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Khloe Kardashian

My Dying Dad Could Barely Stand When He Married My Wicked Ex-Stepmom

11/21/2013 11:28 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Khloe Kardashian
is returning fire after her ex-stepmom sued her for defamation -- claiming the woman married her dying father at his weakest moment ... when he could barely stand on his own two feet.

Khloe filed the declaration in Ellen Pearson's lawsuit, describing her experience during Ellen and Robert Kardashian's 2003 wedding ... back when Khloe was just 19.

Khloe says her dad was extremely ill at the ceremony, suffering from severe mental, emotional and physical fatigue, unaware of his surroundings. She says her dad's mental state had been "compromised" due to his stage IV esophageal cancer.

It was so bad ...  Khloe claims, "Several ceremony guests assisted my father from his bedroom to the couch and helped to sit him up straight for the ceremony, which took place at my father's couch." Khloe says her dad could only stand for a few minutes.

It's the latest shot fired in the endless legal war between Ellen and the Kardashian family, a fight that also involves Robert Kardashian's diaries ... which allegedly describe Kris Jenner as an abusive mom.

Khloe briefly addresses the diaries in her declaration -- claiming she had no idea they even existed until earlier this year ... and has good reason to believe they're not real.


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your own luck    

First of all, he wasn't your father, so don't worry about it.

336 days ago


Robert had been with her for years an didnt have a gun to his head. Hes not her father either

336 days ago


Robt. Kardashian isn't her biological father and even if his widow is a horrible person, she's still an upgrade from his ex-wife.

336 days ago


The good reason being her mom makes her baton of money orm the kardashian name and the theory both for everyone looking at her and the diaries is that Robert thought she wasn't his. Kris was repeatedly unfaithful and capitalised on Nicole brown smiths death..which Faye resnick has been slaughtered for.m. Faye. If your daughter is slightly attractive.. Get a dude to f her on tape. Don't worry about the rhobh. That's chicken feed. When she's put out to pasture get your oungest willing whore to flash her nipples . Next in line for 'pops I didn't know it was filming ' if ratings dip ... I warn u lol

336 days ago


to bad it was not yours and kylies dad, a man named alex is....

336 days ago


It doesn't matter if he was her biological father or not. He raised her he was the one that there for all her high and lows my dad wasn't my sisters dad but to him he was. My children aren't my biological kids, but don't tell me their not my kids.

336 days ago


Kyles not adopted she's just the red headed step child as she says ..lor the ugly sister as I prefer

336 days ago


Is she talking about The Juice? She certainly is not a Kardashian.

336 days ago


I didn't know OJ had problems with his legs.....I know kris had a problem with one of OJ's legs....It leaked and BAM...Here'sssssssssss KHLOE...

336 days ago


I'm all for Ellen Kardashian revealing the truth about the nasty, ex wife cheater.!! Just an observation, looks like Ellen has had as much plastic surgery as the ex wife has.
With dark hair she would resemble the ex wife. Robert definitely had a "type"!!

336 days ago


Seems like the Kardashian women followed suit, there always willing to be on their backs.

336 days ago


Stfu khloe plz. Your turning into a raging bitch. I use to like you but your getting real snobby lately and its making you look real ugly, not that you looked like a centerfold in the 1st place. That man probably isn't your daddy anyway especially since your mom is a whore. **** who knows, Coolio may just be your daddy

336 days ago


Sad that she would say that the man who raised her was not mentally alert just to get out of the mess they created.

336 days ago


Should every child be given a blood test at birth?? I think the time has come

336 days ago


Did they consummate that marriage?

336 days ago
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