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Courtney Love Lawsuit

You RUINED My Relationship

With My Daughter

11/1/2013 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Courtney Love's relationship with her daughter Frances Bean Cobain was destroyed by a conniving lawyer who illegally meddled in their lives ... according to a lawsuit filed by Love and obtained by TMZ.

Love says she hired the attorney, Rhonda J. Holmes, in 2008 ... to help track down millions of dollars that Love suspected was stolen from the estate of her dead husband, Kurt Cobain.

In her lawsuit, Love says Holmes spent months on the case ... but never made any real progress because she was "too busy" with other stuff.  Love also claims Holmes tried to undermine her ... by writing a bizarre, secret letter to Love's daughter, Frances, who was 16 at the time.

According to the docs .. Holmes' letter warned Frances of a "very scary conspiracy" and that evil people were out to get her. It also said, "The sooner I have your support and hence the support of your Trust Fund, the sooner I can ease this matter out of your Mom's hands."

Love says she didn't find out about the letter for two years ... and says it should never have been written -- it's a breach of attorney-client confidentiality. 

But even worse ... she says ... the letter ruined her mother-daughter relationship ... by convincing Frances that her mom could not be trusted to make the right decisions.

Love is suing Holmes for legal malpractice among other things and is claiming emotional distress.

We contacted Holmes' office ... but so far no response.



No Avatar


F'ed up family. Still more respectable than the Kartrashians.

358 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

If all that is true. pretty decent writing by the way. Actually told a story. But if that is true that's pretty fcuked up of that doctor to do that and I hope she does sue the living crap out of that doctor and wins. That's just wrong to the core. That being said Courtney is a absolute train wreck how is she still alive out of control but it was still fcuked up of that doctor

358 days ago


She needs $$
And NO WAY only that ONE lil letter ruined her relationship with her daughter.
Accountability anyone?

358 days ago


Oh BS. No one ruined your relationship except you. If you remember, the do***ents were made public. You physically fought with Frances, you killed her pet, and you were sucking her trust fund dry.
Get a clue.

358 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

I can not believe that anyone would think that Courtney Love could not be trusted to make the right decisions haha. By the way, thanks for killing Kurt, bitch.

358 days ago


That poor kid doesn't stand a chance. Sad.

358 days ago

BB not bb    

I think she does have a point. Her daughter can't stand her now and acts like a bitter old woman who wants nothing to do with her. It was none of the lawyer's businsess to go telling her client's daughter not to trust her own mother.

All I know is that Curt did not kill himself. The murder was clearly a set up. I am not really clear on who set it up. People have said it was Courtney, but then I have heard that Courtney herself is MK Ultra mind controlled.

I think Frances was growing up fine and didn't need some woman waltzing in to tell her to jump on the hate Courtney Love bandwagon.

I think it is a shame when the star life destroys family relationships. I think the same thing happened with that girl from Modern Family. They hear so much negative about their moms, and they are at an age to be independent or rebllious.

The world that seems to care so much about saving them from their evil mothers really only cares to see the family broken up, then their job is done.

358 days ago

*_* JUST A FRIEND *_*    

...It sounds like the letter is legit, otherwise Zombie-Barbie wouldn't have a case...It's no secret to anybody that what attorneys do best is lie and take peoples money...If the attorney never took money from the daughter, than no harm done...But if she did hustle the daughter out of money, then the courtroom-whore has to pay...Any one familiar with Zombie-Barbie knows she's is full of Sh!t about one thing in this story, and that's the fact she has no one but herself to blame for the fallout with her daughter..!!! TESTIFY !!!

358 days ago


Frances is an adult, and she knows her own mother better than you, me, or the lawyers. I bet there are lots of reasons why she keeps her distance.

358 days ago


Courtney Love was a hard core drug addict for the longest time. I don't know if she is still using or not, but for a time there she looked pretty good. I think another actress took her aside and cleaned up her act. I feel sorry for both Courtney and Frances Bean.

358 days ago


The custody do***ents that were released when Francis was a minor and her Cobain grandparents got custody of her, indicated that Francis said Courtney was high on drugs most of the time and addicted to various substances. Something tells me Courtney ruined this relationship all by herself. It also sounds like the lawyer was trying to ensure Francis was not swindled out of her inheritance by Courtney. It wasn't too long ago that Courtney was spouting off saying that Dave from the Foo Fighters had hit on Francis and Francis had to go public to say it never happened. Someone get Courtney some help for her narcissism.

358 days ago


I'm pretty sure that Bean had many, many other indications and examples that her mother could not be trusted.

358 days ago


She looks horrible.

358 days ago


Courtney Love singlehandedly did that on her own.

358 days ago


Bwahaha. Yeah, Courtney, that's was a letter from a stranger that singlehandedly convinced your daughter that you "could not be trusted to make the right decisions." Poor, deluded Courtney.

358 days ago
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