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Conrad Murray to MJ Estate


I'm Blabbing About MJ's Penis

11/29/2013 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conrad Murray
is pointing the finger back at Michael Jackson's Estate -- after it threatened to sue over stories he told about holding MJ's penis -- claiming the Estate was the first to open the can of worms that is MJ's medical secrets.

As we reported, the MJ Estate is threatening to sue Murray for blabbing to the media about the singer's sordid medical details -- including a story about holding Michael's penis every night. The Estate is claiming Murray has been violating the doctor-patient privilege by running his mouth in public.

But sources close to Murray tell us, he's not scared ... because he believes once Katherine sued for wrongful death (and exposed a bunch of MJ's medical secrets at the trial) she compromised the doctor-patient privilege on her son's behalf.

Murray's team believes the information the Estate is trying to protect is, at least generally speaking, already out in the public ... exposed during the AEG wrongful death trial ... so he's not saying anything new.


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I can handle my own penis, thank you very much!

327 days ago

Ryuga the Dragon Emperor    

Yup, looks like Michael Jackson had a lot of skeletons in his closet that he didn't anyone to know about.

327 days ago

Yurra Knutz    

However Conrad, you failed to mention that the MJ Estate do not have the title Dr. before their name.

327 days ago


Have never seen such vile,nasty comments from people that have no clue!Murray is a quack,MJ is dead,so move on and find a life if at all possible!Otherwise remain under your bridge but show some respect,if you even know what it is!

327 days ago


Michael Jackson had a horrible case of halitosis. A friend of mine got an autograph from MJ in Las Vegas a few years before his death. She says MJ said hello and his breath damn near knocked her out. MJ looks like he had funky, doo-doo breath. A steady diet of Jesus Juice and young boy booty is not good for dental hygiene.

327 days ago

mj fan forever    

MURDERER!!! It's NOT the same thing showing the medical records at a trial and telling a bunch of disgusting LIES through the media!!! Because what this disgusting murderer said are NOT Michael Jackson's "medical secrets" but are nothing but disgusting lies invented by a disgusting murderer sociopath also found mentally disturbed!!! AND he is due to respect the doctor-patient privilege to the Estate of Michael Jackson on Michael Jackson's behalf, even if he has NOTHING of a doctor as he's just a murderer unanimously convicted by a jury!!! He is not scared because he wants to make money by exploiting Michael Jackson, so if he won't stop the Estate will sue him and will make him pay for his disgusting LIES fruit of his sick mind, and if he could escape the restitution request thanks to greedy unnatural mother Katherine he'll pay for his disgusting lies THANKS TO the Estate of Michael Jackson!!! They should have had to leave him to rot in jail before the murderer will rot in hell!!!

327 days ago


Whether or not it is in court do***ents or Michael's family is discussing it doesn't matter. He is still required to follow HIPAA laws.

327 days ago

Heilige Bimbam    

If a patient is receiving Propofol, he needs to be catheterized as is the rule for other general anesthetics, these patients are in no condition to wake up and urinate by themselves. One of the pictures at the trial did show that Jackson had an urinary catheter or urine bottle. This is a pretty standard procedure, and nothing to be ashamed of. Murray is on a mission of vengeance, trying to misconstrue this as something shameful.

327 days ago


as Wendy Williams said, the Jackson family has destroyed Michael's Legacy with their disgusting behavior since his death. They only saw Michael as the cash cow before and after his death. Katherine Jackson is a shameless bitch!

327 days ago


This ****ing ******* should shut up! What a "Doctor" is that who is talking such a **** about his patient!

He's talking like he abused Michael. Michael was in Propofol and Murray touched him... pervert *******!

327 days ago

una cosa    

what horror, eres taaaan artificial.

327 days ago



327 days ago


you basically were a catalyst to killing someone because you suck at being a doctor with your malpractice, got convicted, went to jail, come out and can't STFU or go away..
talk about a nightmare..
just STFU.. respect his family and fans…. very easy and shouldn't be hard to comprehend…..

327 days ago


As much as I dislike Murry, his side has a point for Kathrine Jackson did open up MJ's private life when she sued... IMO, SHE brought out all of private & confidential iissues regarding Michael that should have never been made public in addition for his childrens sake. It appears that MJ's parents/siblings/relatives are all about $$ just as Murry is...... SAD......

327 days ago


So Murray's gossip about MJ was a thoroughly planed attempt to blackmail the Jackson Family.
Now, i tell you that Murray in the same manner, very deliberately forced MJ in a medical addiction and Propofol was his drug of choice.
This man is evil!

327 days ago
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