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Conrad Murray

Delusional Ex-Doc Thinks

MJ Death Verdict Vindicates Him

10/3/2013 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's former doctor and convicted killer, Conrad Murray, must be getting pretty strong meds behind bars ... because he thinks the jury in the wrongful death trial proved he's a good physician -- he's dead wrong.

TMZ obtained audio of Murray leaving a message for someone shortly after the judge announced AEG Live was not accountable for MJ's death -- and on the recording, Murray says the decision proves, "I have never been and never will be an inept physician."

Murray's missing one giant point ... which is that the jury really only said they felt he was fit to do what AEG hired him to do -- be a good general practitioner for MJ. The part about pumping Michael full of Propofol every night was never relevant to the questions the jury was asked to answer.

In fact, the jury foreman made it clear they were NOT saying they felt Murray was ethical -- and said the verdict might have been different if ethics were in play during this trial.

Nonetheless, Murray feels vindicated ... so, you gotta hear him gushing and praising God, the jury, and the justice system ... this time, anyway.



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My head explodes every time he speaks..AND WHY IS CONSTANTLY GIVEN A PLATFORM ?????...No other person who killed a guy is given this.....F*CK!!!!!
I'm sad that AEG isn't going to be held responsible for their part in all of this.......on the other hand....I'm happy as hell those Jackson losers won't be getting a giant inheritance when Katherine dies.....SILVER LINING....lololol

384 days ago


Hey...has anyone seen my butcher knife?

384 days ago


We love you Dr. Murray. Thank you for sacrificing yourself and saving millions of children from the most dangerous child sex predator of the century.

You will be home for Thanks Giving soon. You have a full life to look ahead and millions of dollar to enjoy for the rest of your life. Something MJ can not do no more. Good riddance.

384 days ago


Michael Jackson's former doctor and convicted killer, Conrad Murray, must be getting pretty strong meds behind bars ... because he thinks the jury in the wrongful death trial proved he's a good physician -- he's dead wrong...........................THE DEATH PENALTY FOR CONRAD MURRAY

384 days ago


What an idiot. Someone should check his brain that is they can get his head out of his exit shoot.
Maybe that's where he is hiding his drug stash too.

384 days ago


I blame his own circle. They should have stepped in and stopped the years of abuse MJ was doing to himself. Conrad was just hired at the wrong time.

384 days ago

mj fan forever    

Thank God the jury foreman clearly pointed out that they based the verdict on the time he was hired and that doesn't mean they felt he wad ethical in NO way!!! This makes this all for money trial even more absurd. Yes!!! He seemed fit when he was hired, he was a ****ing doctor and that's the reason why Michael Jackson entrusted himself to him, couldn't know he was a sociopath mentally disturbed and a murderer!!!! This disgustng murderer sociopath mentally disturbed never thought he did something wrong, the judge wad particularly disgusted by this and his blaming the victim. This trial was going to show NOTHING about Michael Jackson, it just was the usual hunt for money by greedy unnatural mother Katherine and her family of parasites!!! She made no scruples of defaming Michael Jackson once again and involving his children in HER all for money trial, forcing Prince and Paris to testify and didn't get even a dime. She dropped restitution to seek more money from AEG allowing this murderer to take profit from Michael Jackson's name, and with no doubt she couldn't care less about that!!! Sooner or later she will have to give an account to God. This disgusting disgusting murderer should just stfu until he rots in hell where he belongs!!!!

384 days ago


I wonder what his prison bitch name is?

Or is he still in solitary like a coward?

384 days ago


I despise this man! A lot of people like to say that Michael would've gotten the meds from someone else if Murray refused to give them, but it doesn't change the fact that he still gave them! He didn't have his patient's best interests at heart. All that mattered to him was his salary.

384 days ago

What I Think    

I still think that KJ killed MJ.

384 days ago


Dr Murray is STILL A DANGER to prospective patients.Even prison time and years after Michael's death,Dr Murray CANNOT or WILLNOT accept that if he did not order and bring into the home"profopol" and use this med WITHOUT proper equipment,but FORCED Michael into DETOX .Michael would have NEVER made this tour,but his life would be intack.Dr Murray had the AUTHORITY TO SAVE A LIFE,MONEY LOOKED A LOT BETTER

384 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

Here's how it goes Conrad. First off, you can't be quite so stupid as to not understand your part of that verdict can you? A jury ruled that AEG bears no responsibility for you stepping into the role of fame seeking yes-man to a malignant drug addict and going above and beyond that for which you were hired to do. That's on you old man.

384 days ago

( ಠ_ಠ) KAT DADDY ( ಠ_ಠ)    

25 Days To Go

384 days ago



p.s. MJ is still DEAD !

384 days ago


What a crazy mo fo! This man should not be let out on the streets.

384 days ago
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