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Casey Kasem

Family Feud

Cops Called

10/1/2013 4:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Kasem
... the legendary DJ who hosted America's Top 40 for decades, is in dire condition, and a family feud has erupted between Casey's kids and their stepmom.

Jean Kasem -- Casey's wife -- will NOT allow Kerri, Julie and Mike to visit their father, who lives in the exclusive Holmby Hills area near Bev Hills.   We're told they've been trying to make contact with their dad for 3 months, to no avail.

Casey -- who is 81 and has advanced Parkinson's --  hasn't been heard from in months. 

The kids are outside the house right now ... with a group of friends, family and former co-workers of Casey -- and we're told Jean has just called the cops trying to get them away from the property.

Casey's brother, who is on the scene, tells TMZ Jean has had a strained relationship with Casey's kids for years.  The brother says he hasn't spoken with Jean since Casey married her -- 33 years.  Kerri, Casey's oldest daughter, tells us Jean has aggressively blocked the kids from the house.

Kerri tells us it's not about money.  The kids have all been excluded from Casey's will and they've known that for a long time.  She says they just want to see their dad, and they can't.

Kerri tells us she wants to send a message to her dad:  "Your children are here for you.  We have not abandoned you."




No Avatar


They should seriously break into the house if that's what it takes to see their dad for the last time before he dies. The jails are so crowded here that they'll just get booked and get out.

364 days ago


i don't kniow why they want to see him. He disinherited them and he has not seen them in years. What happens to these celebrities all of them do this to their children after a divorce, No wonder these kids are nuts they got it from having parents like him.

364 days ago


So why is everyone estranged and the kids have all been cut off form the family fortune? Does this include her own spawn?

364 days ago


Most gold diggers will do anything to protect their "investment".

364 days ago


Maybe he doesn't want to see the kids.. Perhaps with his medical condition he could be embarrassed and wants the kids and fans to remember him as he was not as he is..

364 days ago

Manny M    

Oh, so in all the years gone by, they never had the opportunity to visit? Maybe he didn't want to see them and his wife is just honoring her husband's wishes. Her loyalty lies with her husband so good for her for sticking with him. She owes those kids nothing.

364 days ago


Honestly, Casey sounds like a jerk. He chose his wife over his children and he's leaving all of his money to her? F him. Sorry, but daddy can't be redeemed.

364 days ago


The step-mom is wrong for it! Let the man see his kids before he passes away! She is making it about money! The visit will surely cheer him up!

364 days ago


They've been written out of the will and they are fine with that? Yeah right. The minute the will is probated, they will contest it.

364 days ago


The fact that she won't even let Kasem's best friend and personal assistant of 27 years in the house to see him before he dies leads me to believe she is not carrying out his wishes, but her own agenda.

364 days ago


A lot of fools posting negative crap about Jean on here. They don't realize every single one of these people used to call Jean a gold digger 33 YEARS AGO WHEN KASEY MARRIED HER!!! Seriously people they have been married longer than most people who got married back in the 80's. The kids were excluded a long long long time ago.

364 days ago


Jean owns her own multi-million dollar company, so I don't think she qualifies as a golddigger.

364 days ago


Just spray her in the face with pepper spray, then tase her, and force your way in.

364 days ago


My step-mother did the same thing to me. It's the cruelest thing a person can do to both the parent and the child. For me, the enduring pain is knowing my father wondered where I was during those last few months of his life. I hope Jean suffers ten-fold for all the pain she causing.

364 days ago


casey kasem we miss you the best dj....on the weekend count down

364 days ago
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