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Jameis Winston

Signs Cops Covered Up Sexual Assault Allegations

11/14/2013 12:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There's evidence Tallahassee cops tried to sweep the sexual assault investigation targeting Florida State University QB Jameis Winston under the rug to protect the team and its star player ... and ONLY took aggressive steps after TMZ Sports started asking questions.

Sources in the State Attorney's Office tell us they never even knew about the investigation until Tuesday ... JUST ONE DAY AFTER TMZ Sports began making calls to cops about the alleged assault.

Our sources in the State Attorney's Office say ... it was highly unusual cops wouldn't have filled them in about the case until this week.  The sources say cops would have typically notified them when the investigation was completed, and Winston's lawyer reportedly says cops told him it was completed in February.

Now get this ... TMZ Sports started calling police about the case on Monday.  We were told someone would get back to us later that day, but there was radio silence for 2 days ... we made repeated calls Tuesday and Wednesday and no one got back to us until late Wednesday afternoon. 

Sources in the State Attorney's Office tell us ... the timing -- getting notified about the case months after it supposedly was closed and just a day after TMZ started calling -- is suspicious.

The State Attorney has now re-activated the case and sent it back to cops for further investigation.

And there's a twist -- guess what would happen if Winston was even CHARGED with felony sexual assault -- under FSU's rules ... he would be AUTOMATICALLY BENCHED ... killing the team's national championship hopes and his Heisman Trophy chances.


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he wasn't playing then...THE COPS HAD NO REASON TO PROTECT HIM. And if you know the history of the TPD and Seminole football players... you'd know that they'd actually jump at the chance to make a big arrest like that...and make a name for themselves.

344 days ago

Michigan Grad    

No one even knew who he was in December, January and February. No reason to cover anything up. I don't know what happened but a cover up over a year ago to protect someone who was not even on the sports radar and hadn't played a single down for FSU seems highly unlikely. Maybe it went nowhere because nothing added up.

344 days ago


So, TMZ, after reading reports from every major media outlet, its safe to say you are not a news agency. Years of chasing around celebrities in an attempt to dig up drama has rendered you completely devoid of objectivity. Moreover, your uncanny ability to seemingly peer into the minds of others simply defies logic. Instead of wasting your time on this crap, I propose you instead focus your energies on endeavors more beneficial to man kind such as predicting natural disasters or stock market crashes.

344 days ago


and people wonder how guys like sandusky get away with it for so long. deplorable

344 days ago

The world is disgusting    

"Cops" like these give GOOD cops bad reputations. Shame.

344 days ago


I graduated from CU in Boulder, CO. This town has a few very corrupt police officers. One night Me and My brother went to a fraternity party; "DUH".. WE MADE A HUGE MISTAKE! We got jumped by Eric Bienemy, J.J. Flannagan and a host of other CU football players. We were hospitalized. We told the police who they were and "NO" charges were pressed... HAPPENS ALL THE TIME. THEY GET AWAY WITH ASSAULTS AND RAPES EVERY YEAR!

344 days ago


To get an idea of how tally PD would or should handle a case, look at the Greg Dent case. Incident occurred on June 9th 2013, THE NEXT DAY, June 10th, Dent was charged with sexual assault, suspended from team and bailed out less then 24 hours later. So, in less then 48 hours it was investigated, he was charged, suspended, and out on bail. Investigation was done by TPD and likely by the same investigative department thatt would have handled a very similar case such as Winston's. Dent was well known, and unlike Winston an "active" player and fast becoming FSU's top receiver. He was a four star recruit and had been frequently all over the news, often touting his speed and incredible talent and contributions to the team.

Winston case, 334 days and no charges filed. I don't buy the special treatment claim some are trying to make. At the time (Dec 2012) Jameis had never even taken a snap, a five star recruit, a non starter for FSU and while known, not as much as Dent and nowhere remotely close to his popularity now. But don't confuse the Winston name now with the name in 2012 and early 2013. Winston was yet to begin his down to the wire battle with Coker for a starting slot on the team. He was not awarded the position until August 2013 or 8 months after the incident. So what gives? Is it really so absurd and so ridiculous to believe that there simply has not been enough evidence found to charge Winston? Is it so hard to believe that Jansen, Winstons attorney, was in-fact told by the TPD that the case was indeed closed (back in Feb 2013) after the TPD having had nearly 60 days for them to investigate? I dont think so at all.

344 days ago


its nice how TMZ only release this since Jameis in on target for a national title. I bet if he was on a losing team TMZ wouldnt have bothered. Morons

344 days ago


Just WOW....how much did the Red Elephant Club pay you for this? LMBO - right on time, the award goes to the REC for purposely destroying anyone who could be a threat to their "football legacy". People outside of Alabama will think I am nuts, but people who live in it know what I am talking about...

344 days ago


What purpose does a cover up serve. WInston was a redshirt last year and the case was closed in Feb. He wasn't named starting QB until August. Unless they were worried about a freshmen baseball palyer. TMZ is a joke.

344 days ago


Tell the whole truth TMZ. The description of the guy was 5'9 -5'11 240 lbs. Winston is 6'4 235 this year and weighted much less 11 months ago. Why go after a great kid, from a great family, and a great student from Alabama and now lives in Tallahassee. This has nothing to do with football rather ruining a kids life because he is in the national spotlight for doing all the right things. Shame on you TMZ. Shame on you Harvey.

343 days ago


Way to go TMZ...throw 'em under the bus and make sure everyone knows it was YOU that uncovered an accusation that did not have enough EVIDENCE to prosecute.

343 days ago


Why don't you s***bag celebrity chasers go cover the Kardashians and Kanye some more. You're show is a piece of garbage and so is your owner. I am not an FSU fan but I dare you to show your faces around here with your little cameras we will send you packing back to California.....

343 days ago


This is ridiculous. He wasn't a star player when this happened and doesnt even match the description in the report. He hasnt been charged. The only reason this is re-surfacing is because Seminoles are in the National Championship race and he is the Heisman favorite. This is a bunch of garbage. You are the same as Perez Hilton. Garbage faux news trying to up your ratings by any means necessary even if it means destroying lives.

343 days ago

Gwen Speigner    

Prove it with DNA!. No proof just a trying to ruin someone's career.

343 days ago
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