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Pauly D

Baby Mama Has Texts ...

He Wanted an Abortion

10/24/2013 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


10:50 A.M. PDT -- 
Pauly just sent a Tweet that seems to address the situation: "Sometimes in life things aren't planned and they may even scare you at first, but they end up being a blessing."


Pauly D
wanted his baby mama to have an abortion ... and here's how we know.   His baby mama is trying to sell texts he sent to her urging her to end the pregnancy.

TMZ has learned ... Amanda Markert is trying to hawk the text messages to various media outlets in which Pauly asked her to end the pregnancy and he offered to foot the bill.

Sources tell TMZ ... at the time Pauly felt it was the right thing to do, partly because of the way the baby was conceived. There was no plan to have a child ... and the fact is it was a one-night stand.

As TMZ first reported ... Pauly has come around in a big way, not only trying to see the baby but he's fighting for custody.

By the way, get this -- sources close to Pauly say Amanda actually took the money for the abortion, but then ... obviously ... decided to keep the child.



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With a net worth of 15 million, and his annual take for DJ gig is about 10 millions. Probably will make less as he ages. What will be a reasonable amount for child support?

341 days ago


It is clear that TMZ is on Pauly's team and I'm not sure why. Stating he is coming around in a big way is absurd. He is "coming around" after wanting to abort her, not seeing her for her entire life and now he wants to rip the baby from her mom and sibling...the only family it knows?? Absolutely terrible for the baby. He is touring the globe doing god knows what and the baby is in a home with family and is clearly doing ok. TMZ please stop leaning towards Pauly's side, he is 100% wrong in this fight. Pauly, put aside your ego. Pay child support and buy some condoms for the next one night stand and move on with you globe trotting ( wannabe DJ ) life.

341 days ago


Things change? Yeah like she didn't get the abortion you wanted her to get. If he considers it such a blessing now why drag her through the mud, claiming she is an unfit mother because she worked at hooters and has another kid is absurd. If it was such a blessing why not work with the girl to see your kid? Judging by how he treated women when he was on the Jersey Shore I'm willing to bet it was him demanding an abortion and trying to bully her that caused most of the ' they hate each other' thing. And saying she took the $300 for the abortion and then didn't get one is just a cheap shot. I don't blame her for taking the money, I doubt he sat down and discussed it, or gave a rats ass about her, he probably had the money wired or delivered.. just another mess to pay to have cleaned up in his book.

341 days ago

Chaz Pinna    

more weddings= more divorces

341 days ago


I would have taken the money for the abortion too and spent it on baby ****. Just to spite him for even mentioning it. What a douche. If you can't deal with the consequences of having sex you should be having sex to begin with. Like someone said below, a condom would have been a better choice... Grow up.

341 days ago


well, duh. an abortion would've been the right thing to do. but the gold digger decided to keep the baby.

341 days ago


who cares?

341 days ago


This B i t c h is ALL about the money. From the word GO. Pauly, should have kept it in your pants, or at the very least used protection!. In any case, I think she got knocked up on purpose in hopes of scoring herself a "cash cow".

341 days ago


poor fella got this attention seeking money wanting gash on his hands for the rest of his life now.

341 days ago


As much as i have no feeling towards Pauly i have to admit, the people actually supporting this women are the problem in America, if you start making the women accountable for these fatherless kids then i guarantee you will see less of them, we talk about he should have put on a condom, when in fact they are not even 100 percent going to do its job.
The women has so many options like birth pills, Morning after pill, abortion and so much time to dwell on the situation yet the man who may well have made a 30 sec mistake yet has to burden all the responsibility and none of the power and be labled a dead beat dad.
I understand why he wants full custody and believe he deserves it he asked her to get a abortion because he foresaw this very situation yet she persisted on having the child, he wont ask or need her money if he had custody he was forced into this situation but so happens to be better equip to handle it.
If she is going to ask for child support for reasons we no why then its best the child goes to its father because he sure wont be asking her for any.
She became a unfit mother as soon as she secretly had the child while full well knowing the father didn't want it and being unequipped to handle the child in the first place to the point of trying to force child support out of him.
Lastly at what point do we start calling women deadbeat mothers.

341 days ago


Life lesson 101: When you frack whores that you don't want to get knocked up pull out and rip it on her face.

341 days ago

Yurra Knutz    

...Now I ain't sayin' she a gold digger...
But she ain't messin' with no broke broke... She got one of your kids, got you for 18 years... Get down girl go head get down... She said I can tell you rock
I can tell by your charm...

341 days ago


A man has absolutely no right to tell or even ask a woman to get an abortion. That is the woman's choice and the man has no say in it because it's not his body.

341 days ago


She would have aborted the baby in 2 seconds flat if it had been some average chump that knocked her up. She knew this was gonna be a pay day..

341 days ago


both whore and douche bag should have been aborted.

341 days ago
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