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Mike Tyson Conspiracy

The Government's

Killing Our Pigeons

10/16/2013 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

America's precious pigeon population is in danger -- especially in NYC -- so says famed pigeon lover Mike Tyson, who claims the government has launched an evil campaign to get rid of our gray little friends forever!!!

Tyson was at LAX yesterday when the conversation inevitably turned to his beloved animals -- in the words of Woody Allen, "rats with wings" -- and he explained his conspiracy theory ... that municipalities like NYC have introduced falcons to curb the pigeon population.

He's not far off ... according to a government report from 2007 -- called "Curbing the Pigeon Conundrum" -- NYC officials have used hawks to keep pigeons in check ... but that brief experiment ended in 2003 when one hawk attacked a small dog.

There is currently a growing hawk population in NYC, but the report says it's "a natural resurgence" ... even though official groups like the NYC Dept. of Parks and Recreation are actively conserving the wild hawk/falcon population.

So there you go ... it's pigeon lovers vs. hawk conservationists ... which means, we gotta ask ...



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Now kith!

371 days ago


Pigeons are an introduced species, to North America. Their native range is spread out across northern Africa, southern Europe, and western Asia. I don't wish them to be treated with any cruelty, but if the population gets out of hand, then population control is warranted. I've seen what some places are like, paved in pigeon crap, because the population blew up.

371 days ago


Why kill, cant they just sterilize them by feeding them sth. Faster, cleaner. No killing.

371 days ago

miss b    

Pigeons,rats with wings.

371 days ago

Clyde T.M. Nestra    

Given a choice, I'd save hawks over pigeons. God knows, pigeons are in no danger of being eradicated under any cir***stances...they breed like rabbits.

371 days ago

˜˜*”⇛˜˜”⇛ AK 47 Cat *”˜⇛˜”⇛(◣_◢)    

I have the cure!

371 days ago


Too bad they don't breed the hawks to go after sea gulls as well. Now there is a rat with wings.

371 days ago


If he had gotten his eye pecked out by that pigeon he was kissing I doubt very much he care about them ever again.

371 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

Mike Tyson takes cares of his pigeons just like he takes cares of his women back in the day. I guess we know now what's really happening to the pigeons.

371 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

Thank god pigeons don't have ears like us.

371 days ago


Not so fast. The way things are going, Pigeons will be the "new" Chicken

371 days ago

Just My Opinion    

I love animals too, but what about the people of the USA? Their stupid ways are killing us. LOL

371 days ago


Nasty F**king Birds.

371 days ago


Maybe the government can train Tyson to bite the heads off these nasty creatures.

371 days ago


How about curbing the human condundrum? Last I checked, pigeons and all other creatures don't increase my taxes, use my hard earned money to pay for causes I don't support like paying ALL politicians to make more of a mess than I have seen any pigeon make in my lifetime.

PS. To Woody Allen - I love how you refer to pigeons as "rats with wings". Pedophile creep. Please do not insult any creature until you look in the mirror and do your own self analogy. You are one gross man.

371 days ago
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