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Janice Dickinson Sues

Head Shot at Drug Store

Messed Me Up BAD

11/7/2013 6:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Janice Dickinson got blasted in the head by a closing parking garage gate, allegedly, and now she's suing Rite Aid over her injuries ... TMZ has learned.

In her legal docs ... Janice says she was on Canon Drive in Bev Hills back in July ... when she was smashed in the cabeza by the steel barrier of the parking lot adjacent to Rite Aid.

She is claiming the drug store giant was negligent by failing to "adequately inspect, maintain and/or control the premises."

Translation: bad upkeep on their equipment made Janice fall and go boom.

In the lawsuit, Janice isn't specific, but says she suffered serious physical and emotional injuries. As TMZ first reported ... Janice says doctors at UCLA medical center checked her out after the accident and told her she had a nasty concussion.

1107_janice_dickenson_article_CATSCAN_dateJD is suing Rite Aid and the parking lot company ... for her medical expenses, loss of wages, and damages.


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Sounds like a money grubbing washed up has been to me.

357 days ago

Amber Olson     

This lady is a train wreck

357 days ago


She looks like a mean, disgruntled little pouty trout with a mustache. Just wondering, how does getting hit in the head, injure your leg?? So I guess Rite Aid is at fault because she is the only one too stupid not to stand under a gate. Ok. Here come the lawyers...

357 days ago


Another old time loser.

357 days ago


So she walked under it? Moron. Those are for car traffic not pedestrians - unless she was in a convertible. It sounds fishy whatever happened.

357 days ago


She was probably high on opiates and fell...Rite Aid should make sure to test her blood for opiates (narcotics).

357 days ago


You know what? I DON'T CARE!

357 days ago


You know what? I DON'T CARE!!! I am so bloody sick and tired of this woman, and all the celebs like her, who wander around wasting every opportunity, drinking, smoking, snorting, blowing all the money, looking for attention, wasting time. You know what my family could do with the money this woman has made and lost over her lifetime? Real people with real problems - god, these f'ing train wrecks! THAT'S what TMZ does for me. When I am sitting here, obsessing over how to pay the rent, or pay for my kids' doctors, etc, I can always go online and be reminded that being a famous person would solve nothing. My lord - all you people - get a grip! Take care of your kids, your lives, stop drinking, snorting, wasting all the money and find a way to do something intelligent and productive and oh, by the way, a cure for a couple rare diseases would help. TY.

357 days ago


come on.wheel chair,knee brace,neck brace over a dagum gate hitting her? im calling bull ****

357 days ago


This poor woman is SO peculiar!!

357 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

hit in the head by a gate of a parking lot? but she has a splint on her leg and is in a wheel chair?
Celebrities that hit their heads on signs are just flipping dumb and well. We shouldn't have to pad the world for you grown infants. You need to learn to watch where you walk.
Hope the judge charges her for wasting the courts time.

357 days ago


she was messed up in the head way before this............

357 days ago


Lost wages ?!? Who's paying her to do what ?!? I can see her getting paid to donate her body to science, but that only pays approximately $250. Who she kidding ?!?

357 days ago


I might be wrong but didn't I just read that she chased somebody down that stole a male strippers bag with his tips in it?

357 days ago


She's a g00d actress``` wink wink!!

357 days ago
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