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Lindsay Lohan

Drugs & Booze & Rehab

In 'Eastbound & Down' Cameo

11/18/2013 7:22 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

**SPOILER ALERT ( ... there, you've been warned) **

Lindsay Lohan went to Promises rehab center during her big time cameo on HBO's "Eastbound & Down" last night ... only this time, LiLo wasn't the one who needed the help, for once.

We broke the story ... Lohan shot her cameo months ago and was sworn to silence, since her role was a big part of the series finale of the show.

But last night, as we all said goodbye to Kenny Powers ... Lindsay (who played his adult daughter roughly 20 years in the future) waited for her dear old junkie dad as he emerged from the Promises rehab center ... the same place Lindsay sought treatment in real life in 2007.

It didn't really work for Lindsay ... she ended up going back to another rehab center in 2013.

As for Kenny -- hasta la vista, Flama Blanca.


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Her role was like the homely girl on "league of their own". Way off in the distance. "And what about marla hooch"

307 days ago


Way to go Liho......and to get that 12-second (non speaking) part, all she had to do is blow the 2 she's standing with and the 5 behind em!!!
Great comeback!! Can't ya just smell that Oscar!!

307 days ago


Stan Lee gets "Big Time" cameos, Lindsay gets cameos on a show that nobody cares about

307 days ago


Just looking at her makes me feel like I have a hangover and need a shower. yuck.

307 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Yes, we can clearly see that her career is on fire since this breakthrough role.

So what's Jennifer Lawrence up to these days? How long is the wait for her to star in the next blockbuster?

307 days ago


and she got a standing ovation for this?? let me guess it probably took her 200 times instead of the normal 300 to get it correctly and they simply stood up and clapped because they would never have to see her again.

307 days ago


So going through the instagram comments,, and I love how everyone is calling LLx4 someone who is "poison to the world" or "someone with an empty life". What's funny is that those people making those comments are probably the same people we might've come across any gossip site spewing their hate towards other celebs like Gaga, Beyonce, etc. Goes without saying takes one to know one. JMO.

307 days ago


Shes been stalking the Sham Wow guy for months for a cameo

307 days ago


More than a few tweets say Blo was not even in the credits.....tee hee!

307 days ago


Eastbound was the best show nobody watched.
I'm under the impression Danny McBride wanted to pull the plug,not HBO.
The irony of Lindsey playing Kenny's daughter was priceless.

307 days ago


where are her lines? not her coke ones? hmmm

307 days ago


I guess they figured how much could she screw up her part, and they could have shot it anyway if she didn't want to come out of the trailer.

307 days ago


Can Winfrey get her money back?

I don't have HBO, shyt like this is why. Is this a suppose to be a joke?

How many takes did this take and still look this bad?

307 days ago


Jennifer Lawrence walks down the red carpet with some seriously sexy side-boob, for her block-buster performance that's met with tons of accolades. Lindsay Lohan looks like crap in a cameo that's 10 seconds and she doesn't even speak. No wonder Lohan posts herself in her dirty underwear and has to resort to posting herself with her granny tit side boob - it's the only way she can get an ounce of attention. Lohan has always been jealous of Lawrence. Pure narcissist. And Lohan looks ridiculous in all aspects of her career.

Her face is so bloated - I really do believe she was already back to drinking by then (she did party with The Wanted straight out of rehab) - so I think she was drinking in private all the way back then. And then of course, drinking isn't the same without her Adderall - so Lindsay is now back on the Adderall - which is soooo obvious. I think when I saw her puffing away on cigarettes while walking and shopping, I knew then - she's back on the speed. She smokes on or off of Adderall - but she really amps up the smoking when she's on the Adderall and believe me - you never see her without a cig hanging from her ridiculous parade-float lips or between her filthy, stubby, crackie fingers. So she's back on the speed for sure.

Her part in the finale is so small, it's ridiculous to call it a comeback. And then the Lohan's spread rumors that McBride was going to start a series with her? After that stupidly miniscule performance? Yeah, right, I'll believe it when I see it. I can hear Lohan now "I busted my ass working on that set!" Jesus Christ, for all of 5 seconds of footage. She's such a liar and inflates everything in her life. The only way she can get attention now is posting her filthy Adderall-addled body in her underwear now.

When was the last time anyone saw Jennifer Lawrence posting a pic of herself in her underwear? Never. She doesn't need to.

307 days ago


Nicole is complaining about cris brown

307 days ago
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