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Alec Baldwin


... Smacks Camera

11/15/2013 8:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Alec Baldwin meltdown continues -- the actor just shoved another photographer ... and then smacked a camera out of the guy's hand and once again, it was all caught on tape.

The footage begins near Alec's Manhattan apartment (after Alec's confrontation with a local news reporter) ... and shows Alec pushing a photog.

After the photog collects himself, Alec lunges back at him and smacks the camera out of his hand ... knocking it to the ground.

The photog goes back to Alec and says, "You shoved me into a car."Alec responds, "You tried to hit me with a camera."

Photog: "I didn't try to hit you with a camera."

Alec then tells the guy, "You take a walk ... you don't wanna get hurt, do ya?"

The photog backs down ... and Alec eventually ducks into a hair salon.


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There needs to be new laws passed but until then Alec might want to move...B/c at some point these seemingly daily follies are going to boil over.

343 days ago


I bet he gets harassed almost everyday. Naturally, they just make news when he finally sort of snaps. I blame this on the photogs. How would you like a bunch of people you didn't know annoying you every time you left your house?

343 days ago


Interesting he did not go after the black guy ! ! !

343 days ago

Big D    

Alec Baldwin is clearly walking away, the photog is harassing him. I would knock the camera out of his hands too. If Alec Baldwin does not want to be the subject of these people then hire a group of street thugs, to clear your path.

343 days ago


He calls these guys ***s because in all honesty they act like it. When he comes out in the street and goes up to them they take off running like he's Mike Tyson hopped up on Roids. God forbid he touches one of them to get by them they all whine assault and either cower away or crumble to the ground. I don't like Alec Baldwin and I'm not giving him any props but these reporters/photogs that are sent to cover him are all *****'s. (I did my best to come up with a non anti gay remark, haha) Take the little ***** that's following him down the street saying he was just assaulted. Give me a break and grow a pair! When he slapped your camera to the ground you should have taken the bag off his shoulder and threw it into the street like a real New Yorker. What the hell is he going to do? Hit you? Then you put him down, period. If you can defend yoursel****ainst a 60+ year old actor than face the facts. You are a ***.

343 days ago

Richie Incognegro711    

He should go back to doing movies. He is scene stealer in everything he's in

343 days ago

eric reza    


343 days ago


Baldwin is going to kill someone one of these much anger in him and he can't control it. no matter Alex, control is the key. You have no cred with these violent outbursts

343 days ago


I mean it's not like Alec didn't realize paparazzi would be out there today since the trial is over. Just quickly say its all good now, your happy with the outcome and go inside. Either that or stay the hell inside for the day and let it blow over. He does this on purpose

343 days ago


Wow you paparazzi are all ****ing *******s, The paparazzi are purposely trying to start a fight.

It should be illegal for the paparazzi to harass people like that.

343 days ago


The guy sure is being hassled by the paps.

343 days ago

Just My Opinion    

Why was this dude in such a hurry for? Did he just found out that there was shoes that matches his big azz ugly purse that just went on sale?

343 days ago


This "man" has anger issues beyond paparazzi issues...he's a solid piece of crap.

343 days ago


If I was there Alex I would have knocked him out for you. Sue me I don't give a crap...

343 days ago


OMG, leave this Psycho Alone Already!! If you give him NO Attention at all, he will come crying back to be photographed! He definitely has Issues!

343 days ago
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