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Conrad Murray to MJ Estate


I'm Blabbing About MJ's Penis

11/29/2013 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conrad Murray
is pointing the finger back at Michael Jackson's Estate -- after it threatened to sue over stories he told about holding MJ's penis -- claiming the Estate was the first to open the can of worms that is MJ's medical secrets.

As we reported, the MJ Estate is threatening to sue Murray for blabbing to the media about the singer's sordid medical details -- including a story about holding Michael's penis every night. The Estate is claiming Murray has been violating the doctor-patient privilege by running his mouth in public.

But sources close to Murray tell us, he's not scared ... because he believes once Katherine sued for wrongful death (and exposed a bunch of MJ's medical secrets at the trial) she compromised the doctor-patient privilege on her son's behalf.

Murray's team believes the information the Estate is trying to protect is, at least generally speaking, already out in the public ... exposed during the AEG wrongful death trial ... so he's not saying anything new.


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Does it really matter who injected the pedo??? You think he would live after no sleep for 2 weeks? It was only a matter of time that he either drop dead rehearsing, or explode when he was spinning on the stage at O2, or decompressed while flying over the Atlantic Ocean in the air. He was damn lucky dying lying in his own bed even though it was piss soaked.


305 days ago

Cry Baby    

I think conrad talked about his penis because he was so proud that he was so close to MJ. It was not malicious. I think the rabids have a problem with it only because they were so jealous. They wish they could hold it even if they will die after holding it, for the STD that they might contract.

305 days ago

Read My Lips    

Valerie Wass is another idiot. Just because there was testimony regarding various things during the AEG trial, does not mean that Conrat can go spilling his guts and fabricating lies about Michael.


What lie did Murray fabricate? That MJ actually had a penis? Everybody knows MJ was a tranny that had gone under reconstructive surgery, so he would not have a penis, right?!

305 days ago


HotNostril SjustSayin • a day ago
MJ was a pedophile, a liar, a manipulative drug addict that should have thought more about his children.

I'll reserve my compassion for all the victims MJ left behind... And that includes the children he bought and the ones he bought off.... And the ones not strong enough to come forward when he was alive and the ones that were.... And the jurors were too stupid to convict.


very well said, and there was no censorship over at ROL!!!

305 days ago


Of course Doc. Murray held Wacka's penis every night. Tell us something we DON'T know.

305 days ago


This man is a waste of space. His family must be so proud.

305 days ago


Not only is he the worst doctor ever, but he admits that he like to abuse his patients after he put them to sleep...sick bastard!

305 days ago


Murray needs to act his age, his acting like his 7 years old in a playground after an altercation "But they started it first!"
The estate has said nothing about MJ's conditions, and his mother and family weren't his treating doctors and weren't compelled by law to keep their mouths shut. Further more, they did not speak of his penis or any conversations that were personal to him, most of what they brought up in court was public knowledge already.
What Murray is doing is breaking the privacy of his patients consultations with him, what his patient said, what the patients concerns were and also the problems with the patient. None of which was said in any legal do***ents, these were privledged only to him.
Is Murray so crazy that he really doesn't recognize the lines that are drawn concerning his role as the Doctor.
This man is not to be trusted as a doctor, who would want to be in patient if he can't even seperate the lines and keep his mouth shut.
What is disgusting about this is that his profitting off his patients name, Benefitting financially from him. Celebrities beware. Conrat Murray is setting a standard that could have a cascade of star doctors following, divulging the intimate details of treatments and conversations to make a big name for themselves and big bucks!

305 days ago

Read My Lips    

He was not phisically or mentally able to respond to the world espectations for MICHAEL JACKSON.and he knew that so well that he was terrified.Look at teh martin bashir doc. Michael Jackson int he 80s would never give an intervie wlike that,dressed on pijamas,with a awful wig,horrible make up not shaved...Thats not the michael jackson we all knew.Conrad is desperate yes,but MJ killed himself it was a selfdestruction thing that lasted years.i honestly prefered he leaving us than wathc him destroy himself in that way.He destroyed his face,his career,and at the end his life.Poor Michael if only you had listened to the people that told you to leave those surgeries alone


Most importantly, MJ shouldahave left the kids alone!

