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Michael Douglas & Ex-Wife

Sorry, Your Son's No One Special

10/8/2013 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Douglas and his ex-wife, Diandra have just been derailed in their effort to see their imprisoned son -- ironically derailed by a group that fights for prison reform ... TMZ has learned.

Cameron Douglas is currently serving time on drug charges and prison officials are not letting visitors see him -- including his parents.

Diandra has been enlisting Hollywood celebs to sign a petition posted on -- a petition urging prison officials to let them see their son. 

Her campaign was picking up steam but suddenly it disappeared from the website with no explanation.

We did some digging, and contacted the Drug Policy Alliance, which actually spearheaded the petition drive.  DPA officials told us they had a change of heart ... the sentiment was that it was unfair to help individuals and not focus on the big picture of prison abuses.  It seems there was also a feeling that it didn't look good to help famous people and not everyone else.

So Diandra and Michael are back to square one.


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This America home of the incarcerated 5% of the world's population and 25% of the world's incarcerated. With more and more rules, regulations and laws, Mr Douglas can expect to have company as cells fill up and he will get into the general population, maybe!

357 days ago


Maybe they should have "Been there" when he needed guidance growing up..

357 days ago


Everyone child is special and loving. No child born as Gangsters or Drug user.
Blame it to the guardians who never given an attentions or taught them disciplines.
However our prison system are bad and it has to be re-disciplined.
Americans prison system is a warehouse and its a big business.
Matter of fact all prison systems are corrupted and full of drugs.
Who brining the drugs? Everyone knows that.

357 days ago


He was caught several times w/ hard drugs....cocaine, then liquid cocaine, then a half POUND of meth! He was then caught with drugs in prison, then came up positive for drugs in a urinalysis in prison. (look it up). He is probably denied visitation for that reason. I went to school with people like him....think they are entitled because mommy/daddy is rich, and allowed to get away with it to the point they think they are invincible. Gave him enough rope....and he is still hanging himself!

357 days ago


no matter who you are,,famous,,not famous,,everyone should have the right to see their child even in prison,with visits,,thats bs,,,

357 days ago

Edward Serio    

Totally cracks me up how the rich and famous feel rules and laws do not apply to them.Michael you may be lucky in seeing him when he gets out of prison unless he screws up and has good time taken away or even worse that he don't do anything stupid and have more charges filed against his dumb ass.

357 days ago


Actually, they should look at this in reverse. By Michael's son getting "preferential" treatment maybe that could be used as an precedent to help others in a similar position.

357 days ago


I have to say if someone is in prison, they are already paying a high price for things they did. It seems inhumane to not allow them contact with family. So many prisoners are without any sort of moral support from family or friends, that any sort of contact with families in a positive manner can only be beneficial to them. Being deprived of your freedom is demoralizing enough without taking away one of the most basic social contacts. I cannot see where wealth or fame comes into it. It's their son - he's still in prison, regardless. Our penal systems are archaic at best. This kind of attitude that I see reflected in these posts just confirms that dehumanizing prisoners is no way to reclaim them into society. They should be allowed to visit their son - under rules, or a schedule, or strict supervision, perhaps, but at least let them visit.

357 days ago


I don't understand why they are not allowed to see him. It isn't like he is a convicted child killer, he' s a drug dealer. Even murderers are allowed visitation.

357 days ago


sorry mike, your dad would be so proud of his grandson

357 days ago


Michael is yesterday's news and his jailed son is no news at all. Why the commotion its behind me. When you try to get preferential has a way of hurting those who want it most. Cameron got himself in trouble on the outside then on the inside. He's his own worst enemy. As for his parents...they are not special in this situation. Grow up and let him finish his punishment. For once let him feel the consequences of his actions and not have mommy and daddy wiping his a$$.

357 days ago


I am tired of reading about the Douglas family and all of their wealth, fame and entitlement. I grew up watching Kirk Douglas in the movies, after him, the rest can all drop dead. WHY should Michael Douglas and his wife get special privileges to see their son Cameron. Cameron is big time into drugs and will never live any other way.

Don't we all wish we had the fabulous sex life that Michael Douglas claims to have had?? Don't we wish we had all of his money?? Real Estate?

Well we don't have that, and HE doesn't get any more rights when it comes to breaking the law. Especially for a son caught up in hard core drugs. Don't let him around kids or slipping something in drinks at a party ... You know how it works.

357 days ago


If the prison rules are such that the kid cannot have visitors, then too bad for mom and dad. Had he not gotten into drugs, he would not be in jail and could spend all the time he wants with them.

357 days ago


so wtf cares??????

357 days ago

Purple Shell    

Actually, the petition would set a precident for other low risk prisoners that are denied visitation. I do not understand why they cannot visit their son. He did not murder nor rape.

357 days ago
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