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Justin Bieber

Building School in Guatemala

... Without Shirt

10/28/2013 8:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Justin Bieber ventured deep into the Guatemalan jungle to help a group of poor villagers construct a badly needed schoolhouse this weekend ... and TMZ has the pics.

After Justin performed in Guatemala City on Saturday, he joined up with Pencils of Promise -- an organization dedicated to building schools for communities in need.

JB was choppered into a remote area outside the city on Sunday ... where a makeshift construction crew was already busy putting up walls for the new school.


In a video posted on his blog, Bieber says the town was overrun with poverty -- "I'm not talking about poor, I'm talking about 10 people living in a little shack."

Inspired, Justin ditched his shirt and went to work -- grabbing a wheelbarrow and helping to build a wall for the school.

He also took off his shoes and gave them to one of the local children.


Afterward, Bieber says it was, "one of the most amazing powerful experiences of my life."

Bieber says the experience helped him grow as a person -- saying, "I feel like they helped me as much as I helped them."


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So let me get this straight - he went to a remote village in Guatemala, isoalted from most of modern society, to help "build" a school that was already being set up barely did anything, and somehow a camera crew just magically happened to be there to take photos of the precious moments? Can anyone else say PR campaign photo op? This is almost as Pathetic as the Paul Ryan barging into a non partisan soup kitchen indecent from last year.

324 days ago


Hopefully you will prioritize your life and get rid fo the users around you, and do more menaingful work.

324 days ago


Too bad he spends all his money on extravagant waste. He could be helping so many children, other than just the ones he set up for this photo opportunity. I bet he left as soon as this picture was taken. He's so empty of character.

324 days ago


Once a douche, always a douche.
One photo op isn't going to change that.

324 days ago


@black adam reading through the comments you're obsessed with trying to prove anything someone writes thats positive, wrong. chill out and accept hes actually a good kid thats made some stupid mistakes. hes getting back on track now though, would you rather him up to more bad antics? no-ones ever satisfied. i feel sorry for him.

324 days ago


You need to do more of that and cut out the partying.

324 days ago


People are too focused on if this was a photo op or not? Who cares if it is? TMZ posted pics of Justin Timberlake doing charitable work.. Would people say the same thing about him? doubt it! Unless you are going out there and helping these kids out, I really don't think you have much say if this is a photo op or not!

324 days ago


He is an angel *.*

324 days ago


Maybe this will help him to remember when he wasn't so well off and bring about a behaviour change but
I doubt it.

324 days ago


Laughing at all these people saying Justin should have bought shoes for the whole village! If you are so darn worried about these other kids not having shoes, why don't you look up the charity organization called Pencils Of Promise(which is a charity to build these kids schools, not give out shoes to the whole village) but since you seem to be worried about these certain kids with no shoes, send some money yourself to this organization so they can have shoes! put your money where your big mouth is!

324 days ago


TMZ, it must have KILLED you to actually post a positive post about Justin Bieber!! Are you guys feeling ok? But the shocking part in all this is, this isn't the first time he's helped others, but media sites only want to write the negative BS he does!!

324 days ago


Nice to see him giving back.

324 days ago

Lisa G    

This is a good story. More of this please!! Good job, JB. Keep up the good work.

324 days ago


Interesting :o

324 days ago


so, how long did he work? 5 minutes? 8 hours? Was it a photo op? Lets see him stay down there and really work. Then I'll be impressed.

324 days ago
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