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Lip-Synced 'SNL' Performance

Or We're a Monkey's Uncle

11/4/2013 10:29 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

110413_eminem_snl_launchBarring some crazy rift in the space-time continuum, Eminem unquestionably lip-synced his performance on "SNL" this weekend ... at least judging by Saturday night's broadcast.

In case you missed the show, the video should clear things up. Em took the stage to perform his song "Berzerk" and went borderline Milli Vanilli for four minutes. We cut it down to the highlights for your convenience.

Eminem didn't really try to hide it either, pulling the mic away from his mouth several times while his "vocals" continued at full volume.

FYI -- Ashlee Simpson infamously lip-synced on "SNL" a few years ago and people ripped her to shreds. So, why should Em get a pass?

Granted, we can't say for SURE he was lip-syncing ... we're just making an educated guess ... so we gotta ask ...


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He only lip-synced the chorus for Berzerk, as the chorus is multi-layered. Also, remember Mr. Porter is his hype-man so when he takes the mic away from his lips at the end of a bar, Mr. Porter finishes it.

He definitely did not lip-sync, as you can tell if you watch his Survival performance from later in the night.

352 days ago


Not to also mention his microphone was turned down way too low.

352 days ago

Spunky Funk    

And? He's still the greatest lyricist of all time.

352 days ago


He's a putz anyway, wouldn't expect anything other than fakery... why be surprised?

352 days ago


I could tell what was live and what was not. Eminem cannot sing all his background vocals and rap live. I think we should DIG on TMZ People's Pasts!

352 days ago


I think Ashlee's situation was different. She freaked out when the wrong lip synching track was played. She then showed how unprofessional she was by acting goofy and leaving the stage without performing. Eminem (whether lip synching or not) performed like a professional.

352 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

Wow that's terrible. Feminem is horrible. First ripping off Billy Squire for the music then lip syncing or attempting to. How sad. Rap is so unorigional. Cant even create your own music.

352 days ago


He needs to take lip-syncing lessons from Beyonce.

352 days ago

Ozzie X    

He should retire and call it a day. He is irrelevant.

352 days ago


He seemed not happy to be there...

352 days ago


Weak vocals over a weak mic. But the real weakness of Eminem's performance was how ordinary it was. It was like listening to the LP version. I don't care if you unearthed Rick Rubin for the assist either. You cant use the excuse that the recorded track is difficult to perform live. The "artist" has to change the way they perform the song to make it work live. Bring your A game when you come to SNL or it will expose you for the fraud you are. Justin Bieber did a better job than Eminem on SNL.

352 days ago


I have noticed the same thing when watching Jimmy Fallon. I was so excited to see Pearl Jam and it would appear to at a minimum have the vocals per-recorded. I do not like this at all. These 2 artists are better than that. Love to hear their thoughts on it. Bet its an NBC thing.

352 days ago


Katy Perry also absolutely lip-synched her recent performance.

352 days ago


I think he did lip sync, and I would wager that the censors had something to do about it. He's on live tv and his lyrics have a lot of swearing in them. I noticed that every time he'd come to a swear he'd say it but the mike would cut. I told my husband then I bet he was syncing to a track. It's the only way to be 100% sure something wouldn't slip and go on air.

352 days ago


I think he lip-synced, and I'm ok with it. The difference between him and Ashley Simpson is that he had 4 letter words in his songs. I would wager that the decision to sync was influenced by the censors. Better to know for sure something isn't going to slip out than chance it.

352 days ago
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