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Kendall and Kylie Jenner

Someone's a Liar

10/17/2013 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kendall and Kylie Jenner NEVER flashed phony IDs at the doorman for the 21-and-over club they partied at Tuesday night ... so claim Jenner family sources.

This squarely contradicts the manager of Vignette lounge, who says the girls -- ages 16 and 17 -- ABSOLUTELY presented fake IDs at the door. 

The Jenner sources say the doorman recognized the 2 girls ... he knew exactly who they were ... and let them in without asking anything about proof of age.

The Jenner sources also say the girls had no idea the club was 21 and older.  The sources could not explain how Scott Disick and Khloe Kardashian -- who escorted Kendall and Kylie into the club -- could possibly have no idea the girls weren't old enough to legally get in.

The sources were also mum on the photo of Kendall and Kylie -- looking wasted as they sat in the back seat of their SUV as they left the club just before 2 AM.

So we gotta ask ...



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You Write This As IF: They Themselves Are The Liars.

Do you enjoy harassing young women?

That is because Harvey wishes he were as Pretty As They.

279 days ago

mrs. smith    

I think the club's lying. I think they let them in because of "who they are" and are now saying they showed fake IDs just so they don't get shut down.

279 days ago


what is funny is these clubs who let underage people in are libel for them! i can see a wreck or alcohol poisoning in the future, and a major lawsuit!

279 days ago


OK, now everybody connected to this story is an idiot.

K&K - We weren't there, we never went in! (Photo evidence to the contrary.)

Doorman -They showed fake IDs! We did TOO let them in! Yeah, we knew they were underage, but we let them in! We did, we did!

It's sad to see the younger piglets going down the same skanky road as their trashy sisters. They never really had a choice though.

279 days ago


It's been reported that many of these URLs or SPAM sites that show up on various discussion boards are actually money-laundering operations for Al-Qaeda. So... readers... be wise about what sites you choose to support & how and where you want to spend your money. At the very least, these posters are not honest, reputable people as they sneak in their free advertising on miscellaneous sites. Caveat Emptor

279 days ago


Harvey, I challenge you to MAN-UP. You launched an ALL OUT Character assassination against Lamar Odom (allegations of drug use) - perhaps you need to take the same "stand" against Kris Jenner and her man-bitch Bruce.
I think YOU should go after them for their POOR parenting skills the way you want after Lamar Odom (and Kris Humphries).
COME ON HARVEY - let's see you practice unbiased journalism.

279 days ago


Momager of the year

279 days ago


Kris Jenner, you are NO Olivia Pope! Hell, if Johnathan is trying to repair /cover for Kylie and Kendall, he should be fired. Every lie you tell, the truth eventually ends up coming out. Plahleez go have a seat with the rest of your family.

279 days ago


I worked the door at a Hollywood night club and all kinds of celeb spawn came in at all ages. Duh its Hollywood!

279 days ago


Let them party all they want. I can't wait until their first arrest.

279 days ago


Come On Bruce, if their Mom isn't gonna do anything about this, it's up to you to keep your 16 & 17 year old daughters OUT of a Club that had nudity, etc..... WTH?

279 days ago


Only an idiot would try to justify two teenagers, aged16 and 17, partying in a night club - ANY nightclub - until 2:00 A.M. These girls have lousy parents, a fact that has been amply demonstrated on their family's show. Kris is too busy acting like a 25 year old and pretending she's a ''star'', and Bruce lost all credibility as a father when he allowed Kris to yank the girls out of school so they could ''work''.

279 days ago


Tip: If it was spawned from the loins of Kris Jenner it is fake & a liar. Period.

279 days ago

Terri M    

So I guess TMZ is basically "all Kartrashians all the time now. See ya, TMZ- it's been real.

279 days ago


Top pic Jenner on the left is not cute.

279 days ago
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