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Kanye West

Yeah, I'll Attack Disrespectful Photogs

10/10/2013 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West
made it clear last night on Jimmy Kimmel's show ... he will fight the paparazzi with physical force if they cross the line in the sand ... the line Kanye has drawn.

It's pretty amazing.  Kanye is facing criminal charges for attacking a photog at LAX.  Prosecutors want to use video of Kanye's greatest hits.  And now you can bet they will use his comments on Kimmel to show he's an angry man out for blood.  And by the way, he's sayin' that's how people from Chicago are raised.

Kanye also buried the hatchet with Jimmy over the skit that caused a huge rift -- and Kimmel kinda apologized.

And of course, Kanye said he's a genius.


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For once I disagree with yall. I didn't interpret that as an actual threat but more of a joke "kinda" iust a reminder that he is from Chicago "the hood" and isn't one to be messed with. And I don't recall hearing him say he will attack the pap. Personally, I think hes misunderstood and most people hate what they see but they dont know the person inside. Not many people talk about Alec Baldwin but he has a history of fighting off pap. Not saying it's ok but come on take a pic and move on.

385 days ago


Wow. His ego is bigger than his brain.

385 days ago


Jeez , I saw this last night and immediately realized he is giving the prosecutors exactly what they want..
Not a fan of the guy, but , hard to watch anybody blow up , in front of your eyes.
I understand his frustration regarding his feeling feeling like a zoo animal, but when you pick a reality star to have a baby with ....this is what his partner feeds off.She wouldnt have a career ,if she werent calling photographers.
Then ,he is angry she doesnt get a star on Hollywood boulevard..
All that is is publicity.SHE had to have asked for it , in order for her to be turned down..she feeds off the press..
I think he needs to understand that,

385 days ago


I lost all respect for more Jimmy on my dvr.....why kiss these idiots butts? They don't deserve any respect.....

385 days ago



385 days ago

Ozzie X    

I'm not even going to click and waste my bandwidth on this clown.

385 days ago


I don't like Kanye's music, but I do feel like I understand him when he talks about being a caged zoo animal. The paps do take it too far sometimes...he has good intentions in wanting to protect his "girl and his baby". That's legitimate. Not wanting people in your face constantly is valid. But don't expect to be a creative genius and NOT get attention for that. You should also talk to your baby mama about this, as your views on paparazzi differ greatly. Kim knows the paps are the ones that MADE her. Kanye has to stop her from feeding them. Is that going to happen? Nope.

385 days ago


I watched the episode to see what would happen. He went on a totally insane 10 minute rant that made no sense. Not that any of them do, but the guy cant carry a lucid train of thought.

385 days ago

Miss k    

Kanye he's a fool , his stupid stern face dude should have known by now that that kim loves the cameras (paps) , her and the kardashian .. The kardashian need the (paps) for publicity , etc without the paps they are nothing

385 days ago


Kanye os an egotistical maniac!!

385 days ago

PJ in Texas    

Creative Genius? I think not. He is so full of hate and he continuously attempts to justify his place in this world ... He is inferior to society and he spends all his time seeking legitimacy.

385 days ago

Houdinis Scrotum    

This is a prime example of why I dislike getto garbage.

385 days ago

PJ in Texas    

Typical fatherless black man from the hood trying to find his legitimacy. The legitimacy is what is driving him. If you listen closely, he is hurting for equality. Oh and the use of "You know what I'm saying" just kills me.

385 days ago

Rusty Shackleford    

the only genious here was kimmel to convince kanye to do this. i really loved the bit where he talked about snobbery and "my girl's just a reality star, and im just a rapper"

well they're right, and i dont give a F about either of you, go cry me a river off in one of your mansions...

385 days ago


That was a train wreck interview, I couldn't believe how full of himself he is. Talk about cringeworthy.I needed a shower after that show.

385 days ago
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