Janice Dickinson Sues Head Shot at Drug Store Messed Me Up BAD

11/7/2013 6:10 PM PST

Janice Dickinson -- Sues Rite Aid Over Head Shot in Parking Garage


Janice Dickinson got blasted in the head by a closing parking garage gate, allegedly, and now she's suing Rite Aid over her injuries ... TMZ has learned.

In her legal docs ... Janice says she was on Canon Drive in Bev Hills back in July ... when she was smashed in the cabeza by the steel barrier of the parking lot adjacent to Rite Aid.

She is claiming the drug store giant was negligent by failing to "adequately inspect, maintain and/or control the premises."

Translation: bad upkeep on their equipment made Janice fall and go boom.

In the lawsuit, Janice isn't specific, but says she suffered serious physical and emotional injuries. As TMZ first reported ... Janice says doctors at UCLA medical center checked her out after the accident and told her she had a nasty concussion.

JD is suing Rite Aid and the parking lot company ... for her medical expenses, loss of wages, and damages.