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Katherine Jackson

No Regrets For Suing

Over Michael's Death

10/7/2013 12:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson has no regrets for suing AEG over Michael Jackson's death -- despite our sources who say she's having buyer's remorse -- her attorney tells TMZ.

A source close to Katherine bristled at our post, telling us, “Any reports that Katherine Jackson is feeling remorse for filing the wrongful death lawsuit are completely untrue.  Mrs. Jackson feels the lawsuit is very important, and that so far it has proven that AEG did in fact hire Dr. Murray."

As we reported, our sources say Katherine felt pressured by Jermaine and Randy to file the case in the first place.

Katherine's lawyer says, "The lawsuit has also confirmed that Michael Jackson was an outstanding father, son, humanitarian, and human being. [Katherine] hopes that the lawsuit will change the way that entertainment companies treat their talent."

Fact is ... even though MJ was arguably pushed to the limit, the jury didn't feel AEG did anything wrong.



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Ms. Jackson should have regrets over wasting the courts time over a case that was frivolous at best. Nobody is responsible for the fact that her son was an addict. If Dr. Murray had not given him propofol he would have found someone who would. The end result would have been the same, Michael Jackson would have been dead.

350 days ago


Katherine Jackson has one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel. Please slip soon Ms. Jackson and go be by the side of your beloved son. The public is tired of hearing Jackson court cases. And if the attorneys appeal do they still take the appeal pro bono? These attorneys are out millions of dollars I doubt if they are going to appeal this case.

350 days ago


The greedy senile and unbelievably stupid liar mother and her grand daughter Genevieve went on cnn to promote how famous & great the Jacksons were.
They think anyone's fooled by them.
Katherine admitted she was too embarrassed to talk about drug rehab with Jacko. She took advantage of Jacko's drug addiction because he threw all his money at her & strangers' children.

Paris attempted suicide because she blocked out the fact that Jacko was a pedophile & drug addict.
He spent a lot of time with little boys in his bedroom but she was left alone with her brother and when the public called out Jacko's pedophilia again in 2003, Jacko hid in Bahrain & Ireland & went 2 years without abusing drugs, so Paris thought there was no big problem. She saw him sinking into drug addiction and in a coma & confused mental state all her life.
He made her go with him to inject rubber in his face & she watched him get weakened by Demerol.
His other doctor tested him and he had no lupus.
Arnold Klein was a liar because Jacko was drugged up by Klein & Jacko badly mutilated his nose & had no lupus. There was no need for more scalp surgery & repair, but Jacko was obsessed with friendships with these so-called doctors & dermatologists.

He fainted on the floor when Paris was 3 years old, he cried to her & Kenny Ortega & he starved himself to avoid vomiting while injecting Propofol,
When he was confronted by Ortega at his home about his mental problems, Jacko threw things on the floor and she & her brother witnessed that. Jacko was unfit to be around the kids for many years.
Debbie ignored that fact because she told him to have kids with her & she let Dr, Metzger enable drug addiction by infusing Jacko with Propofol illegally for coma instead of sleep before 2 concerts. Jacko didn't need any illegal drug for his mental problems, but everyone was fake & giving him special treatment and they hoped nothing was too bad to kill him.

350 days ago

Secretative Female    

Who cares.

350 days ago


If the $$$
had been more down to earth she would have won..
when asking for Billions..
just plain crazy !!

350 days ago

What I Think    

Having looked at the MJ photos, I can only say that it sure is scary what two nose jobs will do to a person's face.

348 days ago


Sure,AEG didn't do anything wrong with the exception of R.Phillips making Michael say "they are going to kill me"after hanging the phone up as Prince testified,they acted as if Tohme was Michael's representative,eventhough letters and e-mails written by Michael saying the opposite,were shown to the jury and not to mention the company hired killer murray without doing a background check as K.Jorrie,their lawyer testified along with the above but Phillips said AEG had done a check.

How much did AEG pay the jury because UNFORTUNATELY there is NO JUSTICE in this world.The judge dismissed Phillips and Gongaware,so the case closed,the verdict was ruled out,it was a matter of time before the jury repeated it.

As for Katherine,she still doesn't get it and she NEVER WILL, even if AEG's hire of murray was proved and eventhough he was convicted of MANSLAUGHTER( for me there is no involuntary) as being RECKLESS and wasted precious time instead of calling 911 immediately which caused Michael his life,the jury at the wrongful death suit decided that murray was a fit and competent doctor but if they were asked if he acted in an ethical way,they would say no.What dumbbells indeed!

IT will take many years for the rest of truth to see the light of day (only half has been shown in court)
regarding AEG,until then,it will always be Michael's fault and not just for the loss of his life.

347 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

All she did was further reenforce the fact that MJ was a helpless drug addict and despite what the kids may say, a terrible father. Sure.. Make the kids participate in a frivolous lawsuit and hurt them even further, that's keeping the real legacy alive. They may as well get used to it with that family.

MJ destroyed himself. He took decades to do it completely and tried to switch the blame on everyone and everything else but he did it.

347 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

All the Jacksons had to do was prove MJ didn't want the drugs. There was no way they could do that.

The estate should have to pay every dollar it cost to put on this, their latest freak show.

347 days ago
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