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Sly Stallone's Wife

He Has Never Said the N-Word

... Ever

11/18/2013 10:19 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sylvester Stallone
wouldn't say the n-word to anyone -- paparazzo or otherwise -- so says the man's wife ... who tells TMZ, she's known him for 25 years and he's NEVER ONCE uttered the slur.

Jennifer Flavin was at LAX earlier today when we asked about the video we posted last week, showing Sly gesturing at a black photographer and saying what sounds like "This f**king n***er here, this f**ker."

But Flavin says everyone heard wrong -- and insists her husband's a good guy.


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Does the parent "clip company" (Pacific?)

And TMZ.

Keep files on offensive and aggressive Paps?

Anonymity protects these Peeps/makes them brave.

If they're on location in B.H. or wherever?

Why shouldn't they register with the property owner and be issued I.D. tags?

I keep saying it's the property owners that need to take more responsibility.

The simple enforcement of Loitering laws.

284 days ago


I want to know who the alleged dude is -

I'm guessing it's not Sly's first problem with the guy.

If he's anonymous he'll just continue doing it.

If his file's pulled we can see who else he's harangued -

...cuz this isn't typical Sly Stallone.

Goes out of his WAY to help these guys and others.

284 days ago


NO surprise Sly's GOT such a classy wife.

284 days ago


Jennifer's handling of this is textbook.

She responds INSIDE - lets the dude know:

"This is my answer."

He FOLLOWS her out into the interior parking.

Re-phrasing the same question.

She could have gone off on him -

But then they have fun with HER.

The Paps should understand when the question's been answered.

When the interview's been concluded.

When my attorney gets up in his office?

That mean's "Time's Up."

It doesn't mean to continue asking him questions.

It means, literally, "Time's Up."

Paps ignoring body language and behavioral cues /signals is causing most of these problems.

"Not now" means not now.

They're in charge of this - not the Paps.

284 days ago


When a therapist says our time is up.

This means she's concluded?

This is the best POINT to end today's session.

To ask for more?

1. Shows disrespect to the therapist.
2. Cuts in on the next person's time.
3. Is ongoing proof you still-don't-get-it.

If you adhere to cues from Sly, Jennifer, attorneys, therapists, et al?

Your life will go a lot better.

They're already collectively doing MORE for you ...than you have any right to ask.

284 days ago


The inherent Pathology of a Pap is what needs to be looked at:

"If you comply, give me/us what we want - we won't further harass you."

Hold on a second, hold up - let's look at that.

YOU'RE telling an A-Lister what he/she's to DO?!

284 days ago


Lies lies lies..his mini me called The President the N word..more than they can deny it all that they like..they use the word ALOT and are racists

284 days ago


When people stop making a big deal over the n word, people will stop using it.

284 days ago


So what if he did. Sticks and stones people, sticks and stones.

284 days ago


I used to work at the country club where Sly is a member. The a-hole would smoke his cigars in the pro-shop where you are obviously not allowed to smoke. It would smell up the whole place and was extremely rude. No surprise he thought he was God's gift and more important than anyone else. Newsflash Sylvester- your sh#t doesn't smell like roses and you're really not relevent anymore...unless you do something stupid.

284 days ago

Jean Deaux    

Well, if he has never said it before, Congratulations....welcome to the first time. It is as clear as day. Not that I really give a fck.

283 days ago


I don't believe it, either And I'm not even a fan of the guy. Just seems out of character for him.

281 days ago


If he dont like the word "n*gga" then he aint "down".. u know what im sayin my n*gga

254 days ago
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