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Sure, Batkid's in Remission


11/19/2013 7:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


The Make-a-Wish Foundation has a message for the cold-hearted jerks who complained Batkid didn't deserve his bat-wish because he's in remission -- HOW DARE YOU?!!

If you haven't heard, Make-A-Wish really outdid itself -- turning San Francisco into Gotham City for 5-year-old cancer patient Miles Scott, who wanted to be Batman for a day.

Miles has been battling lymphoblastic leukemia since he was 20 months old, but some (heinous) people on the Internet have had the audacity to say he didn't deserve his wish because he's currently in remission.

Make-A-Wish rep Josh deBerge says that's just wrong, telling us ... "We would never penalize a child for getting better."

According to the rep, when Miles was referred to the foundation he met all three eligibility requirements: 1) a life-threatening medical condition, 2) between 2-and-a-half and 18 years old, and 3) hadn't received a wish from another wish-granting organization.

And Josh says that's all that matters.

Suck it, haters.



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I am so glad he got his wish he well deserved as does every child and adult battling ancer and othe illnesses i have seen many people go through it some end good some bad and until you go through it you have no right to judge anyone thats been through this cancer is a hard battle and the families have it hard having to watch their loved ones go throigh it and when something like this happens and they get to be happy itis just as great for them as for the patient

317 days ago


My question to you Harvey...Why do you keep a lawyer on TV who everyday makes a**hole comments like he did about this story? That makes you look like a a**hole too!!! Every child deserves what this cute boy received especially when fighting a deadly disease. Have you ever watched anyone fight and then die of cancer? It's heartbreaking. Oh wait.... you have to have a heart to feel that emotion.

317 days ago


OMG. You guys are idiots for letting that jerk Derek have airtime for that absurd opinion. You should actually fire him for being such a piece of crap.

317 days ago


I understand and see both sides of this issue. I do however think that a better solution would have been to find another child whom would have liked to be a participant. So many resources went into this event, so I think sharing it would have been nice! After all Batman had Robin!

317 days ago


Okay Harvey a suggestion for Derrick-if he is SO concerned with there not being enough wishes to go around why doesn't he do something other than trash this great kids wish?? I donate ALL of my airline miles every year to make -a-wish... Your move Derrick

317 days ago

Sherry D    

We all have opinions and you are entitled to your opinion.. This little boy has been ill since he was 18 months old..The wish is giving hope to him, his family and all the children waiting to get a wish.Children hoping they will feel better enough and get to remission and get their own wish..Bat Kid is all about Hope and to see the child get to the Wish and feeling healthy enough to enjoy his wish..Isn't that what we all want? To see this boy and his family happy and feeling better..After going through they will be on pins and needles after each and every future Dr. visit and hope that the dreadful disease does not come back into their lives. Stop being a lawyer and use your heart there is no reasoning when it comes to Cancer...I I'm glad you have your opinion and my opinion is that you are lacking an empathy chip and hope you never know this families pain first hand..

317 days ago


As a survivor of childhood cancer I was turned down by make a wish because I was not in a life threating situation. I had thyroid cancer, not blood cancer like this poor child. I understood why then and now, I also think its horrid to say there are kids who need it more after fighting for your life. You can't expect a child on their death bed to go out anywhere let alone the doctors or families allowing it. The child needs to wait until they are better to enjoy there day!!

317 days ago


The weasel that said that this kid didn't deserve to get to have his wish honored because he is in remission is a clear example of what is wrong with the world today. The fact that he would go to that child and crush his dreams all because he is now in remission is just as selfish and weak-minded as he his cruel. Shame on you, hope you never get sick and have a wish for anything.

317 days ago


I'm a grade of human garbage that would disagree. Its simple, kids go through pain staking life matters. Do we do this for the kid in Africa who's dying of aids? Or for the kid who is wondering the streets by no means of his own and dies cause he has no health ins.. No we don't. This program has great intentions but is very biased. Yes this is for the kids in America,but we should treat every child in any country this way.....especially those of you on here saying who are these horrible people that would dis agree. we are so fortunate to have services as such, that I think we forget our place as human beings in this world.

317 days ago


As an adult who went thru childhood cancer I can say that Make a wish does turn down children who aren't going to die. I was one, I had thyroid cancer which is very very treatable. Blood cancers like this little boy had is horrid and he never would have been healthy enough not in remission to do this.

317 days ago


I understand about the comment of not deserving the make a wish , I think what Derek is saying is that there may have been a child thats time in life was shorter.It dosent mean he didnt deserve it but, maybe just put it off so a child that maybe wouldnt get the chance could get a chance, I am very glad the child is in remission and wished this disease could be wiped out.

317 days ago

Christina Andrews     

If you were promised a new car for graduation And it wasn't given to you because someone else's grade point average was higher would you think it fair?? It's a child for heaven sake! You don't know what the treatment was like. Obviously he missed out on a lot, let him have his one moment.

317 days ago


Are you kidding me. Make-a-wish foundation grants the wish only to a child who is medically ready to go. There are no limited wishes in this world for a dying child. My son who is 19 now was diagnosed with cancer and is we are going to Maui for Christmas on the make-a-wish program. Derek is so wrong.

317 days ago

Stephen K    

Derek, I support your right to believe in the most deserving - how you define that term is the issue. At least you care about the sick. many are ignoring the fact Derek talks from a place of compassion wanting to help the sickest children - How have u helpd them Derek? Derek, I pray that people do not get angry with you for your opinion. Why don't those haters direct their energy to making a positive change for sick children?

Batboy united a whole city - 10s of thousands of volunteers stepped outside their selfish lives to open their hearts for a stranger. This child may have saved them! Batboy fought a great fight and 1 day of fantasy helps give him a short vacation from the pain, needles and suffering of his leukemia. Why are all the people getting so heated about one child being rewarded for a hard fight won ... for the moment? Direct your time and energy to Make-A-Wish and volunteer to help other children have one day of pleasure in a world of pain.

317 days ago


My son was diagnosed at 17 months. 3 years of chemo. Most children can't go out in public due to germs. That is why most wishes are granted after remission. Thanks for showing me how much the world doesn't know. Take your childhood away and keep yourself in the hospital. My son couldn't go to parks or public places. I am astounded by your closed mindedness.

317 days ago
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