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Lindsay Lohan

Goes After 'GTAV'

12/1/2013 8:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Lindsay Lohan
has called in her lawyers to take action against 'Grand Theft Auto V' ... claiming video game honchos jacked her image without her permission ... TMZ has learned.

Sources tell us, Lohan's lawyers are currently crafting a lawsuit -- demanding Rockstar Games pay some serious money for using Lindsay's image in the game.

So the question ... did 'GTAV' really use Lindsay.  Here's the evidence:

 -- The video game cover shows a woman holding a cellphone who looks Lindsay-ish.  There's been debate over whether it looks more like Kate Upton or Shelby Welinder.

 -- Part of the game features a mission where a Lindsay Lohan look-alike asks the player to take her home and escape the paparazzi

 -- Another part of the game shows another Lindsay-like character at a hotel resembling the Chateau Marmont hotel in West Hollywood -- a place Lindsay not only frequents but once lived at -- and the mission is to photograph her having sex on camera.

No word on whether 'GTAV' execs will pay Lindsay or tell her
lawyers to pound sand.

So we gotta ask:



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Typical grifter move by Lohan. She also must have a completely distorted perception of what she actually looks like if she thinks anyone thinks of her when seeing these images. Sorry, mean girl, but it ain't you, nobody thinks it's you, and this lawsuit scam (clearly hoping for an out-of-court settlement) simply ain't going to fly.

326 days ago


This is what the entire clan of Lohan's are. Pure, unadulterated, lawsuit happy, trash. Nobody will buy DUIna's book and another lawsuit going nowhere. It's clear she's SO finished and now just boring.

326 days ago


It's to hot to be Lindsey....

326 days ago


Bwhahahahaha!!! All the makers of this game have to do is show Lindsay's last beach photos in the blue two piece with her flat ass, saggy boobs, unfit bruised thighs to this HOT chick in the bikini and this lawsuit goes away. OMG Lindsay really? All those drugs have FUBAR that thing you have left for a brain. Bwhahahahaha !!!

326 days ago


NOT once have I ever thought of that gross alcoholic train wreck Lohan. When that loading screen pops up.

326 days ago


Looks like Oprah's money is about to run out. Time to pull the ole E*Trade/Pittbull bullschit.

A ho's gotta make some dough.

326 days ago


By claiming their using her likeness, shes admitting that all those stuck up diva bitch things the character is saying is in fact part of her likeness and her persona. wouldn't it be better to distance yourself from that. humility goes a long way in Hollywood. admitting your an arrogant bitch is, as the mean girsl would put it, social suicide

326 days ago


SAG and AFTRA should sue Lindsay for pretending to be an actor, and the rest of the world should sue her for pretending to be human.

326 days ago


Lindsay darling please get over yourself! I just watched the video and it doesn't remind me at all about her. This skank really thinks she's some big Hollywood star bless. Why the hell would any company want to have her "image" in their products? I hope Grand theft do not pay her a penny, she is obviously broke and trying to make money, probably to buy more coke for her collapsed nose. She did the same thing with some other company because they used the name "Lindsay", like that name is so uncommon and she tried to sue Pitball too and lost looking like a complete idiot. Can't stand this pathetic, slag. Go away Lindsay your career dried up years ago and your only still talked about because your a drug addict, criminal. You are a NOBODY!

326 days ago

Jim in Cali    

This is absurd. Lindsay needs new people around her instead of ones telling lies to her that people are using her image.

326 days ago


She has no career, what's a washed up no talent girl to do?
Oh! Lawsuit! Anybody, somebody.........

326 days ago


LOL!! Looks more like Kate Upton than her. She's either desperate for settlement cash or delusional of her actual appearance. Yikes.

326 days ago

Yurra Knutz    

--...honchos jacked her image without her permission...--

The cops jacked my image once when they took my license to their car without my permission.

I should sue their asses for serious money!... DAGNABBIT!

326 days ago


Don't flatter yourself honey.

You ain't that pretty.

Broke ass skank.

326 days ago

Lil Wayne     

Is this how this skank makes money now??? By suing?!?!

326 days ago
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