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Kim Kardashian

Bruce Will Walk Her Down the Aisle

10/26/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bruce Jenner
will walk Kim Kardashian down the aisle at a lavish wedding, formally presenting her to future hubby Kanye West ... TMZ has learned.

Kim considers Bruce to be her dad, and she always planned on having him give her away ... just like he did when she married Kris Humphries.

Sources tell us as far as Kim is concerned ... it doesn't matter what Bruce's relationship is with Kris ... she would never consider excluding Bruce from such a position of honor.

So let's review the irony.  As TMZ first reported ... Bruce was not invited to the surprise engagement -- it's still unclear whether Kanye or Kris made that decision -- although it seems like it was Kris.

The walk will be sooner rather than later.  As we reported ... Kim and Kanye plan to tie the knot soon.


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It should be against the law for these people and this family to reproduce.

329 days ago


The best men should all piss on calm her nerves

329 days ago


Why is she marring a gay man? Just get back with Ray Jay, Kim likes the taste of his pee.

329 days ago

She's baaaack    

Oh boy I can't wait! Said no one evahhhh. I wonder if Bruce will be allowed to wear a dress that compliments the bridesmaids dresses?

329 days ago


Wow, her nose is getting as small as Bruce Jenner's

329 days ago


99% of American families would hang their heads in shame if they were blasted so publicly as the Kardashians. Good or bad, the K family welcomes, wholeheartedly, any and all nasty comments just as long as the comments put them front and center. They love and relish it, all, which is what this no Pride, no Dignity, no Class family yearns for and we, like dummies, provide the tools. Boy, what a sorry bunch WE turned out to be!!! I AM AS GUILTY as anyone else for responding to comments which feeds their pathetic selves. As of this day, 10-26-13, NO MORE RESPONSES TO THEM!!! I AM DONE !!! I AM DONE !!! I AM DONE!!! I PROMISE!!!

329 days ago

prince of the city    

Quite frankly, Bruce is getting tired of walking down that aisle.............

329 days ago


i thought I remember hearing that Kim said IF she married Kongay, it wud be a private/intimate wedding - not LAVISH as TMZ is reporting. Who's LYING?
Bruce will walk Khum down the aisle to present her to her future husband......UM did TMZ forget she presented herself to her future husband and they allegedly have a BABY? What's Bruce gonna say "here ya go, you've already "had" her but now she' officially yours" (kinda like giving away a prize pig)
Kim says it doesnt matter what Bruce's relationship is with Kris - she would NEVER exclude him from the "honor" of giving her away.....Um, Bruce is giving her away due to his CONTRACTUAL other reason. I'm sure he'll see it as "washing his hands of her".
I'll bet dollars to donuts as Khum and Kongay down the aisle together after the "ceremony" Laura Wasserman will be standing there to serve him divorce papers.

329 days ago


who wants to bet Kris Jenner will bring a boy-toy the wedding

329 days ago


Instead of giving Kanye and Kim gifts, they should request all gifts be given to charities of their guests choice. Oh wait a second. This is the same spoiled, entitled, bitch whore who kept all her gifts when she married Kris Humphries and claimed she returned them all and really didn't. This family is all about themselves and no one else. I never understood the interest in them. She made a porn tape, so what? So have many others who never got famous for whoring themselves out. Now, the people who put them on a peddlestool are losing interest because they finally realized what I have all along, they are nobodies, with no talent, who don't care about anyone or any causes except for themselves. The two youngest are becoming more and more like the older ones. Self entitled brats who feel they are above everyone else. Enough! Oh. I give Kim and Kanye a month if even. He will soon realize he married a whore who only cares about herself and not even their daughter. Which has been shown since she constantly needs attention so she poses her kibbles & bits on instragram.

329 days ago


Oh, and I'll guess she forgot about her first 2 marriages. She will have to wear black because that's the color W H O R E S wear. This is another scam publicity stunt from a tramp and a thug. It's a joke, just like they are.

329 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

Considering she had the cojones to wear white and get sham married in front of a huge cross in a "church" by a minister after one marriage, countless romps with Lord Knows Who, and a sex tape with Ray J that featured Ray riding the Hershey Highway and spraying the whore with a golden shower I'll bet this wedding will be epic. No thanks.

329 days ago

my 2 cents    

Here's the spin Kris will use for having another over the top wedding: "I know that Kim's previous marriages did work out, but this is a first for Kanye, and they both deserved it"

329 days ago


I thought Bruce was going to be one of the bridesmaids.

329 days ago


Oh and I think North is a baby they bought on "the black market"...LMAO...Cow and GayFish please leave this planet!!!!

329 days ago
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