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Adrian Peterson

Man Who Raised AP's Son:

"So Tired of This 'Poor Adrian' Sh*t"

10/15/2013 10:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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The man who raised Adrian Peterson's 2-year-old son says he's sick and tired of people feeling sorry for the NFL star, claiming AP didn't care about the boy because he never got the chance to meet him. 

We broke the story, AP only learned he was the biological dad a few months ago. Before the revelation, the child's mother was under the impression that the father was a man named Bobby Ruffin.

After the child passed away on Friday, Bobby went to his Facebook page and unloaded ... writing, "So tired of this poor Adrian Peterson sh*t. Let me blow all your minds. The boy who died was my son."

"Yes A.P. he was the biological father but I raised him and he carried my name. Tyrese Robert Ruffin. I don’t blame AP for not really caring cuz him and I both found out recently who the biological father was."

“AP met my son for the first time yest when my son was already in coma. I was here today when we pulled the plug, not him. He was happily practicing and has no problem playing on Sunday."

"So yea this isn’t all out yet but I’m sick of the poor AP sh*t. He didn’t know or even meet my son. Sorry for the outburst but put yourself in my place.”

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Where was this guy when some s*** of the earth was beating the lil guy to death!!??

351 days ago


I understand his sentiment. But the reason why AP is getting so much attention is because he is famous--and I'm not saying that this is right. His anger should be aimed toward the baby's mother. She is the one that allowed the sick fcuk into their lives, and consequently beat her son to death. Three men (at least) in the little boy's life? How confusing...

351 days ago


if he was the person in his life where was he the night that beast killed the kid..?
what loser uses this time to gain fame anyway....?
shouldn't you be focused on the killer and directing your anger towards him..? why do you care what the public thinks if the immediate family knows who you were in his life? if you really love him, you should be mourning and not worrying about TMZ or the public....

351 days ago


I was wondering when somebody was going to say this, I'm glad it was the real father. Sorry for your loss.

351 days ago


Anybody can father a child.. but only a real man can be a Dad.

351 days ago



351 days ago


The mom that had to DNA test a dozen men to find the daddy?

351 days ago


You both failed as fathers because you both werent there. Point blank..

351 days ago


Bobby Ruffin did a fantastic job raising that child! Ummmm NO!!!

351 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

They're both grieving, the media should stop sensationalising the child's death.

351 days ago


"He was happily practicing and has no problem playing on Sunday." That brotha-man is breaking it down as it should have been conveyed in the beginning. Adrian learned of his son months prior-and thought he'd throw money at it and call it a day. He made NO attempts to begin a relationship with the boy--BECAUSE HE DIDN'T WANT ONE.
To be honest with you, I think he's glad the boys is dead--he's off the hook--he had ZERO attachment to the child, the boys could have the baby mama's pet cat as far as he was concerned---OR CARED.

351 days ago

tmz addict    

the DEVIL killed his son!!

351 days ago


When I heard the news that... Mr. Peterson... was going to play on Sunday... I thought WOW... this GUY has no bond with his child... that he can go out on the field AND... play SOooo... quickly... after hearing some P.O.S beat HIS child to death?? Makes sense... NOW! To Mr. Ruffin... you're right... I get it!! NOW... somebody... needs to beat the devil outta' the bastard that took this precious little boys life!!

351 days ago


When the story first came out I wondered how he could say he would still play football even though his son just died, now it makes sense, he didn't have any emotional connection to him because he never met him. I agree with the "real" father. The real father is the person who raises and cares for a child, not the the one who donates the sperm.

351 days ago


Understood. And you are right, Mr. Ruffin. You were the child's father. I'm so sorry for the loss of that precious little boy. My heart goes out to you and to all involved.

351 days ago
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