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Casey Kasem

Family Feud

Cops Called

10/1/2013 4:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Kasem
... the legendary DJ who hosted America's Top 40 for decades, is in dire condition, and a family feud has erupted between Casey's kids and their stepmom.

Jean Kasem -- Casey's wife -- will NOT allow Kerri, Julie and Mike to visit their father, who lives in the exclusive Holmby Hills area near Bev Hills.   We're told they've been trying to make contact with their dad for 3 months, to no avail.

Casey -- who is 81 and has advanced Parkinson's --  hasn't been heard from in months. 

The kids are outside the house right now ... with a group of friends, family and former co-workers of Casey -- and we're told Jean has just called the cops trying to get them away from the property.

Casey's brother, who is on the scene, tells TMZ Jean has had a strained relationship with Casey's kids for years.  The brother says he hasn't spoken with Jean since Casey married her -- 33 years.  Kerri, Casey's oldest daughter, tells us Jean has aggressively blocked the kids from the house.

Kerri tells us it's not about money.  The kids have all been excluded from Casey's will and they've known that for a long time.  She says they just want to see their dad, and they can't.

Kerri tells us she wants to send a message to her dad:  "Your children are here for you.  We have not abandoned you."




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She wants to make sure he doesn't make any last minute changes to his will.

365 days ago


Casem is a grown man and has not been in this condition for the last 30 years, so he obviously agrees with the decision to not see these people! It is not as if she just NOW cut off their contact. The one guy said he hasn't talked to Casey since he MARRIED her 33 years ago. So, don't come around NOW wanting your pound of flesh! These kinds of people are disgusting. Go away and fend for yourself!

365 days ago


All of this reminds me of a song from 1984....and in this long-distance dedication to Casey's's "We're not gonna take it" by Twisted Sister!

365 days ago


I've seen this several times over the last year - people that invent differences/disputes to stay as close to the money as possible -

It's not new - ask Yoko Ono.

They pretend to have the Casem Kasem's "best interests at heart."

In truth it's only their own.

Feel bad for the kids - as in some ways I'm one of them -

Vilified so I keep a safe distance, etc.

Julian Lennon knows all about it.

Yoko cut him a check for 50K - told him to get lost.

Make as much noise as possible, guys - the Yoko's and the Jean's and the Susan's - they don't like or want the attention/noise.

Try bringing in a third party - that'll also be nixed.

It's a game and you can't take it personally -

Takes time getting to that - once you do - the whole thing becomes funny.

Doesn't and won't hurt.

365 days ago


Hey the guy is 81 years old, rich as Roosevelt, and she wants to be sure his kids of his don't get a dime. She probably told Casey all kinds of lies about why his kids don't see him, and he has no choice but to believe her because she's the only one there.

365 days ago


The fact that half of the people sitting outside of his house are friends and former co-workers (who have no financial interest in this at all) is pretty telling. Obviously when a 30 year old blonde marries a rich, old man, we know what her motives are. But alienating his kids out of greed? That's just vicious! Karma's a b**ch, Jean, and it sounds like you are too.

365 days ago


the woman has NOT kept the kids from seeing him for 33 years. They are just trying to show up now for the paycheck when he checks out. They could have seen their dad when he was still getting around, they chose not to and she (after 33 years of marrage) has every right to stop them from grave robbing now.

365 days ago


Irregardless of whatever family issues they have all that should be put aside so that his family, his children, his flesh and blood could all get the opportunity to make peace and say their good-byes. Disgusting!

365 days ago


If I'm right the duping began with Casey himself.

Hot babe, seemed to love him, seemed to work.

She loved him alright.

The irony = now she's calling all the shots.

Meaning The Master Plan worked.

I totally get the children's frustration -

It's weird - you find yourself on the outside of your own family/parent/heritage - looking in.

But it's also a blessing -

If Casey (mis) chose her, then it was Casey who inadvertently set this whole thing up.

Lust wins again.

365 days ago

Esther the Great    

Money is involved somewhere, either the kids want it and are mad they can't have it or the wife doesn't want the kids to have it. But it's all about money, no one really cares about this man only his bank account..

365 days ago


I loved her on cheers.

365 days ago


I grew up in the 80's watching American Bandstand...heart breaking to hear Casey has Parkinsons.His wife needs to get over her self before it's too late.

365 days ago


The choice you're left with?

You either go in and take-the-person(s)-out yourself?

Meaning prison.

Or - you wait for Life to take its' course.

I suggest the Latter - cuz it's fun seeing how much trouble the Jean and the Yoko's and the-slick-Susan's?

- actually make for themselves in the long run.

Go back tomorrow, the next day and the next day -

Holmby Hills is too quiet/tranquil an area - they need some noise over there, anyway.

Your call, Jean - can the kids see their Dad or not.

365 days ago


This sounds like the same thing that happened when Aaron Spelling died. Everything went to his wife Candi, but the daughter, Tori, thought SHE was supposed to get everything. Candi took the money and ran and told Tori where she could go, and that's her flesh and blood daughter!

365 days ago



For The_Yoke's nineteen best manuevers -

Keeping Julian away.

Julian and his band should show for this one.

Weigh in.

365 days ago
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