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'Foo Fighters' Taylor Hawkins

Gene Simmons is an Idiot

Cobain and Winehouse are Icons

10/12/2013 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gene Simmons disputing Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse's icon status is nuts ... so says Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins, who tells us it doesn't matter how many albums both made.

In case you missed it, Gene told Team Rock Radio this month that Cobain and Winehouse were only considered icons because they died young ... not because of their music.

But Hawkins -- whose been in Foo with Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl for years -- was fired up about the topic ... telling TMZ Gene's opinion is "nonsense."

So we gotta ask ...


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Gene Simmons is an idiot.

344 days ago


Has he even LISTENED to their music before making his pronouncement? Probably not.

344 days ago


Foo who? Wine house huh? Some drunk guy? Oh, Nirvana? Kurt Cobain? That was a damn shame. Dude made and played some good music.

344 days ago


Kurt Cobain is an icon. Amy Winehouse is not. That is nothing against Amy but, even though she released a great album, she never had anywhere near the impact on the music business and culture that Cobain did.

344 days ago


Both are overrated. Can't start either of their voices,

344 days ago


Let me guess...Gene thinks he's an icon? And he thinks Kiss are icons?! SHOCKING! Give me a break...he wishes Kiss made as much of an impact on music as Nirvana.

344 days ago


Taylor Hawkins
Gene Simmons is an Idiot
Cobain and Winehouse are Icons....................WHO CARES

344 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Oh dear. Obama voters who think that being an idiot is something to be admired??

Hey. While we're on the subject... how is that Affordable Care Act working out for you Obama voters?? Come on. SPEAK UP. Let's hear how much your "affordable" plan is.

344 days ago


Why put these two in the same sentence? Winehouse IS NOT a legend or an icon! She died in the peak of her career with maybe 2 hit songs. That's like saying Fiona Apple would've been a legend if she died when Criminal came out. Cobain on the other hand is a legend and an icon. Yes, he died in the peak of his career too but Nirvana revolutionized an entire decade. The changed the music scene from hair metal to grunge rock. If Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam would've passed away, he would've been placed in the same category because pearl jam created the same music wave change. They are living legends but don't receive the same accolade as Nirvana. Winehouse and Cobain are not in the same arena. Simmons was right about her dying young and that's the only reason she is considered an icon. On Cobain, Simmons is 100% wrong. On the other hand, kiss is legendary from another decade (hair metal) but I'm not into their music and never was but I respect how they contributed to the music scene. But again, WINEHOUSE is only spoken about because she died young, yes. Don't categorize her with real female legends like Janis Joplin and so on. Bleh!

344 days ago


Nirvana is an icon, Winehouse is not

344 days ago


Not sure how to answer the question. Nirvana is an icon, but Amy Winehouse is not. She had the potential but let drugs get in the way. Yes, Cobain died young too, but Nirvana changed the music scene and had numerous hits. Amy had one hit and didn't change the way music was made. However, regardless of that debate Gene Simmons is a talentless moron.

344 days ago

Mr. Pukey    

Yeah! Preach it brother! Winehouse $ucked, Nirvana was good but far from iconic, Foo fighters are closer to iconic in my humble opinion. You guys are good but not iconic. Gene Simmon's is just a douche.

344 days ago


They were only icons of idiocy.

344 days ago


How long are a few of the foo fighters going to hang on desperately to the coat tails of Cobain ? I found nothing in his music then and find nothing now.And I wonder why they always find ways of bringing his name up, if the media does not. A sad and soulless person ..I am a poop.....that makes me a hero, playing the same 2 cords over and over again does not a musician make. ( james brown laughed when he told of how he made millions....yep, off of 2 cords)

344 days ago


Cocain is maybe an icon but Wino definitely is not!

344 days ago
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