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Khloe Kardashian

My Dying Dad Could Barely Stand When He Married My Wicked Ex-Stepmom

11/21/2013 11:28 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Khloe Kardashian
is returning fire after her ex-stepmom sued her for defamation -- claiming the woman married her dying father at his weakest moment ... when he could barely stand on his own two feet.

Khloe filed the declaration in Ellen Pearson's lawsuit, describing her experience during Ellen and Robert Kardashian's 2003 wedding ... back when Khloe was just 19.

Khloe says her dad was extremely ill at the ceremony, suffering from severe mental, emotional and physical fatigue, unaware of his surroundings. She says her dad's mental state had been "compromised" due to his stage IV esophageal cancer.

It was so bad ...  Khloe claims, "Several ceremony guests assisted my father from his bedroom to the couch and helped to sit him up straight for the ceremony, which took place at my father's couch." Khloe says her dad could only stand for a few minutes.

It's the latest shot fired in the endless legal war between Ellen and the Kardashian family, a fight that also involves Robert Kardashian's diaries ... which allegedly describe Kris Jenner as an abusive mom.

Khloe briefly addresses the diaries in her declaration -- claiming she had no idea they even existed until earlier this year ... and has good reason to believe they're not real.


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KHLOE KARDASHIAN...Your NONBIOLOGICAL FATHER who loved you as his own was dying-he knew it and wanted to get his life in order prior to his death. So he chose as one of his last life decisions to married the woman he loved and someone you now choose to continually degrade and insult. Shame on you for disrespecting your "FATHER's" choice as his wife now that he is no longer here to defend her. You and the rest of your POS family disgraces the name of Kardashian. May you all rot in he11.

283 days ago


A lot of people get married right before they die. They do it as a way to make sure that the person they love doesn't get ****ed over by their abominations of children.

283 days ago


Who IS your daddy, K-Kow3? Lmao!

283 days ago


i have read on several sites that his wife was with him for 4years and rob lived with them. why are they making it sound like she just came in and took advantage of him on his death bed? the wife who used him and made a fool of him is their mother. he wasnt diagnosed with cancer until shortly before he died. ask rob he is the one who choose to live with his father instead of his mother.

283 days ago


Khloe has been given a voice, and it sounds drunk to me. Sometimes.....people hit the sauce, after a death or an impending divorce. She is all over social media giving her middle finger to the public, over perceived slights, or insults to her sister. Honestly, get over yourself Khloe, the public hates you, your family, and everything that you and your family stand for!

P.S. I was just shopping at a high end make-up store, and there was Kardashian stuff everywhere! Cheap crap if you ask me. But the point IS, Khloe, you don't give your middle finger to the public, and expect them to buy your crap!!! Don't you get it, IDIOT????

283 days ago


So assuming this is true isn't the question why didn't you or any one of your family members step in and stop the ceremony? You think your dad is in such bad mental and physical shape that he is being taken advantage of and you let it happen? Very nice, you all must be so proud of yourselves.

283 days ago


Robert Kardashian knew every last legal trick in the book. You better believe that he knew what he was doing in marrying on his death bed -- and that it had everything to do with making sure Kris didn't get her damn hands on every last cent. It's the opposite of what Khloe is implying (that her father didn't know what he was doing and that the family and not his wife are the ones who he wanted his things to go to).

283 days ago


How ungrateful, this lady, marry her dad in his last days, probably stay by him and take care of him and she is mad at her, not mad at her Mom that cheated on him and abandoned him when he was healthy. Probably he is not even her biological father.

283 days ago


poor Khloe, he was not your father (that's obvious) you look just like OJ's kids. Your mother is an abuser, look how she exploit her daughters, she already whored out Kim for money now she is doing it to her young girls. You all need to grow up and get a life of your own. TMZ you are idiots.

283 days ago


That was after her real mom had abandoned her dad because he got sick.

283 days ago


poor Rob, must be awful to have whore mother and sisters. Hard for a boy growing up.

283 days ago


What a horrible daughter! I'm sure she'd say anything to protect that dreadful mother and family business based on untalented women using men there whole life. Absolutely despicable!

283 days ago


Um, hes still not your father.

283 days ago


tell the truth!!! your father is the hairdresser! why lie. About it? your family is outrageous but refuses to divulge your paternity.Twisted!!!!

283 days ago

Hank the Angry Dwarf    

O.J. Died ????

283 days ago
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