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George Zimmerman


To Dodge Tint Ticket

9/26/2013 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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George Zimmerman
needs to keep a low profile -- behind super dark tinted windows -- because he's getting death threats ... at least that's what Zimmerman told Florida cops.

Zimmerman was pulled over last month by a Florida Highway Patrol officer who told him the tint on his truck was too dark, and his license plate was not displayed properly.

Zimmerman told the cop he needed the extra cover because he's been getting death threats. He was not more specific about the nature of the threats.

Instead of getting slapped with a ticket for the violation, Zimmerman caught a break ... again.

The officer let him go with a written warning.


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Just wait this guy is going to kill someone again. Will he get off again???

329 days ago


I don't find anything wrong with what he's doing, and apparently neither did the cop. Stop trying to go after someone who has already been found not guilty in a court of law. Have some shame, will you?

329 days ago


That's what happens when you get away with murder, funny, people don't like it

329 days ago


They need to bust that murderer and get him off the streets, not keep kissing his ass.

329 days ago


Any day now, the murderer will kill again. His fans are slowly seeing the light. This time he will pick one of his kind, just to right the bigo+ tag. Hehehe good luck fatso. You will never know peace again. .

329 days ago


I wonder who he's going to kill next time. It could be anyone who's reading this.

329 days ago

liberal racist    

when is he going to rob a room full of guys in a hotel room?

329 days ago


TMZ, please let it GO and quit trying to stir things up.. Zimmerman is old news.

329 days ago

BB not bb    

He seemed like a friendly cop. If you are in a state that allows tint and keep a copy of the statute on you that it is allowed, then if you are in another state, they can't bother you I heard. I don't know if there are statutes specifically saying that tint is allowed though.

It seems you need to know how dark your tint is also. I didn't know they had gauges for that.

329 days ago


That's crap! I can see anyone getting one warning for speeding, but those warnings are still noted the the PD or HWP! after that you get a ticket! That's it, I don't care if your tint is too dark or not you get a tkt if it's not legal. You're not above the law because you were found not guilty! I directing this toward the police as well. Damn this guy needs to chill... his wife is talking and he punched his father in-law too. just stop!!!

329 days ago


This guy should be in an orange jump suit behind bars with Casey Anthony, the legal system in Florida is a joke.

329 days ago


His azz should have gotten a ticket just like anybody else. Gosh Florida, the One Eyed Murderer is making your state a total joke!!! All the murderers skipping gleefully your way where murder is rewarded and heros are made who don't have to follow the law. No thanks, I think I will take my tourism and business $$$ someplace else!!

329 days ago


geez, why does this guy thinnk he can get away with murder? go figure.

329 days ago


He will be pushing daisies soon enough. I just want him to tell the world why Martin attacked him. I think those two were mouthing off each other and the big man pulled the gun and the other foolishly tried to wrestle it from him thinking he was going to get shot. I believe that's the real story.

329 days ago


Caught a break again? Let me preface this by saying I don't care about thumbs up or down. I believe in what is morally right. I don't tend to comment on serious issues because I don't have the authority to pass judgement on people like all the other commentors. but tmz has finally hooked me. The guy was found not guilty. end of discussion. I have extreme sympathy for the Martin family and I will say that Trayvon did not deserve to have his life taken from him and his family. but it happened. No one other than George will know WuT took place that night. So to all the people speculating, it is time to move on but not forget. I do not believe in god or anything for that matter. but this guy will get his in the end. No one can truly understand what George is going through and I don't feel sympathy for him at all. but tmz hooks us all in by making him out to be an evil person just because he dodged a tint citation. Think for yourselves. Post something relevant and truly understand that if trayvon killed George it would not be national news. just another homicide. like I said. I don't like George at all but justice was "served" and he has to deal with his demons now. and that is a worse torture than us saying he's a *** or a peice of ****.

329 days ago
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