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Katherine Jackson

Spins Jury Verdict

We Proved Our Point

10/2/2013 8:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson has a rather tortured analysis of the jury verdict -- she seems to be saying even if she didn't get any money, she still kinda won.

Katherine says, "We have said from the beginning that this case was a search for the truth.  We found the truth.  AEG hired Dr. Conrad Murray, the man who is in jail for killing Michael Jackson." 

She's right to this extent ... the jury did say AEG Live hired Murray.  In fact Katherine scoffs at AEG, saying, "AEG has denied for years, and continues to deny, that they hired Dr. Conrad Murray.  The jury found unanimously that AEG hired Dr. Murray."  

But then the jury delivered a knockout punch to the Jackson lawsuit, by deciding essentially that when AEG Live hired Murray, they had no reason to believe he was an incompetent general practitioner ... which was the whole point of bringing a doctor on board in the first place.  Therefore, AEG was not negligent.

Katherine is pissed, saying, "AEG has repeated the mantra that this lawsuit was a shakedown.  Such a statement is a slap in the face of the entire judicial system that allowed this case to go to a jury." 

Katherine and her lawyer, Perry Sanders, say "All options regarding the balance of the jury verdict (the ruling there was no negligence) are being considered."


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If I were on the jury - they paid the Dr.'s salary. He was their "agent" and I think AEG should have been held responsible.

388 days ago


She needs to tell that to the jury who wasted months of their lives on this useless case.

388 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

And now that California Raisin lookin bitch says shes happy with the verdict. Copy that and replay it for her over and over so she keeps that in her twisted head and goes the fcuk away for good and the next time we hear about that money grubbing ol bat is when she dies.

388 days ago

Big Momma    

This family needs to ACCEPT co-responsibility for his death. They ALL knew he had many issues, drugs just being one of his tortured family, and all on his gravy train to boot, they NEEDED to try and help him help himself. So sad for michael that they are all looking for anyway to grab some cash and blame others for HIS addictions. And lets not forget he was nearly bankrupt alive, a billionaire in death.

388 days ago


More goofy gibberish from wacky wacko Katherine Jackson. Now we just need to hear the final goofy words about this court decision from wackier wacko Joe Jackson. And where is Detective LaToya right now, when we so desperately need her judicial opinion?? And speaking of daffy experts, doesn't Donald Trump have something ridiculous to say about this judicial circus?

388 days ago


This woman is so full of sh*t. Even after completely losing she's delusional enough to try and spin it to sound like she won and that it was never about the money. BULLSH*T!!! None of that family cared about anything other than the money and the money they got from Michael cause if they did they would have known about his drug addiction and would have tried to help him for many years before he died but NONE of them ever did any of that.

388 days ago

Buddy The Elf    

Time for the 39 freeloading Jacksons to get jobs and live within their means.

388 days ago


With all due respect Mrs. Jackson, U and your whole family are Delusional.

388 days ago


Katherine really delusional if she feel they proved their case.

388 days ago


So so glad the greedy Jackson family lost. They lost the golden goose who was a pathetic drug addict and was lucky he did not die long beore he did due to major drug use. The family deserved nothing. The kids are taken care of....and u can bet they will leave that madhouse as soon as they legally can. Then the last meal tickets for that awful terrible family will be gone. Let them go to work!!

388 days ago


Katherine Jackson is more delusional than Michael Jackson's fans. All she proved is that she's a greedy, old lady with too much time on her hands. Mrs. Jackson, your pedophile son is dead so just fade quietly into the background until Satan calls you home. Then you and MJ can burn in h*ll together.

388 days ago


AEG may have hired murray..but mj manipulated and bribed murray to give him the drugs he loves.murray is just a fall guy because like all drug addicts.the family and society has to find someone to blame for the addicts down fall.

388 days ago

Kev the Realist    

Finally a court has confirmed what everyone on the planet knew, except for the Family. Michael Jackson was just another DRUG ADDICT. They all think nothing will happen to them and more often than not they find out the hard way.....

388 days ago

miss b    

The only thing you proved is that MJ was a hard core drug addict & all you ever cared about was money.

Greedy old bitch.

388 days ago


"All options...are being considered", which means Michael's siblings are still going to attempt to get their hands on the money by encouraging Mama to appeal.

388 days ago
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