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'House of Lies' Shooting

Gang Ringleader

We Shot 'Cause They Disrespected Us

11/18/2013 10:12 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

One of the guys involved in the "House of Lies" shooting tells TMZ ...  his crew only fired shots to teach the production a lesson about respect ... but they never put lives in real danger.

The gang's head honcho -- named simply P -- says he and fellow members felt disrespected by producers who benefited from the location but failed to give back by donating to the community.

He's also adamant ... they didn't shoot AT anybody ... only in the air.

The gang member adds, "It would be different if they (producers) went there and helped out my hood ... but they want to use it to make a million and not give us s**t."  

P says, "F**k that" adding "we let them muthaf***as be shook for a minute and sweat ... but they left with a real feeling of what it's like in the projects."


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This is why one day --thankfully-- America will wise up and gas these neighborhoods. It's time to cull the herd and protect the gene pool.

338 days ago


Uh, who got arrested? Anyone?

338 days ago


I knew there would be a perfectly rational reason for why they did what they did.

338 days ago


Aww, the lil bangers were "disrespected". Sorry, can't respect people who shoot at others as an "initiation".

338 days ago


At the defense of the hoodlums: Not sure why they thought they could peacefully go there and film a show without drama. I mean you are in the ghetto/ crime ridden city
At the defense of the producers: All gangstas feel disrespected when you are on their turf. Next time just greenscreen the dang scene or toss the hoodlums some money on your way there and back

338 days ago


The gangs head honcho sounds like a stupid human who should have been prevented if his stupid mother had used a condom.

338 days ago


and what does this pos give to the community?

338 days ago


Oh right, let's give money to the community where they shoot in the air with no concept that the bullets have to land somewhere. I say it's time to League of Shadows those degenerates.

338 days ago

Dana about entitlement! Get a real job, lazy P.P, an get OUT of the projects. Even if you have a criminal record, it is possible. You just have too much pride and don't want to have to take orders from a boss because U B DA BOSS. Ain't that it? Pathetic.

338 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

some people just shouldn't go where they don't belong.

338 days ago


I definitely don't agree with how he made it, but he has a good point. They'll make millions off this show, and the people in the projects are stuck in a cycle of poverty.

338 days ago

Wow ...    

They may not have shot at anyone, but bullets have been known to kill/injure people on their way down. Say it with me "What goes up must come down."

338 days ago


"It would be different if they (producers) went there and helped out my hood ... " What the **** have you done to help your "hood"? He talks about respect, but he doesn't have enough respect to use the full word (neighborhood) or to not shoot his own neighborhood up. ****ing idiot.

338 days ago


And these are the same people that put our president in office.............

338 days ago


Because gangs do so much for their communities: drug dealing, vandalism, drive by shootings, beating people up, etc.. Too bad there weren't armed guards there to take out the trash.

338 days ago
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