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Lindsay Lohan's Parents

Persona Non Grata

on OWN Show

9/30/2013 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's OWN reality show producers want nothing to do with her parents, and TMZ has learned ... an executive decision was made to ban them from the show.

Michael and Dina Lohan will NOT film a single scene for the upcoming series.  No one will even refer to DiLo's DWI arrest earlier this month -- according to production sources.

We're told producers were struggling a few weeks back with the show's direction ... and after intense debate decided to not include the "Lohan family circus."

We're told cameras did capture Michael and Lindsay together on 3 days -- but it's unclear whether that footage will make the final cut ... and there won't be any further shooting with daddy dearest.

Our sources say the show will stick to its original focus -- Lindsay's "comeback and recovery" ... which is what she agreed to from the get go.

Thank you O ...  for keeping Michael and Dina off our TVs.


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smart move. But, is this going to last? Lindsay needs to permanently stay away from her parents. They're both terrible enablers.

354 days ago


a family of GRIFTERS.

354 days ago


After an intense debate" it was decided not to include the Lohan Family Circus? That tells me at least two things - 1. If they are debating intensely whether to include Dina and Michael - that means some people at OWN wanted them on the show for the drama - and hence perceived ratings - and hence-hence money. Nothing to do with Lohan's recovery (which is debatable). And 2. If they shut out the bottom feeders, it's most likely because of the Lohan's greed. Which means the intense debate was between the OWN producers and the Bottom-Feeding Parents of the lying Lohan.

And finally it shows that no one, not one single person in Lohan's life, work, family or friends, even herself - have the best interests of Lindsay Lohan at heart. Even Oprah herself looks at Lohan as a tool for her network. This is not about getting Lohan over he addictions. It's always about money. It always has been. It's about greed. Something the Lohans know all about, including Lindsay. If any of these people wanted Lohan to get better - they would have suggested she spend another year in rehab, have her go to school and study and Oprah would have paid for a sober coach instead of two assistants and a stylist. They would have put her in intense psycho-therapy to get rid of her narcissistic personality disorder (which sober or not has been the bane of her boring life since she hit her teens - and it's not easily gotten rid of) and sent her to an ethics professor where she would learn how to live her life like a truly good human being. One that gives without expecting anything in return, one that can empathize with the poor and down-trodden, a life that is filled with hard work, drug-free play and legal.

Only then would Lindsay Lohan be ready for a comeback. And only then would it mean something other than greed and stupidity and lies on all sides of the equation.

354 days ago


I can't wait until oprah SUES LINDSAY for not showing up for production. and oprah has good, no, great lawyers. that will be the end of any kind of hollywood career. SLAM. DONE.

354 days ago


Why dosen't Orca ship Blo over to her (Academy) in South Africa???

354 days ago


Honestly, who cares. I wouldn't spend 5 minutes listening/watching any Lohan. All a bunch of lying media whores.

354 days ago


Comeback? Really? That ship has sailed. Can't wait to see the ratings, or non-ratings on that show.

354 days ago


LMFAOOOOO, Blohan thought rehab was hard, Bitch is going to wish she had done the jail time by the time Orca is done with her!!!!!

354 days ago


Haha filming her comeback. Isn't this "comeback" number 10? All her comebacks are the same. Lindsay proclaims she is taking things really seriously this time, she gets a couple bit gigs due to her f*ck up notoriety and then she gets arrested, Every time. Whoever thinks this time is different should seek therapy before its too late.

354 days ago


I was watching late night with Jimmy Fallon the other night and she did some skit with him. Terrible. Her acting is so forced anymore. It was forced on SNL and in Liz and Dick. Im not even convinced she enjoys acting anymore. She comes across as someone who loves the fame, special treatment and money acting brings rather than someone who loves the art of acting.

354 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

TMZ regurgitated the following bile:
" Our sources say the show will stick to its original focus -- Lindsay's 'comeback and recovery' ... "
Hey, how about showing us exactly when this comeback is supposed to start? All I've seen is some crap stunt casting, nothing on imdb, the same old Lohan "fuque you now that I've got the cash", and of course, hanging out with her old "fuque me for drugs" crowd.
Yep, Oprah doesn't want to screw this up . . . after all, her exclusive "first" interview with Lohan was watched by almost 900,000 people nationally.

354 days ago


Let me be the first to say..."I won't be watching"!

354 days ago


Anyone seen any outrage from Dulna and Milo yet on T w a t t e r?

354 days ago


I don't believe any of this. If we suspended reality and believed Crackie to be sober and seriously committed to her court mandated psychotherapy for her BPD, a big part of showing her alleged RECOVERY is to see how she navigates a new relationship with her wretched POS parents. That's where the REAL story lies: her recovery from BPD. Not just maintaining sobriety. And there is absolutely no way to exclude her POS parents from that journey. Unless this is just a fluff piece to save OWN and a paycheck for Crackie . In which case, you would still need her POS parents for entertainment value.

354 days ago


Ohhh, I got me a hate check, wonder who that could be??????

354 days ago
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