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Simon Cowell

Lauren's Divorce Settlement

Simon, Stay Away From Her Son ... OR ELSE!

11/14/2013 10:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Simon Cowell'
s baby mama, Lauren Silverman, signed a divorce settlement agreement which has a shocking penalty -- if Simon goes near her 7-year-old son, she has to pay her ex a $50,000 PENALTY!

TMZ is privy to the unbelievable settlement agreement, which also provides that if Lauren violates the Simon stay-away clause 3 times, she loses all contact with her son, Adam, until a court deals with the violations.

The Simon stay-away clause only lasts until January, 2015.   So presumably the kid can be around Simon in a year ... if he's still part of Lauren's life.

But the plot thickens.  The settlement agreement also provides Andrew Silverman, Lauren's ex, cannot trash Simon to Adam and has a legal obligation to make sure no one else around him talks smack.

And there's a clause in the settlement that provides Lauren and Andrew both agree to prevent Adam from calling anyone other than them "mother" or "father."  Translation:  Simon is not your daddy.

Andrew agrees to pay Lauren $3k a month in child support ... a modest amount and it goes to what TMZ has been reporting ... that Simon will become the cash cow.

Finally, Lauren and Andrew agreed to change the cause of divorce from adultery to "broken down irretrievably."



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341 days ago

Jan Drobiak    

Something is wrong with a person that endlessly exposes his chest with his shirt open, and how is it that his head is in such a square shape? AND his arrogance is just too overwhelming for me. Now, it may be that he is also 'funny'? He lives off of this type of feed.

341 days ago

Jay Love    

silly wabbits!!

341 days ago

Lily Daisy    

I can hardly believe that it's possible to legislate to this degree. Seems insane to me. Nevertheless, I think it's highly inappropriate to get your best friend's wife pregnant, then parade around and be congratulated by one and all! So, any "justice" this woman's husband can glean from the court system is certainly warranted. Still, I don't envy the little seven year old's life coming up, with all the caveats foisted on HIM.

341 days ago

Jay Love    

This has been an ongoing feud between the two guys and the gal bouncing back and forth from one to the next, Simon having been this man Andrew's good, doog freind prior to Simon and the wife getting together? just what I have heard in the news anyway. its a shame adult people have to act this way to the point of involving children with impressionable minds, as well as using the courts to carry on their little fued? ego's I guess and hurt feelings, but a lousey way to raise children!

341 days ago

non ya business    

Simon is a snake, cant say that I blame the kids father for feeling like this!

341 days ago

M C.    

If Simon is Really the father of the boy then NO ONE would EVER Agree to this type of settlement.

341 days ago

Grandma Knows The Evil of Mommas    

The judge should never have agreed to this as it will put undue stress on the relationship between Silverman and Cowl, which is unfair to this unborn child who has done nothing wrong. It is just spiteful and revengeful way of trying to force Ms. Silverman to either give up custody of her 7 year old or place enough stress on the relationship of the parents of the unborn child so that it will also have to grow up in single parent home vs two parents.

So what if the child comes to call Simon Daddy, big deal he gets to be lucky enough to have 2 good daddys what is wrong with that picture. He will always know who the blood father is.

As for the pitiful child support, he should be paying half of the expenses of raising his son, not expecting the man he refuses to allow the child to call daddy to support him. If I were Simon I would refuse to pay one penny toward the support of the child until Andrew backs off his high-horses and acts responsible.

341 days ago



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341 days ago


i wish simon would fall off the world arrogent idiot

341 days ago


This Simon issue sounds like a scam!!!

341 days ago


I'm beginning to think that the richer people are during divorces, the dumber they are, and this situation proves it. Who will be hurt? The child.

341 days ago


I used to have some respece for Simon, but not after he put his dip sitck where he sould not have. they both get what they deserve. to bad. maybe he should hook up with Miley

341 days ago


Everything about this woman screams gold digger. And I thought Simon was smart!

341 days ago


It's never a good idea to make any guy as rich as Simon your kid's enemy or even your enemy. It's just not.

341 days ago
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