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Lamar Odom

Flying to NYC

For Basketball Meetings

10/9/2013 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

11:20 PM PT
-- Lamar bailed on the flight to NYC. We're told he became uneasy about making the trip after we posted this story about his plans -- and he has not rescheduled.

Lamar Odom is flying to New York later today ... to meet with honchos from several basketball teams, and he's carrying what he claims is proof that he's clean and sober ... sources connected with Lamar tell TMZ.

Our sources say on Tuesday ... Lamar underwent blood and urine tests for drugs, and he tested NEGATIVE for drugs.

This is consistent with what other sources have told us about his time with the Kardashians on Tuesday.  We're told he was lucid and showed no signs of being under the influence of drugs.

We're told Lamar has had private conversations with execs from several teams who have expressed interest in him, provided he could show he was clean ... and the purpose of the trip is to meet with them and possibly strike a deal.

Our sources also say Lamar wanted to go to New York to visit his family, and get away from "the negative energy."

And finally, our sources tell us Lamar says he's had his fun with drugs and is ready to re-start his basketball career.  Fact is ... he's done that before.


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Lamar Odom
Flying to NYC
For Crack Meetings...

387 days ago


TMZ once again sabotages Lamar. Yes, I know he is a grown man and makes his own decisions but TMZ is out to see this guy 6 feet under for some reason.

387 days ago


I think everyone should stop reporting about Lamar. It's damaging his chances. Other players have had problems and were given chances because no one was really aware of their problems or the extent of their problems. He lives under a damn microscope. We don't know how much, if any of what is reported is true. It's a shame that people behind a camera lense or computer can and have changed the course of this mans life. What a shame!

387 days ago


Yea! Right!
A team wants to sign a known drug addict in the throes
of his addiction to a contract...

387 days ago


How do you know he didn't go? Did you follow him? You're sources aren't worth cr@p, TMZ.

387 days ago


TMZ, what on earth is Kris "The Antichrist" Kardashian doing in return for your non-stop assault on this man? He has done NOTHING to you, and has never been a big enough star (in sports; on tv) to merit this much press. And yet you persist. Mrs. Satan's desperation to keep her overweight daughters in the spotlight, at the expense of anyone snared into their web, is obvious.

387 days ago


Lamar is acting like a typical crack head, acting like he's sober. He's the neighborhood head but instead of money he's trying to get a job.

Plus Cocaine leaves your system in a few days so even his "proof" is dumb. He's living in an addicts reality right now.

387 days ago

your not all that    

OK then hes had his fun and now the druggie is just going to stop ........LOL.......ummmmmmmmmmm OK.......I have some ocean font property for sale in Ohio...any takers ?? pffffffffffffffffffffffffff..... any team that signs him deserves what they get.

387 days ago


11:20 PM PT -- Lamar bailed on the flight to NYC. We're told he became uneasy about making the trip after we posted this story about his plans -- and he has not rescheduled.

Sounds like something a crack head would do.

387 days ago


I can picture Lamar busting into a meeting room: Is this the 5 O'clock free crack giveaway?

387 days ago


You sure have some serious packpedaling going on TMZ. Every story you've had about Lamar Odom in the last two months was about what a strung out crack junkie he was and suddenly he's "certified" on paper as being clean . Obviously you've got to do some serious ass covering because he might actually be in the real, live, mainstream news with real, live, actual news stories and you're going to be fvcked with all your lies and storles from Kris.

387 days ago


Oh sure you are so important in his world ....Problemly spotted your papz tailing him and took a private plane......

387 days ago



387 days ago


Gosh I wonder WHO told you this little "update" about Lamar NOT traveling. Was it an airline employee who spilled the beans or was it "a source close to the family"?.
AND How do you KNOW he hasn't rescheduled?
Just more fodder from Kris Jenner by way of TMZ to deflect the fact that her "empire" is krumbling.

387 days ago


Basic Fact is... Lamar Odom could stand before a whole field of doctors and police and prove he is clean and sober and never has been on a Massive Months long Drug Orgy as TMZ has been reporting and TMZ would still say.....That ...the judges and the doctors and the labs are all wrong and been payed off and every freaking thing else they can think of cause they are the hired assassin of this man and he hasn't laid down and died yet....Khloe will be on the phone this afternoon with a new story ....wait and see....

387 days ago
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