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Ben Affleck

Pays $60 For Cup Of Starbucks Coffee

11/10/2013 12:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ben Affleck needs his morning coffee -- HE NEEDS IT -- and this week, he proved he's willing to take on a $58 parking ticket to get his hands on a quick shot of the dark stuff.

Affleck and his wife Jennifer Garner rolled up to a Starbucks in Brentwood this week -- but couldn't find a spot to park ... so they risked it and put their Lexus in a yellow zone.

Everybody knows .. the yellow zone is for loading and unloading only, 5 minutes max. But the Afflecks went long ... and a vigilant parking enforcement officer slapped the car with a $58 ticket.

But did the Afflecks care? Nope ... 'cause when you're rich and you're jonesing for caffeine, you'd probably pay a helluva lot more than that.


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kitten roulaine    

He's in the news every week, either violating parking laws or hitting someones car and leaving notes. Get a driver, now you just look weird, and like a bad driver.

348 days ago


I can't believe the amount of cars lined up in many of the Starbucks drive-thrus. Yesterday I was getting out of my car to go to the supermarket and I saw a line of cars so long, it woulda taken at least 30 minutes to get through that drive thru. I've only been in one Starbucks and it was like 10 years ago --- is the coffee really that good ???

348 days ago


In their defense there is no parking in LA. If you plan to move there buy a small car. They probably thought they would be in and out quickly.

348 days ago


This dewsh exudes mediocrity...

He was like 0 and 7 then he scored on Argo...

You hire this guy as your kicker?

348 days ago


Sorry to offend any Starbuck loyalist - but there is far better coffee. This brand of brew is overrated!

348 days ago


Affleck, in a vain attempt to park free, put a post it note on the door that said "Batmobile". The cop who saw the note, and agrees with everyone in the world this was a bad casting decision, had no choice but to leave the ticket and will ask a judge to take his license away.

348 days ago


TMZ, are you seriously trying to tell us he found the only Starbucks in the world that sold any coffee product for only $2? Hell, that they sold anything at all for only $2?

348 days ago


"Do you know who I am? '

348 days ago


The question I have is why they are taking the trouble to drink Starbucks coffee. It's not even good. These people are rich. Why not have coffee at home? I am not rich but I can make sensational coffee with my machine. Are they too stupid?

348 days ago

Me Too    

Benny! Where's your smart blazer that you always wear?? Lazy F.

348 days ago


The "RULES and LAW'S" do not apply to him because he is RICH and SPECIAL !!
The law was made for the poor or common people
Bad 'ROLE MODEL' . If he breaks the law in this area probably breaks the law in other areas too.

348 days ago


I hate them. Would they EVER consider bringing their own f-ing coffee cups???? They walk about making the world better, but their carbon footprint is obscene. Three kids, and I swear they carry cups/sleeves/lids/straws/non-recyclable bags everywhere they go. Teach your kids something, people. The future is very grim. Don't drive a Lexus, make your coffee at HOME! And if you go out, bring your own flinking CUP. Can you imagine what their trash cans look like? What do they recycle, if anything????? they are just gross. It begins with one person, then 100, then 1000. Every paper cup (they're made from trees, duh, and a bleaching process), every leafblower, every plastic diaper, every bottle of hair gel, every gallon of's all gone to hell, folks. If you're not the solution, you're the problem. Matt Damon is even worse, his selfish and irresponsible wife had FOUR KIDS. Eight billion people, soon. It's not sustainable. Don't pay parking tickets; give your money to sterilization programs and GreenBelt.

348 days ago


And it's junk coffee, too.

347 days ago


What ever happened to him ? He needs to go make some movies! Lol

347 days ago


Why don't they hire someone to make their coffee, wherever they are, if they are too lazy to make such a simple thing. It might be cheaper.

347 days ago
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