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Denise Richards

She Gives DCFS Proof ...

Brooke Blocks Urgent Therapy for Twins

11/6/2013 8:14 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Denise Richards was armed with an email when she went to the L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services -- an email which she apparently believed would expose Brooke Mueller as a terrible parent.

The email -- obtained by TMZ -- was sent by Dr. Jay Gordon, an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at UCLA Medical School.  The email and documents obtained by TMZ make it clear ...  Brooke is blocking psychological treatment for Bob and Max. 

The email, dated August 23, 2013, reads:

   -- "As we have discussed, because of recent events involving the boys' behavior I think that they need urgent evaluation.  I am very concerned about their escalating violent actions; The apparent lack of understanding of the consequences and the safety of others is most worrisome.  I would like them seen by Dr. Alessia Gottlieb for a complete developmental and behavioral assessment."

TMZ broke the story ... Denise told DCFS that Brooke was blocking the treatment described in the email.  As we first reported, Denise said she could no longer care for the twins with such interference by Brooke, given their violent behavior toward animals and people.


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When did Dr. Denise Richards get her Degrees to know. So far it sounds like kids being kids. So far I have not herd any Abuse claims other than Dr. Denise Richards who can't take care of 5 kids and two Dogs.

352 days ago


Since Charlie and Denise are taking this case to the Public and not in front of the Judge where it belongs, How come Charlie did not give TMZ Brooks Response to the Email?

352 days ago

Sad and unhealthy. Why not do something truly useful like we are?

352 days ago


It's a sad state of affairs when someone's future can be determined by age 4.

But, that is exactly what is going to happen if this situation is resolved -- by removing the boys from ever having contact with Brooke again.

352 days ago


These kids are nothing but an insurance policy for Brooke. As long as she has Charlie Sheens kids, she wont have to work a day and if she can get his ex to do all the work of raising her kids for her, all the better. Its sad, but Charlie just needs to buy the kids from her. Give her 10 Million, make her sign off all her parental rights and let her disappear and go overdoes somewhere. Help the kids. Buy her off.

352 days ago


The state of California needs to let someone else take care of the kids until Brooke and Charlie have their sheut together for good while. After they've passed random drug tests for a year or two, taken mandatory advanced level parenting classes, etc.

For now, surely somebody in Charlie and Brooke's extended family can find an optimal place for these kids to live. They need to be in a stable, non-dysfunctional environment for awhile so they are ready to deal with school later on, etc. They would probably not be accepted in a bunch of schools the way they are now.

352 days ago


I'm scared of what may or will come next. Where are the boys now?

352 days ago


Whatever happened to
Denise Richard's Colon : It's Complicated ?

352 days ago


TMZ does it bother you that you are as bad as the parents? Continuing to put this crap on your website will only hurt those kids more. Isn't it bad enough that no parents care about what they are doing to these children?

352 days ago


Brooke needs to lose her parental rights. It's time for child services to step up and do their jobs!

352 days ago


I think Brooke and Charlie BOTH have abused hard drugs for so long they've fried their brains so bad they can't step outside themselves and see how crazy they've been acting.

For decades, I'm sure Charlie and Brooke both laughed at all those "this is your brain on drugs" anti-drug TV commercials over the years. Well, guess what ... if you abuse drugs hard enough and long enough you WILL end up either dead, in prison or half crazy where you say and do bizarre things that you can't imagine you would do when you were growing up.

Bottom line, Brooke and Charlie BOTH have some very big addiction and mental illness monsters inside that they need to wrestle to the ground and defeat.

Seems like Eminem has gotten some control over his demons over the years. If he can do it, just about anyone can. Listen to his new song "The Monster" with Rihanna. I think it's one of the best songs he's ever done.

352 days ago


It sounds like to me Charlie is more worried about $$$ the 50,000 child support money than the kids.

352 days ago


ummm I thought drugs made people age badly. Brooke looks better than Denise in the pics

352 days ago


Charlie and Brooke please read this "Childhood maltreatment can scar the brain" @ which addresses all of the damage that can occur to a child's brain due to the way they are parented.

352 days ago


Denise knows she has $$$$ from Charlie, so she will keep him happy.

Denise your turn is next, Charlie will turn on you soon like he is on Brooke. just sit and wait......

352 days ago
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