorded a phone call in which Camille threatened to "desecrate" the woman and her family.

Camille claimed Lisa baited her into making the angry threats, and illegally recorded the conversation without her consent. Lisa then used the recording as ammo in her custody battle with Camille's BF Dimitri Charalambopoulos, making Camille look like a crazy, vindictive person.

Among the threats, Camille said, "I will desecrate you ... I have lawyers that are beyond what you can imagine and they will pull stuff on you and you will be so mortified about your life and your family and what you have done."

The phone call was played during a deposition for Dimitri and Lisa's custody war, and a recording surfaced on YouTube soon after. Camille blamed Lisa for recording and then leaking it.

Camille just won the lawsuit, and she won without a fight, because Lisa never filed an answer to the complaint ... so the judge just issued a default judgment.

Lisa has been ordered never to release the recording in question ever again, as well as NEVER to record Camille without her permission. Period.


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Hollywood absurdities    

Hey Camille, the judge must've thought your lawsuit was pretty ridiculous...the defendant basically waved the white flag, and all the judge did was slap her on the wrist and tell her not to let it happen again. Everyone already knew it, and now you're amplifying the're a talentless, soulless, absurd shell of a human being. Your only accomplishment in life was to recognize and latch on to fame and fortune in Kelsey Grammer. I find it ironic, then, that the only accomplishment of your pathetic little boyfriend is that he recognized and latched on to your fortune. Well, that's not entirely fair...apparently he makes a mean spanakopita.

395 days ago


This is hysterically gross. If a friend hadn't sent this to me, I wouldn't have even deigned to read this website. But since I did, I have to comment. That Camille beat Lisa in court is flatly fabricated. Look up the Bev Hills, CA municipal court filings (which are public information) and see that in fact Camille lost the majority of her lawsuit against Lisa. And what little the judge granted on Camille's side was purely token and had little material effect on her intended victim.

I have heard the ENTIRE transcript and Lisa was anything but goading. Camille, per usual, exhibited deranged personality after personality (my professional opinion is that she is a borderline paranoid schizophrenic with a bent toward sociopathic behavior [see RHWBH] – that she is afraid of the obsolescence of her celebrity, that she is afraid of her geriatric body, that she is in terror of the ugliness of her many disorders, that she knows she is no longer valid). And by the way, she told Lisa she was going to “Desecrate” her in the very middle of the 3.5 hour long conversation; it was only one of the many cycles of personalities that were present in the course of the conversation. During the taped call, which notably she placed TO Lisa, she cycled through a. wicked stepmother, b. feminist, c. single, battered and abused victim of men, d. bitchy battle maven more times than I could or cared to track.

Anyone who cares to know, should ask Lisa why her ex is not paying child support, why he can’t afford it, despite his eagerness to flit hither and thither on Camille’s crusty broom. Or they should ask Camille why she felt compelled to go to court if the conversation weren’t demonstrative of her own unfitness to govern herself, let alone a sophomoric loser (Dmitri) and her ill-adjusted children (who have perhaps suffered the very most through all of this – AFTER Dmitri and Lisa’s own little boy).

Let us not forget who the real victims are here. The children. Don’t be compelled by this silliness. If you’re genuinely interested in how this more broadly indicts our culture, then read on, otherwise, this cray-cray-Camille saga is toxic and not worth the time to follow (even one of her many tangents of expression).

395 days ago


Ha! Camille unwittingly complemented Lisa. Desecrate is indeed an apt term in this case. It's much like this: an extremist might desecrate a holy place by pissing on it. That's what Camille did with her lies--desecrate a holy and good person. All it does is highlight the contrast between her shameful conduct and the goodness of Lisa Chynoweth. Has anyone noticed how above it all Lisa is? She never sold the story. Never even commented. Yet Camille doth protest...blah! Dregs!

395 days ago


Now I don't feel so bad about her getting cheated on. She's vile. Why was she even communicating with the ex? None of her business. Baited into saying those things? She still thinks she's on a reality tv show. In the real world you have to be accountable for your actions.

395 days ago

Diamond Goddess!    

So Kelsey WASN'T the only cray one in that sitch!!!

395 days ago


This bitch is nuts

395 days ago


Hmm just wondering what kind of man who allow anybody to talk to the mother of his children like that? And she has said much worse things about her ex so hmm hey pot meet kettle?

