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Charlie Sheen

Drops 10K In Epilepsy Fight

11/17/2013 12:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen ... is juggling his battles -- with one hand he's pulling out a can of whoop-ass to use on Brooke Mueller, and with the other he's writing a $10k check to help finance the war on epilepsy.

Rewind to a week ago Friday ... when Denise threw in the towel, saying she could no longer care for the twins.  It's also the day Charlie called the judge in his custody war Judge Anus Brain.

At the very same time another part of Charlie's brain was on the hunt for something charitable.  He was on the set of "Anger Management" when a grip named Casey Jones plastered a few posters on the wall seeking donations for The Walk To End Epilepsy.  The poster included a pic of Casey's grandson, Dylan, who was diagnosed with pediatric epilepsy when he was 3.

So Charlie did what he often does -- he pulled out his checkbook and scribbled out $10k.

The walk is November 17.

BTW ... Charlie still hates Brooke.


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miss b    

And $20k check on porn stars.

344 days ago


And $100k check for coke.

344 days ago

Amber Olson     

Hmmmm it looks like Charlie is purposely doing this so the Judge doesn't think he is a total DEUCH . Sounds like a set up to me

344 days ago


If he wants to spend some of his money on hookers and drugs, that's fine. He spends A LOT of money doing good for others and it's obvious he wants what is best for his boys. He may not be living a life other people want him to live, but he's living a life where he is happy and he is going out of his way to help others.

343 days ago


$10k what's that 0 minutes of his no talent time?
TMZ, this is not a story, $100k would've been!

343 days ago


I frankly don't care HOW he spends his money, as it's HIS money. However, I thinks it's completely GREAT that he gave $10000 for Epilepsy. My Mom (RIP) had Epilepsy from the time she was 12, and suffered the WORST Grand Mal seizures I've ever seen anyone have her entire life. It was HORRIBLE. Maybe dumbass Charlie giving $$ to this cause will get some attention to the cause, and hopefully get other people to donate to it , as well. It's a terrible thing to have, and affects the poor sufferer as well as all the people in their life, and I don't think enough attention is paid to what a terrible illness it is.

343 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Rich people are always "charitable" at the end of the year.

343 days ago


Charlie's nuts but he has a good heart.

343 days ago


Rich people give to charities at the end of the year so they can use it as a tax write off. It's more about money tricks than caring about the charity. Such a joke that he staged this so the media will here about it. This sh it for brains drop more money on his drugs, liquor and his sex addition then his own two boys. Charlie is lowlife s*** and Denise is his enabler.

343 days ago


10K is nothing for Charlie, but it's still SOMETHING...which is much more than can be said for Brooke Mueller and anything she's ever donated to any charity other than the drug dealers with itchy palms. Good going Charlie.

343 days ago


Honestly, do the needy need money from that pos whore mongers, who does this as a pr-stunt?? What's next, Charlie as Santa Claus in Detroit?

343 days ago


This is a Charlie Sheen Publicity stunt. If he was really serious he would have given at least 100 Grand and not called the press to tell them about his Donations.

343 days ago


Didn't he give liar Lohan 100 grand?

343 days ago


Charlie may be a lot of things and generous is one of them. This is not the first time he has given money to help somebody. I'm glad he chose to write a check instead of selling his used underwear like some lame wannabes did recently. I think he donated because he cares about the people he works with. Good for him.

343 days ago


Charlie, is a good guy. He's always helping people out and doing the right thing. Maybe the way he goes about things is unconventional but his motives are always good.

343 days ago
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