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Amanda Bynes

Bails On UCLA

For Malibu Rehab Joint

9/30/2013 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amanda Bynes
left the UCLA Medical Center, where she was getting treatment for a serious mental illness, and is now ensconced at a fancy Malibu rehab center that caters to celebs ... TMZ has learned.

It's shocking ... the facility does not have the psychiatric facilities available at UCLA, and we're told she's still in a desperate state.  It's all the more shocking because she's under a special hold -- called an LPS -- which doctors got because they were so concerned about her well-being.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... Amanda checked in to The Canyon approximately 3 weeks ago.  She interacts with people very little and rarely leaves the area where she's living. 

Amanda is not wearing her wig and is "paranoid" the paparazzi will find her.

The Canyon got in big trouble in 2011 ... after an employee allegedly sold confidential information about Brooke Mueller during her stay.  We're told Brooke settled her lawsuit against the facility for somewhere around $250k.



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Didn't UCLA doctors just show up at a court hearing recently? I'm not sure this article is true.

387 days ago


This makes absolutely no sense. If she's under an LPS hold and they named her mom the "conservator", then Amanda legally shouldn't be allowed to move to another facility unless her mom OK's it. I have a feeling this story is BS. It doesn't add up with everything else.

387 days ago


And she's not in Buffalo.

387 days ago


I suppose we should all be thankful for the stellar team of clairvoyant psychiatrists at TMZ for keeping us updated. I think you're better off sticking to sports and the Kardashians, Harvey, because psychiatry is way beyond your scope. As far as employees accessing electronic medical records and selling information. It is a federal offense and it can and does happen anywhere there is a low-life who thinks they can get away with it and is willing to take money, usually from a media source. That is nothing new. Whatever is going on, I feel bad for that poor girl. This isn't going to end well.

387 days ago


Agree this story doesn't add up. Besides this story I don't usually visit this site much anymore because there is an overflow on a line, an error on the web page cause it to recover or a script is running that needs to stop! SO SICK OF FIGHTING TO TRY AND READ A STORY ON THIS FRICKING WEB SITE ANYMORE! BEEN READING RADAR, it's much easier! I've tweeted 2 them asking 2 fix this but no way, they prob get more page hits bc of this! ITS THE WORST WEB SITE I HAVE EVER BEEN TOO AND NOW THEIR STORIES HAVE HEADED IN THAT DIRECTION TOO! & I used to enjoy TMZ but if I cant read the articles, oh well, bye bye!!!

387 days ago


I actually went to their sister rehab in Memphis, call La Paloma. They actually have a great program for dually diagnosed people (a mental disorder and addiction). I was there for depression and addiction to pain pills in '07, but they did have a few people with more severe disorders like schizophrenia... just one or two people. I thought they were a great rehab and I have been sober ever since... but I hope Amanda is in the right place as she seems very far gone and I'm not so sure a dual diagnosis setting is right for her. I'm obviously not her doctor, but they focus wayyyy more on your addiction then your mental disorder. But I guess only time will tell.

387 days ago


If she is on an LPS conservatorship, she is not able to sign herself in legally. The conservator assigned can go with the cops and pick her little ass up and return her.

387 days ago


if she was serious she would have gone to a real place like Hazeldon or Betty Ford... this place is a joke. Real rehabs do not "cater" to anyone.

387 days ago


It's clear her parents aren't serious about getting her well.

387 days ago

Vic Creed    

Why isn't TMZ talking about Miley Cyrus pregnancy by 38 yr old black rapper Juicy J? I guess the TMZ staff doesn't want to accept the truth.

387 days ago


Don't believe this story as she probably needs permission from the doctors or court to be able to move to a different facility. For all of you putting her down, you are sick. She has mental issues that need to be taken care of and taken care with privacy. As for mom giving up conservatorship, it was stated that she felt the facility had a stricter handle on Amanda and so she stopped her bid. This does not mean that she will not go for a conservatorship again when it gets close to Amanda being released.

387 days ago

Fred Farkel    

While your favorite TMZ pal Uncle Fred only had a fraction of this celebrity money - I did have A TON off money at one time. So why am I telling you this? Simple. The more money you have - the stupider your females behave.

I am an expert and you may take these words to the bank.

Thank you

387 days ago


I am definitely not a fan of hers....
I hope she gets the privacy, help and support she needs to recover. I hope that they are treating the mental disorders as well as the substance abuse. She needs to get strong because she will probably be harassed the minute she gets out.

387 days ago


she's gonna die.

387 days ago


How could she have been in rehab for the past three weeks when she could attend either of her court dates due to UCLA doctors having her under a LPS? This story is changing a bit too much for me to believe now. I just hope wherever Amanda is she is on the road to getting better. Also I would be paranoid of the paps too if I was her.

387 days ago
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