305 days ago


The trial is not over, stay tuned for more Michael bashing......

Don't worry fans, the people who killed Michael have not gotten away with anything. They will be judged and sentenced by the only one who can.

305 days ago


So the Estate want to sue???

What if Conrad Murray declares bankruptcy??? He is going to move back to Nevada, so the California laws do the apply. He can publish his book and be rich like a real king not just king of pop!!!

He can move to Hawaii and live with me and publish his book. I will be honored to have such a pedo slaying hero to be my house guest!!!

305 days ago


But the 1993 case would be revisited again with the 2003 allegations. There was more than a year between Jackson's 2003 arrest and the beginning of his trial and he was prevented by a gag order from responding to any stories in the media.[77] As in 1993, prosecution sympathizers leaked do***ents e.g. Jordan Chandler's 1993 police statement.[77] The media was again eager to report on the allegations, with a tendency for sensationalism. And allegations sold to tabloid TV shows by disgruntled ex-employees in the 1990s were constantly in the news again.[77] Also similar to 1993, details of the Arvizo family's 2003 allegations were leaked.[77] These stories were mostly reported as allegations rather than facts, but the volume and frequency of stories, combined with Jackson's inability to refute them, had a devastating impact on public opinion of him.[77]

In a 2005 lecture at Harvard after Jackson's trial, Jackson's attorney Thomas Mesereau said the following about Jordan Chandler: "The prosecutors tried to get him to show up and he wouldn't. If he had, I had witnesses who were going to come in and say he told them it never happened and that he would never talk to his parents again for what they made him say. It turned out he'd gone into court and got legal emancipation from his parents."[77] In 2006, Jordan accused Evan of attacking him with a barbell, choking him and spraying his face with Mace. The charges were later dropped.[110] On November 5, 2009, fourteen weeks after Jackson's death, Evan Chandler was found dead following an apparent suicide.[111]

Music journalist Charles Thomson noted a continued media bias against Jackson after the Chandler suicide. Thomson said he was contacted by a British tabloid to supply information about the 1993 allegations, only to have them replace his carefully researched information with the common myths he advised them to avoid[15] and that the same misinformation was in every article he read about the suicide.[15] He noted when Jackson's FBI file was released the following month, the contents were portrayed by the media as giving an impression of guilt even though the file strongly supported his innocence.[15] He noted how Gene Simmons' allegations in 2010 about Jackson molesting children received over a hundred times more coverage than his interview with Jackson's long-time guitarist, Jennifer Batten, who rebutted Simmon's claims.[15]


305 days ago


HUGE difference: Murray was MJ's physican and is thus supposed to be bound by the rules against a physician discussing alleged "facts" about his patient.
Katherine wasn't MJ's physician and has no such rules or obligation.
Accordingly, if Murray continues making claims about MJ, he almost certainly will never regain any license to practice medicine.

305 days ago


The prosecution, to show a pattern of behavior, claimed they would present evidence that Jackson had molested five boys in the past. Three of the people they named, Macaulay Culkin, Brett Barnes, and Wade Robson, all testified that they were long-time family friends of Jackson and had slept in his bed, but that Jackson never molested them or did anything sexual with them.[60......] Culkin said he'd "never seen him do anything improper with anybody" and called the allegations "absolutely ridiculous" and Barnes said they made him "very mad."[55][60......][61] All three men described the time they spent in Jackson's 2-story bedroom as childish fun, with video games, movies, and many people sleeping in the room at one time.[61][62] Culkin added that he'd "never seen [Jackson] do anything improper with anybody" and that he was shocked the prosecution would put on witnesses who said Jackson molested him without even asking Culkin if it was true.[62] Those witnesses, who had testified that they'd seen Jackson molest these young men were Ralph Chacon, Kassim Abdool and Adrian McManus, three ex-employees at Neverland Ranch.[63] These three people had credibility issues, because they were part of a group of five ex-employees who sued Michael Jackson for wrongful termination in 1995. Jackson counterclaimed that they had stolen property and sold some of it to tabloids, Jackson won and was awarded $60...,000 in damages; the ex-employees were fined for lying in court and were ordered to pay $1.4 million for Jackson's legal fees.[63]

