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Sarah Palin

Levi Johnston is a 'DEADBEAT DAD!'

11/11/2013 10:08 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin
has no love for the daddy of her grandson ... because she just barked out to TMZ that Levi Johnston is a 'deadbeat dad.'

As TMZ previously reported, Levi just filed legal docs asking for 50/50 joint custody of 4-year-old Tripp.  He says it's in the boy's best interest.

As for whether Levi should get joint custody ... Palin is incredulous.

But here's the rub ... Levi is roughly $66k behind in child support.

Palin's disdain for Levi is palpable.  Watch the video ... you'll see.


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F Sarah Palin.

Stupidest bitch on this planet.

Completely vapid.

325 days ago


Have any of you seen the Celebrity Wife Swap episode Bristol was on?? He should have joint custody...she has no clue how to raise a child.

325 days ago


The Palins are such hypocrites. Having Bristol lecture about abstinence when she's a teen mom, or Sarah talking about family values while she trash-talks the father of her grandchild publicly. Look, I have no doubt Levi has made mistakes. So has Bristol. The truth is that Levi hasn't wavered on his story at all, since the day that kid was born he has continued to say he wants to be part of his life and has tried to do so, and has always been outspoken about the Palins blocking his every effort to do so. A deadbeat father is one who doesn't want to be in their child's life. That he continues to fight shows that this isn't the case. Sadly, because they have all the money and powerful attorney's (which also begs the question of why they should need his child support payments so desperately) they will likely continue to win all and any litigation and can say whatever they want, Levi has no power here. They can and will get things their way. Not to defend Levi, he certainly hasn't made sound choices (Playgirl? Another baby?) but he does seem to want to be involved and they do continue to mock him and block him, when this does nothing for their child in the end but hurt him. Kids can feel (and are adversely affected by) strife, in-fighting, and unhealthy comments their family make about each other. If they really care about that kid, they will grow up and find a way to make it work. Heaven forbid the day this kid be old enough he can look up all these quotes online, it's enough to send him to therapy. Dissing your own family, nonetheless publicly, does not make you the better party.

325 days ago


Interesting that Ms. Palin feels compelled to comment on everything thing remotely connected to her. EVERYTHING. She's certainly more committed to self-promotion than...finishing her job.

325 days ago


Ask her where Trig and Piper are living now. Not with her. Piper lives with her Aunt Molly in Alaska and Trig lives with Todd's parents in Palm Springs CA. She is a dead beat Mom. Levi has changed his life and trying to do right. Bristol is moving all over the country to keep Tripp away from him.

325 days ago


They are media hogs who profit from this kind of crap. Aside from being Governor of Alaska for a short period and then resigning from office, name one successful thing this woman has done to be labeled an expert on every topic? She is laughing all the way to the bank. This country has sunk to a new low.

325 days ago


Its not enough she bilked her naive following out of millions from boox and junk..the kid has enough money from its nimrod grandmama..

325 days ago

Just Saying    

She must know her feelings for Levi are in line with how the country feel about her.

325 days ago


speaking of deadbeat, sarah...

325 days ago


She just needs to be quiet even if it is true. She is classless and dumb as a box of rocks. She needs to go back to her view of Russia and never come back.

325 days ago


Shame on Sarah Palin for badmouthing Levi Johnston! Eventually, her grandson Tripp will hear and experience the animosity between his parents (yes, Levi is his father) and it will harm him in the long run. Sarah Palin should take the high road and not comment on what should be private stuff but alas she'd rather wash her dirty laundry out in public. Maybe she should call the Kardashians so she can really figure out how to screw her family and make money at the same time!!!!

325 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

lmao. this only means that he will end up having at LEAST like 7 more kids with at least 5 more women... it's like the worst deadbeats know how to woo the wet spots real damn good. LMAO!! xD

325 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

damn. people are dumb. they still don't get what a metaphor is, do they? "i can see russia from my backyard": metaphor, for 'the communist are coming'. i wonder what the fuq people thinks it meant? that she can literally see russia from her backyard??????????!!!!!!!!!!?????? O_o so much for public education. all my kids are going to private boarding schools. you do know that jfk said: "i am from berlin", right?.......

325 days ago

The Man They Call Louis    

**** you Sarah.

325 days ago


Sarah is an ignorant imbecile & her daughter is JUST like her. I don't blame Levi for asking for legal rights, he thought bristol would honor the current visitation agreement but she does not. When it is time for his visitations Tripp is out of the state or she does not answer his calls & then brags about it.

That child needs stability and RULES for goodness sake, bristol let's him do what he wants.

325 days ago
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