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Lip-Synced 'SNL' Performance

Or We're a Monkey's Uncle

11/4/2013 10:29 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

110413_eminem_snl_launchBarring some crazy rift in the space-time continuum, Eminem unquestionably lip-synced his performance on "SNL" this weekend ... at least judging by Saturday night's broadcast.

In case you missed the show, the video should clear things up. Em took the stage to perform his song "Berzerk" and went borderline Milli Vanilli for four minutes. We cut it down to the highlights for your convenience.

Eminem didn't really try to hide it either, pulling the mic away from his mouth several times while his "vocals" continued at full volume.

FYI -- Ashlee Simpson infamously lip-synced on "SNL" a few years ago and people ripped her to shreds. So, why should Em get a pass?

Granted, we can't say for SURE he was lip-syncing ... we're just making an educated guess ... so we gotta ask ...


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Unlike Ashlee I think he has proven time and again he can not only write but is fantastic live. Even if he was lip synching for some of this he should get a pass!

322 days ago


He was saving his voice for the youtube awards ! .. Amazing performance of rap god. No lip syncing

322 days ago


Please bring back Wolfman Jack and the Midnight Special and show these 'artist's' how it's done.

322 days ago


Eminem is EMINEM. His name alone screams talent, regardless of whether or not he was lip syncing. Ashley Simpson?? I think not.

322 days ago


I don't care if he did or not. Doesn't matter. I watched this performance and it was totally a rocking song- loved it !! I think they sang in with the song played or maybe not either way it was great and I love Billy Squire tune they did with it. We all know the guy can sign - it just doesn't matter anymore if they do or not lip sync

322 days ago


Well. this song would be extremely hard to sing live without lipsyncing portions. TMZ quit looking for drama

322 days ago


he was saving his voice for the youtube awards with rap god. No lip syncing.

322 days ago


Who cares, it was a great performance

322 days ago


Unprofessional talentless dweeb.

322 days ago


I watched the video carefully and I cannot see anywhere where he is pulling away his mike but his voice is full volume. I think people might be misunderstanding which voice is his, there are several people singing on that stage. I think some parts of the chorus might be playing pre-recorded, but Em is singing live.

322 days ago


Eminem raps over a backing track almost all the time. Why is this just now making TMZ. Go back & watch his other SNL performances.

322 days ago


So what if he's lip-synced his performance--his devotees don't care--it's all about the "performance". But what I found more fascinating--was how he looked like a girl--and why was he wearing a winter coat? If that's from the ghetto Winter 2013--I'd advised merchants to place the coats in a locked--secured location if they don't want them stolen.

322 days ago


the first song definitely wasnt, but you could barely hear him....I think he was on the second song though

322 days ago

dee kat    

If he is lip-syncing, he did a good job. As other posts have pointed out, the song is multi-layered, and he does not sing/rap every part. He had his mic up to his mouth for the parts he does perform.
Still, if it gets Eminem on TMZ, you can say whatever you want.

322 days ago


That would be almost as bad as Ms. Washington reading every line off the cue cards the entire night.

322 days ago
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