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Brooke & Charlie's Kids

Back In Brooke's Clutches

11/8/2013 4:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller's got her hands back on her and Charlie Sheen's twins -- picking them up from school today and bringing them to her home ... for the foreseeable future.

As we reported, the judge ruled 4-year-old Bob and Max will move in with Brooke along with Brooke's brother Scott, who is now the legal guardian.

Scott became the temporary owner of the twins after Denise Richards said she could no longer care for the boys -- because they had become violent with her daughters and because she couldn't handle Brooke's craziness.

One thing's for sure ... Charlie is NOT a happy camper.


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I don't see this lasting very long with DCFS didn't approve her to be around/live with the kids.

245 days ago


Nannys will be caring for the little boys

245 days ago


Take those boys to the nearest fire department no questions asked. This is ridiculous!

245 days ago


i thought if any of her family got the boys they would let her have them, this is what her mother did when she had them. poor kids

245 days ago


Why doesn't Charlie have custody? I do not understand why Denise had custody and not Charlie. They seem to give Brooke multiple chances to redeem herself, why does Charlie not have access to his children? Brooke seems to manifest at least an equal amount of dysfunction as Charlie has.

245 days ago

Queen Karma    

1-The boys were conceived by two people on drugs and/or alcohol. This alone gave them a rough start.
2-Charlie Sheen cannot keep his sons because he is plumb crazy and has issues.
3-Brooke Mueller is Charlies 'equal or worst.
21 times in rehab starting back in her teen years.
3-The boys need professional help as in weekly sessions with a child psychologist.
Brooke Mueller blocked Denise from doing this.
4-Denise needs to eat and gain weight . She is too thin, too stressed. With a nanny and housekeepr , still caring for five kids is a lot and the boys have issues. Denise, I applaud her for fighting the good fight for the boys, but there is a time, unfortunatley, when one, her, and people in her situation can do no more.

Time to let go, let live, live for her three kids and her life. This is out of her hands. Sad, cold, but FACT.
5-Brooke will turn to drugs, alcohol day.
6-Those boys are 10 short years from giving the media a bonaza of headlines: drugs, car racing, trouble in school, trouble with authority, running away, acting jobs and wanting to be emanciapted, the works.
Sorry, but they are doomed.
7-Kids need stability. These boys have had: Brooke the druggie and Charlies the druggie , Brooke's mother, Brooke, nannies, Denise, and now Brokke and her brother.
How many homess? How many caregivers all wanitng that $55,000 a month except for Denise.
8-Charlie Sheen needs to file a restraining order against Brooke as she did to him. They need not ever see nor talk to eacht other. Toxic.
Speak between lawyers. Charlie should see the boys once a week for a few hours with the nanny, a film crew filimg the 4 hours max.
Nannyand an atty pick up and send back the kids.
9-Charlie needs to STFU.
10. Poor little rich boys ,lives no differnt really than some kids in the ghetto with the same problems.

245 days ago


They are her children. Hopefully she will take care of them.

245 days ago


OMG . The kids are lost :/

245 days ago

Billy Reynolds    

I'm gonna come and take pictures of all the staff's children, then I'm gonna put them on a site and gossip pointlessly and childishly about them. That doesn't seem weird at all does it?

245 days ago


What chance of a happy, healthy life do these kids have? They are surrounded by 2 stupid self centered parents.

245 days ago


Brooke felt the need to party, and do Crystal Meth while she was pregnant - to the point that she went to rehab twice, for under 30 days... Anyone that can do THAT to their unborn children, is way worse than Charlie Sheen could ever be!

245 days ago


If Charlie is NOT happy, then he should get his own crap together and take care of his own damn kids, it is not solely left to Brooke. He is sitting there pawning them off on Denise, and is now pissed because the demon got them. Both of these people are pathetic!

245 days ago


Waitaminute here.

We have three parties at play: Brooke, Charlie, and Denise. The sane one, Denise, says she'll keep the kids if they get the help that she's proven Brooke is blocking so DCFS gives custody to Brooke's brother, but allows Brooke's brother to live with Brooke in the same house even though they want to gradually re-introduce the kids to Brooke?!
In what reality does this makes any freakin' sense?!
Just order the kids to get the help they obviously need and hope Denise will keep them or appoint them a third-party (fourth-party?) guardian in the mean time.

245 days ago


Anybody who is a resident of California should call DHSn out of concern for these boys safety and well being!!! This is ridiculous. All parties involved are public figures and it's your tax dollars allowing this to continue. Outrageous how the taxpayers money is wasted there.

245 days ago


DCFS/CPS of California is one of the BIGGEST jokes - aside from the current governor, that is. I called them when my cousin tied up his toddler daughter and placed her outside in the rain and they "found nothing"! I am so thoroughly disgusted that they chose to ignore the obvious and changed the custody arrangement like this. Brooke Mueller is nothing but a drugged out whore. Socialite? Sure, her golddigging mommy married a FL millionaire and that made that bimbo daughter of hers a socialite? Those poor boys. All this so that DCFS/CPS and the judge can save face. What a truly disgusting bunch - Brooke, ask Charlie to pay you off and take your leech, user family back to whatever rock you crawled out from under. What a SLIME!!!

245 days ago
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