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Charlie Sheen

Children Services Say We'll Teach You

You Can't See Your Kids

11/2/2013 2:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen is now on the receiving end of a very punitive LA County Department of Children and Family Services, because the department just denied him the right to spend time with his own kids.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... the department contacted Denise Richards -- who has temporary guardianship over twins Bob and Max -- and they told her she was not allowed to take the kids over to Charlie's house today for a visit.

We're told department officials told Richards they were pissed off that Charlie dared to tell TMZ Bob and Max were not being protected by the department.  As you probably know, Charlie railed on DCFS Friday, telling us they care more about Brooke Mueller overcoming drug addiction than they do the safety of his kids.

DCFS' actions are curious ... because it seems the decision to deny Charlie visitation was not based on his fitness to be around his kids but rather on the embarrassment he caused the department.


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Come on, really? I would think DCFS would need to go to court to have any kind of custody arrangement changed. That's BS.

323 days ago


I think there is much more to it than that they were embarrassed. Sheen is unhinged and obviously mentally unstable. DCF's knows what they are doing and has information that we don't have.

323 days ago


I don't agree with DCFS not letting him see his kids because he ran his mouth. That being said, if he gave a crap at all about is kids he wouldn't berate their mother publically. Let go of the narcissistic tendencies and put the welfare of your children above your own – both Charlie and Brooke.

323 days ago


Everyone that works in that department should be fired ASAP!!! It's about the well being of the kids!! ,Not if the father calls TMZ!!!

323 days ago

Veronica Lecter    

the child services is waiting for the said children to be harmed or killed to make a name for whoever was the case worker on t.v, douche bag blood suckers

323 days ago


I wish he would stay quiet, and that Denise Richards would be awarded full custody!

323 days ago

Sandra Anne    

Speak the TRUTH Charlie...government agencies leave alot to be desired.

323 days ago


If this is true this agency should get in trouble...what are they 5 yrs old.

323 days ago


@Sue ----

California is cash strapped enough..and you want Charlie to sue them and try to take a big chunk of TAX PAYER money? Are you absolutely insane?


It is amazing how gullible some of you are.. You do NOT know the details of why CPS decided this.. He is clearly unhinged with his rants -- listen and read the previous posts about him.. He's acting like a lunatic.. and any COMPETENT CPS officer would keep him away from young children until he simmers down..


You're basing your opinion on what TMZ is reporting -- do you honestly believe DPS/CPS told Charlie (or Denise) that they're punishing him for "embarrassing" them? Even if that was the reason---which I highly doubt-- there's no way they'd admit it.


Stop buying into Charlie's hype.. It makes you seem ignorant.

323 days ago


Thank God they stepped in because Charlie seems to have gone deep into his psychosis or heavy into the drugs again.

323 days ago


Charlie is WHINNING !!!

323 days ago


Maybe its time for Charlie to learn other people have pride too (and it is best to shut up and let them keep it.)

323 days ago


I'm no fan of Charlie's, but these people who hold the most important power (taking your children) should NOT BE ACTING AS NAZIS...gross misuse of power and I hope Charlie sues the shiz out of them if it''s true.

323 days ago


Tmz has no confirmed info as to CPS reasoning only Charlie's rants. Usually they deny visits to parents who are testing positive for drugs. Could Charlie be using???

323 days ago


Now I'm wondering if this story is even true. TMZ = honest broker ?

323 days ago
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