Jason Francia, the son of a former Neverland maid, was the only alleged prior victim to testify. Francia described three times he had been playing with Jackson, they were tickling each other, and Jackson ended up tickling Francia's "little private region" outside of his clothes, for a few minutes at a time, with Francia laughing all the while.[64] Francia testified that the third time, Jackson had reached up the leg of Francia's shorts and touched his testicles.[64] Francia claimed he needed five years of therapy because of the ordeal. He received settlement money from Jackson, and testified that he thought he deserved even more money from him. Francia also admitted that he and his mother had sold stories of his alleged inappropriate tickling to the tabloids.[64] When Jason Francia originally talked to the police after the 1993 allegations, he told them he had never been touched inappropriately. He made that claim only after extensive police questioning in which they repeatedly called Jackson a "molester" and told Jason that Macauley Culkin was being molested right then and Jason could put a stop to it if he confessed.[34] Francia also testified that Jackson gave him money after each tickling incident, which is similar to something Francia said in his original police interview, that Jackson would give him money each time he finished reading a book or got an 'A'.[64]

The final alleged victim was Jordan Chandler, who received a settlement from Jackson in the 1993 case. Ralph Chacon, who had declared bankruptcy because of what he owed Jackson, testified that he had watched through a window as Jackson performed oral sex on Chandler in the showers of a rec room.[63] Chacon never reported this to the police, even when less than a year later, they investigated allegations of Jackson abusing Chandler. Adrian McManus testified that she'd seen Chandler and Jackson kiss on the mouth and Jackson put his hand on the boy's crotch.[65] During the 1993 investigation, McManus told the police, under oath, that she had never seen any molestation and that she trusted Jackson with her own son.[66] Jordan Chandler, who was 25 by the trial, chose to leave the country rather than testify, and the only person in his family who showed up was his mother, June. She denied having seen any molestation, but talked about Jordan and Michael sleeping in the same room on numerous occasions, including that she initially didn't want them to, but was persuaded by Jackson, who cried and was hurt that she didn't trust him.[67][68] She testified about Jackson buying all kinds of gifts for the family, the trips they'd been on together, and how fun it was to be part of Jackson's world.[68] She said she'd been concerned that her son was starting to dress like Jackson and wanting to spend all his time with him.[68] When asked about the lawsuits that ended up coming from her family's involvement with Michael Jackson, June Chandler made the distinction that (even though she was listed as a plaintiff and received settlement money) it was not she who sued Jackson, but Jordan and his father Evan. She claimed not to recall that Jackson had counter-sued for extortion, or that her second husband Dave Schwartz had sued Jackson, or that Evan Chandler had sued Jackson a second time.[67][68] Thomas Mesereau said in a Harvard lecture later that year, "the prosecutors tried to get [Jordan] to show up and he wouldn't. If he had, I had witnesses who were going to come in and say he told them it never happened and that he would never talk to his parents again for what they made him say. It turned out he'd gone into court and got legal emancipation from his parents."[34] June Chandler testified that she had not spoken to her son Jordan in 11 years, since 1994

305 days ago


EVERYONE..... Read Conrad Murray's 'thank you note' to TMZ for this article. Page # 3
TMZ is always good & printing things to get people fired, headlines that are wrong; opening up a can of worms on many celebs that wouldn't have been on local media television if not for TMZ AND NOW THEY'RE SUPPORTING CONRAD MURRY WHO IN TURN, ON PAGE 3 IS THANKING TMZ FOR FUTURE BOOK SALES.....!!

305 days ago
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