395 days ago


Too bad Cali is a two party consent state. Would have been nice to see Camille get taken down a few pegs.

395 days ago


She has lawyers that are beyond what she could imagine? Well she should considering the money she's got for doing absolutely nothing but marrying a successful man. 40 million settlement, for what?

395 days ago


Go Camille! I'm an ex friend of Lisa's from Austin TX. She said many times that she was going to the press to sell stories for profit. She is extremely manipulative and vengeful to the point of insanity. Her jealousy of you is palatable and she talks about you in incessantly. She come from a family of criminals. Bank Fraud and other dubious behavior. Be careful Camille. God Bless you and your loved ones.

394 days ago


Go Camille! I'm an ex friend of Lisa's from Austin TX. She said many times that she was going to the press to sell stories for profit. She is extremely manipulative and vengeful to the point of insanity. Her jealousy of you is palatable and she talks about you in incessantly. She come from a family of criminals. Bank Fraud and other dubious behavior. Be careful Camille. God Bless you and your loved ones.

394 days ago



394 days ago


Nice try, Camille a.k.a. Bruce, hahahaha! I have known Lisa for 20 plus years, no such person in Austin exists....please. She has no enemies on this earth and many, many people would vouch for this- in a heartbeat. First off, lets get into the fact that you "Bruce" and anyone who is
celebrating and cheering on a woman that just "supposedly" won over the woman that she threatened to desecrate, yay, pop the bubbly.
I find the only sanity in question here is the people who want celebrate obvious ugliness, of a woman that is washed up and desperate, clearly!Who talks about how small the father of her childrens penis is and brags about her "live in lovers" penis and how she will get a tattoo that is so large to match it to the world, all the while knowing her children could one day see this?TRASH!!!!! Secondly, she won by default. Only because the "hideous crazy baby mama" that she is portrayed as........of this unemployed, non practicing,( for years) victimof a father....put her child first. She is focusing only on the well being of her son and taking care of his needs. Her fight was never against these two "lovebirds"..laughable...her main concern has been for her son the entire time. And as far as her having criminals in her family....have any of you ever researched Dimitri, the Greek God...again laughable and what a pathetic person Camille is paying to love her....his family is the one full of criminals..........check it for yourself. And last but not least, Lisa jealous of her....LAUGHABLE again....Lisa is young and beautiful and full of dignity and grace ....Camile is the one who sued Lisa ...for nothing....lets not forget that Camille is the one who threatend to desecrate Lisa and hurt her son thru digging up dirt and making life hard for her and her child. But Lisa is jealous of her????........come on people.......can't you smell a desperate woman from a mile away??? IT
S NOT LISA>>>>CHEERS to the idiots!!!!!!! I REST MY CASE!!!!!!!

394 days ago


BRUCE commentator is either Camille, Dimitri or one of their minions. I am actually one of Lisa's real friends from Austin (who also knows Dimitri), and there are no "ex-friends". Bruce simply does not exist. The real reason this pathetic article came out is: 1) Camille wants in the spot light (gag, who cares), 2) try to defame Lisa 3) misdirect from the real reasons Camille doesn't want the recorded conversation heard. -TRUTH- This phone conversation took place because CAMILLE CALLED LISA TO DISCUSS DIMITRI CHEATING ON CAMILLE WITH LISA 12/11-01/12. The conversation also discusses Dimitri being jobless, behind on his child support, and using Camille for her money and "fame". It's all really disgusting and sad. The fact that Camille admitted to being "the other woman" and would then sue a struggling single mother (and brag about it) is completely heartless and a true testament of her character. This article is focusing on Camille and Lisa, when in reality people should be looking at Dimitri.

394 days ago


I know Lisa very well. She has a real problem with lying and jealousy. She is hurt that Dimitri has moved on. She is angry at herself for refusing to married Dimitri when he asked for her hand in marriage years ago. She has said many times that she was talking to the press. Her family is dubious. She comes from a line of criminals. Murders. Her grandfather allegedly murdered her father and others. She grew up in a cult and is of like mind. She herself has lied and cheated the system. She is dangerous and drinks often. She gave the deposition to a media outlet and bragged to me about it. This will come back to haunt her. I pray that God helps this women.

394 days ago
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