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Shellie Zimmerman

George Should Have Been Found GUILTY


9/26/2013 12:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Shellie Zimmerman  -- who stood solidly by husband George Zimmerman during his trial for gunning down Trayvon Martin -- now says she has doubts about George's innocence.

Shellie -- who's in the middle of a nasty divorce -- appeared on the "Today" show, saying "I think anyone would doubt [George's] innocence, because I don't know the person that I've been married to."

As for why Shellie's changing her tune ... she says it's all about the incident at their home this month when she called cops and claimed George was threatening her with a gun.

She admits she never saw a weapon... but saw George with his hand inside his shirt ... and "a look in his eyes" that she'd never seen before.


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She clearly needs to be in jail she lied on the stand she wants to come forth .. Me not like her ..trick bust a Gut !

391 days ago


C'mon, she's tripping over her crap trying to make a buck and getting caught. She's not fooling anyone.

391 days ago


Shellie is as bad as George in her own way!!! She is seeking fame by running at the mouth!!

391 days ago


Posturing for a bite of future earnings from George is what it looks like and libtard media is all over it.

391 days ago


Lying sack of poo!!!

391 days ago

Karvey Kardashian    

This lying bitch was smiling and happy when he was found not guilty, and she lied in court for him. She got pissed off at him for not going to court with her when she plead guilty for lying about the money they had during his bail hearing. She obviously has no problem lying when it suits her, so I wish she'd stop trying to pretend she is telling the truth. We are aware that, at the very least, the jury should have found him guilty of manslaughter. I still have no idea how he was found not guilty of everything when he shot and killed someone. This awful woman didn't expect the backlash that she honestly deserves, and now she is willing to make up seeing a gun or lie about what she believes. Did she admit to a crime by admitting she lied about seeing a gun? I know in some states it is a crime to file a police report and lying about something like she did. I think she was trying to get him killed by cops that day, because she'd end up with a large amount of money. Her and her husband are disgusting people, and I wish they'd both disappear.

391 days ago


She's so dumb!!

391 days ago

Ozzie X    

duh, he is a trigger happy moron with anger management issues, like Jon Goselin, what did you expect?

391 days ago


Wow, what a great wife. NOT

391 days ago


She clearly is a compulsive liar...I dont believe she lost the 40 lbs. she claimed in the interview either!

391 days ago


What a POS...she says at the beginning of the interview "I know my husband, and the look in his eye" then at the end she has doubts about the night he shot TM saying " I don't know my husband. Ms. Piggy needs to STFU.

391 days ago


Anyone smell a rat?
Is she now just deciding to ruin his life because she has a beef with him?
She needs to watch what she says because it could come back to bite her. As in land her own assets in jail. Liar - then or now?
Talk about deflamation. Kick'em while they're down.

391 days ago


Got a taste of blood there, didja now Shellie? Turned you right into a fame whore, didn't it? Bashing your soon-to-be ex-husband, changing your stories, making up stories entirely ... yeah, you're a real catch.

391 days ago


If you look at the video of George breaking the iPad, it does look like he has his hand in his shirt and is saying "Come closer...".

391 days ago

arale norimaki    

it a THIS the same George Zimmerman that his lawyers said "couldn't fight"????

Well he's assaulted a cop, has been accused of domestic violence against his previous fiance, shot an unarmed kid dead who he was stalking, is accused of threatening his wife and FIL as well as assaulting him, is on video trying to destroy evidence that can be used against him and so on and so forth yet I guess for many people the man can do no wrong. No wonder he seems to feel like he can get away with anything, for the most part it seems like he can

“Who is really surprised by this? He think he is above the law.

391 days ago
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