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Conrad Murray to MJ Estate


I'm Blabbing About MJ's Penis

11/29/2013 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conrad Murray
is pointing the finger back at Michael Jackson's Estate -- after it threatened to sue over stories he told about holding MJ's penis -- claiming the Estate was the first to open the can of worms that is MJ's medical secrets.

As we reported, the MJ Estate is threatening to sue Murray for blabbing to the media about the singer's sordid medical details -- including a story about holding Michael's penis every night. The Estate is claiming Murray has been violating the doctor-patient privilege by running his mouth in public.

But sources close to Murray tell us, he's not scared ... because he believes once Katherine sued for wrongful death (and exposed a bunch of MJ's medical secrets at the trial) she compromised the doctor-patient privilege on her son's behalf.

Murray's team believes the information the Estate is trying to protect is, at least generally speaking, already out in the public ... exposed during the AEG wrongful death trial ... so he's not saying anything new.


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Please get this man out of the news. Conrad should still be behind bars...then he's not is a disgrace. If he needs to hold a penis...why doesn't he try his own?He's despicable. The media should do everyone a favor and stop writing stories about him. In other words stop giving him attention...he's not newsworthy.

298 days ago


Wrong another jackass mj fan can all of you (I mean the mj fans. That can not separate the artist from the man) can all of you look at the man in the mirror at the very least mj was a drug addict. It came out as evidence in the aeg trial, he also had mentaI issues and sleeping with children is further proof in the end he was more than 40 million in dept. Had more than 20 companies suing him he would never have been able to do 50 shows. Don't blame Dr for mj life blame his past jackass mj estate can not shut Murray up he was stripped of his profession. I believe he should talk, it may hurt his chance to get his medical licence back. If I were Murray I would tell all and take a polygraph to back it up you jackasses still won't believe him the truth hurts you're delusional image of mj.

298 days ago

International Pedophile Awareness Day June 25    


At the end of time and at the consummation of all things; good shall triumph over evil.
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297 days ago


what medical secrets? if there were any wouldn't they have been revealed during the autopsy? or does this DISGUSTING KILLER know better than the CORONER?

No matter what BS he may come up with he will ALWAYS REMAIN Michael's KILLER.

297 days ago


I believe that Mr. Murray's behavior in sharing some things about Michael are sure enough inappropriate, and he is doing it, because he needs money, and the kind of money he was making by having Michael as his client.

297 days ago


I am sure that there are many very young children that also saw his pecker. He was a child molester and the world is a much better place without him. His greedy family is making more off of him being dead than when he was alive.

297 days ago


Mj was a disgusting human being, and got what he deserved

297 days ago

BIG D    

this is no big deal people, we already knew MJ had a catheter fitted, so obviously this is normal. anyone under a lot of propofol needs a catheter fitting its not new info at trial it came out about mj's piss bottle and catheter.

297 days ago

Read My Lips    

I can't wait to see Conrad's selfie holding MJ's spotted little p rick going viral!!!

297 days ago

Danger Baby    

Mj was a disgusting human being, and got what he deserved


Thank you so very much! You are my hero tonight!

297 days ago


yUK! I could have lived my entire life Happily without knowing that dude had to hold Jacksons penis.

296 days ago

Margarida Maria    

Dr Murray is desperate for cash, is a scoundrel, a worm, loathsome, despicable.
Murray said he loved Michael Jackson, that didn't kill him, is not what it seems. Michael Jackson to trusted his life to this man, to be cared for him, what irony! I don't like to think what Michael should have passed into the hands of this animal.
A doctor must have professional ethics, have to save lives.
Dr Murray should have asked for help the family of Michael, should have led Michael to the hospital, even without his will.What doctor is this ? Dr Murray is the doctor of DEATH.
Dr Murray is a farce in person. The place of this clown is in jail.

296 days ago


I just we all could move on past this negative sling bath, back and forth. We all are truely missing is this. Michael was so much more good, than the filth people are saying about him. I someone in the family and or his children, would start a foundation under their father's name, that focused on his visions, and not his personal problems.

295 days ago


Murray needs to stfu and go away. Hasn't he done enough damage? Doesn't he realize what he is saying is affecting MJ's kids and family? Now he is trying to make a buck on MJ's name so he can pay child support payments that he is way behind on? If he had just a little remorse people might listen to him, but he showed none at the trial and he doesn't show any now. Everything he says are lies. He not only failed as a doctor he failed as a human being.

295 days ago


Why does TMZ always seem to find the WORSE photo of MJ in his Vitiligo Makeup to play on the "weirdness" factor. There are FAR better photos but I'm sure your OBJECTIVE has been met.

Also Murray is NOTHING but a PATSY like the other murderers throughout history. It's obvious MJ was killed on purpose when the so called Heart Doctor was caught by the 911 operator performing CPR on the BED. Now they are STILL USING him to muddy the waters and DISTRACT from real scandal. They knew this "Penis" story would DISTRACT from Corey Feldman making the rounds with his book discussing rampant PEDOS in Hollyweird and THE NAMES HE GAVE WERE NOT MJ. I also find it strange how the media is SILENT on MJ's adult son. I guess it doesn't fit with the "boy" loving stories they have MANUFACTURED. The REAL Pedos don't want this to be known.

295 days ago
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