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Conrad Murray

MUM On Whether Michael Jackson

Was a Pedophile

11/25/2013 6:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conrad Murray has been blabbing his big mouth all over the place, claiming Michael Jackson killed himself, he used to hold the singer's penis .... but he then clams up in a big way on the subject of pedophilia.

"60 Minutes" Australia interviewed the felonious doc about lots of things, but you gotta watch Murray as he's asked whether he thinks Michael was a pedophile.

The way it looks to us ... he might as well scream, "YES!"   Sometimes body language is more revealing than words.


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Of course he was. And now he's gone. Can we stop talking about this now??

310 days ago


Sometimes it is even more revealing how shallow media people are.
Over years of investigation neither the LAPD or FBI have found any evidence that Michael Jackson was guilty of any crime. But, of course, TMZ and other tabloids rather rely on what a convicted criminal says - or not - because he likes to get as much out of his two minutes of fame as possible. So the point is not whether MJ was guilty but why the media gives Murray a platform to benefit from his crime and , break is medical oath and to add to the trauma Michael Jackson's children are experiencing. MJ was publicly bullied for over ten years and it is still not stopping.

I am shocked and feel ashamed about the low level the media environment has reached and with all my heart hope that their will soon be laws to convict people like Murray and the Media for their despicable actions.

310 days ago

Seriously wtf    

Why does Murray speak in a high voice? Is he trying to be like MJ?
And ya, MJ was a pedo who got away with it. Freak.

310 days ago


I'll answer that question. Hell yeah Michael Jackson was a pedophile. Duh! That's as plain as the nose that used to be on MJ's face.

310 days ago


Murray's long pause was due to him thinking about getting sued by whom and how soon. Murray is equally insane as Charles Manson.

310 days ago

buzz kill    

Go ahead, say it.

310 days ago


murray has diarrhea of the mouth

310 days ago


Who was it that said, "i didnt know how many idiots there are until I went on the internet". Sure was right.

Michael a pedophile? ITs like phsychology 101. He was the FARTHEST thing from one. He was emotionally a kid whose parents pushed him to "grow up" too fast and he never recovered or achieved any emotional balance. Thats why he tried all his life to give kids what he never had and was so fond of them and liked to hang out with them. And unless one is braindead and never seen any do***entary about him or interview with him or even his former wife, its obvious his attitude to sex and everything like that was very childish and distant. He would never see kids in that manner. He just wanted to play with them and spoil them. A kid with a big heart.

310 days ago


I seriously hope the "son of sam" laws apply to this idiot, and he can in no way profit from his crime. Which means not being paid for interviews, no TV movie of the week, no book deal....nothing!!!!! BTW, someone shut him up, since MJ isn't here to defend himself. Coward.

310 days ago


I think it is common knowledge he was !

310 days ago


Murray is a nutjob who won't even admit that HE caused MJ's death, even after he's been convicted.. Talk about living in denial. And by the way, what would Murray know about that? Do you think MJ molested boys while he had his kids and staff around? Bull****! He even said in the same interview that he and Michael used to look at nude women magazines, so a pedophile who liked women? Yeah right..

310 days ago


I think MJ likely confessed a lot of things in Murray's presence, especially when he was drifting off to sleep. I've always wondered if the recording Murray made of MJ going to sleep - was in an attempt to get him on tape admitting things. I wonder if MJ had previously confessed and subsequently Murray thought MJ would confess again and so he started recording MJ.
Whatever the case, I bet MJ told Murray a ton of secrets.

310 days ago


He had teen boys who were NOT his children sleep in his bed. He didn't have girlfriends - he had sleep overs with little boys. There are NUMEROUS allegations of sexual abuse in regards to Michael Jackson. He PAID off his accusers. The markings on MJ's penis match the description of the discolorations that Jordan Chandler described. A housekeeper saw Wade Robson and MJ in the shower together.
Are you on crack? There is tons of evidence to support MJ being inappropriate with children.
If your neighbor did the same things that MJ did with teen boys.. would you think it was okay? If your neighbor had a revolving door of little boys coming in and out of his house--- sleeping in the same bed with him, etc.. Would that be okay?
Or are you just okay with MJ doing this type of behavior because he had some good songs and could dance..?

310 days ago


Fanatics --- would you be cool with your 30/40 year old neighbor doing the same things that MJ did with kids? If they had tween/teen boys--who were NOT family-- having "sleep overs".. sleeping in the same bed? Is that normal for you guys? Would you not be concerned?
NOT one single MJ fan has ever been able to adequately, believably answer this question. Because there is no way in hell that's okay..ever. So why is it okay for MJ? Because he could moonwalk?
You guys will try to rationalize every single creepy thing MJ did.. Why is that? It's disturbing.. This is why MJ got away with so much in his life.. He was surrounded by enablers, including Murray.
If MJ was made to pay the consequences for his perverted behavior early in life.. maybe he could have straightened himself out and he wouldn't have died prematurely..
The enablers and fanatics who would allow this man to get away with ANYTHING helped him ruin himself.

310 days ago


Um m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m
I'd say he wanted to say `` a big FAT yes too!!

310 days ago
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