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Lisa Vanderpump's Husband

I Was Attacked with a Concrete Chipper

And Then Extorted

10/9/2013 12:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lisa Vanderpump
's rich husband Ken Todd says he has a concrete reason to file a fat lawsuit ... claiming a construction worker attacked him with a cement chipper, then tried to extort him for $50,000.

Todd filed the lawsuit against Kevin and David Cazaref, claiming the two brothers had been hired to do construction work on Ken's P.U.M.P. Lounge in West Hollywood.

Ken says he observed Kevin (a man twice his size) using a concrete chipper unsafely last week, so Ken confronted him and attempted to show Kevin how to use it properly.

Kevin must have taken offense ... because Ken says the worker then "became enraged, grabbed and violently hurled the heavy concrete chipper" at him ... hurting his hip, leg, and knee.

According to Ken's lawsuit, Kevin's brother David approached threateningly in Kevin's defense -- at which point nearby police officers became involved.

No arrests were made, but Ken says the brothers later contacted him in an attempt to shake him down for $50,000 in exchange for keeping quiet about the altercation.

Ken's now demanding unspecified damages from the brothers, suing them for assault, battery, extortion, and more. We reached out to the brothers for comment, so far no word back.


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_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Wonder if he knows how much one of those things weigh?

379 days ago

Phil Mcl    

They should have hit him in the head and done the world a favor!!

379 days ago


Lisa Vanderpump's Husband
I Was Attacked with a Concrete Chipper
And Then Extorted.....................AT LEAST YOU MARRIED A NICE UK TRANNY :-)

379 days ago


The guy may have overreacted, but you hired them to do a job. You aren't the contractor in charge of the job, you are the property owner. You shouldn't be telling them how to do their job. Either let them do it or fire them.

379 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

That's a 60lb chipping hammer your showing there. I highly doubt they were thrown.
That tool is very top heavy I bet he let it go towards the client and the client being a jacka$$ wasn't prepared for it to weigh that much and hurt his lil body.
I call bull**** on your story.

379 days ago


Now TMZ! Have some damned decency and tell us who Lisa Vanderpump or Ken Todd are? Don't be the rapist that doesn't use lube !

379 days ago


What a turd!

379 days ago

She's baaaack    

If his face is any indication of the state of his liver I give him about a year.

379 days ago


Geez this guy weighs five pounds and is almost 60..those brothers better have deep pockets.The Vanderpumps do not sue without cause and so far they have never lost any case brought against them or any law suit they initiate.

379 days ago


Vanderpump. Sounds like a name Dicken's would have come up with.

379 days ago


Lisa & Todd have both made themselves very unlikable.

379 days ago


What exactly did this guy do as he
"attempted to show Kevin how to use it properly"?

379 days ago

Ozzie X    

I see TMZ, E!, and Bravo are being consistent with the whack clan. All this is paid for, continue with your bias "celebrity" news.

People grow old and tired. I hope TMZ fails along with the PR firms that feed your so called topics.

379 days ago


I see Kyle is posting here under different names...

379 days ago


This ***** hear is bugging -__- . But I don't want to waste too much time on him. You should check out GTown Entertainment/Music hot new artist on . I guarantee it is better than half the **** on this site. Lol

379 days ago
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